15 Awe-Inspiring Creations by Girl Who Doodles in Time of Anxiety Attack

Saba Islam found doodling as a remedy to her anxiety attacks. She has never planned it, but only drew what gave her relief and are her fears.

4 years ago
15 Awe-Inspiring Creations by Girl Who Doodles in Time of Anxiety Attack

Have you ever experienced an anxiety attack? It is not new to hear about anxiety attack as nearly 80% of people have experienced this attack once in their life. It is observed that when a person experiences a kind of disease, he/she becomes weak and gets depressed.

But this girl Saba Islam, who is pursuing the degree of Bachelor in Architecture at the Bangladesh University of Technology, overcomes her anxiety attack by drawing beautiful arts. She describes that her experiment of drawing out of curiosity worked as a remedy for her anxiety attacks.

Whenever she suffers from an attack, she starts drawing. Saba is an architect and a travel enthusiast. She has an Instagram page and often posts the pictures she draws. She owns a website as well. There she has added several doodles made by her.

Take a moment to look at the doodles she has created so far.

1. When You are Lost in the Chaos

This is cool.

2. The Caption is Perfect

3. This is PEACE

4. So True! You Cannot Change Your Fate, But You Can Rise to Meet it!

5. It Feels Better Sometimes

6. Being Toxic in Nobody’s Choice

7. I Sometimes Feel This

8. You Can’t Keep Yourself Safe, They Would Find You Anyway

9. The Lost Memories

She designed this model for the last batch program of Noibeddo14.

10. I Wish I Could Wipe Out the Memories

11. You Always Forget the Price You Have to Pay for Being You

12. When You Are Entangled in Your World

13. She Sometimes Draws Funny Picture Too

She drew this when she dreamt of having an elephant in her fishbowl. But it looks like this elephant needs a bigger bowl. ;)

14. When You Live With the Lies

15. When You are Falling Short of Words

There are very rare artists in the world who share a combination of psychotic thoughts and beautiful illustrations. Saba Islam is one. Until now, you have only seen her psychotic episodes, also see how pretty she looks.

She Looks Pretty in Saree

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Them people; Good thing about these past few days.

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And That Hidden Smile

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#PeopleAroundMe #portraitphotography #portrait

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Anxiety can occur when anyone fears that something bad is going to happen. It refers to a feeling of worry that can relate to a particular issue or concern. It is a very normal response to stressful events, like changing jobs or financial troubles.

Some people think panic and anxiety attack are similar. But do you know they differ in several ways? Anxiety attack is less severe than a panic attack. Anxiety attacks develop when a person feels anxious.

If you want to help someone having an anxiety attack, educate yourself about what can help anxiety. A compassionate text checking with the person would give him/her constant support. Like anxiety, depression is also a common problem suffered by many. With the help of these signs, you can help out a person suffering from depression.

It is always important to spread the message about mental health issues and to help someone when it is much needed. Recently a model, Kharina Kharuddin shared a video on her Instagram account about the panic attack to raise awareness about anxiety.

Sometimes we keep ourselves so busy that we forget to care about ourselves. We do not focus on small things that matter, such as sports and health food. If you have read the above post, make sure that you take some time for yourselves. Be it a sport, reading a book, meditation, or cooking: don't forget these small things can make a great impact on your well-being. Also, if you feel bad or upset anytime, make sure that you ask someone to help you out from the situation.

A few years back, it was published that the song Weightless by Marconi Union generates a much greater state of relaxation when compared to other songs. If you haven’t heard this song, listen to it once. Chances are you may reduce anxiety up to 65%.

Do you know anyone with this kind of skills? I found these images awe-inspiring. What are your thoughts on it? Share your views below.


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