10 Brilliant Urban Design Ideas Every City Should Adopt for Better Living

These amazing urban designs are adopted by very few cities and should inspire people to apply them for a better living.

4 years ago
10 Brilliant Urban Design Ideas Every City Should Adopt for Better Living

When it comes to designing a home, you always choose the best architects and interior designers to make your home beautiful. So how about using some ideas to make your city beautiful and cleanest?

In this busy life, when everyone is busy in searching how to live their lifestyle lavishly, a few urban designs are contributing a lot in developing society. Living in a metropolitan city has its pros and cons. It offers everything, right from entertainment to endless opportunities but also causes stress in everyone's lives.

The world’s population is increasing continuously, and nearly 70% of people are expected to live in cities by 2050. No doubt, there is a need for urban designs to be convenient and innovative. The area and the society where you live, or the streets that you walk through can change your mood, thinking, and behavior.

I was surfing the internet and got my eyes on some interesting and amazing urban design ideas that can make cities a great and better place to live. Urban designs offer a better quality of life, significant community benefits, and also make everyone responsive to climatic conditions.

Let us see some brilliant designs from people to improve our environment.

1. A Great Combo of Pay Phone and Library

Source = Gracefulspoon

You can see this design in Manhattan. American architect John Locke designed bookshelf that is attached to a payphone and could also be served as a book market.

When someone is using the payphone, why not read a book and utilize that free time? What a brilliant idea it is!

2. Pop-Up Toilets - New Trend in the Market

Source = Thesuperboo

These Pop-up Toilets are very useful. These toilets are designed to prevent people from urinating in the streets. They rise from the ground during daytime and retract when no longer needed.

3. Street Furniture Made from Plastic Waste

Source = Newatlas

The New Raw Studio launched a project - Print Your City. It combined 3D printing and recycling of plastics. Amsterdam residents are using these chairs and are loving it. It was reported that Amsterdam is responsible for about 50lb of plastic waste per person every year.

The New Raw (design studio) found that the annual waste from three residents is enough to design two big plastic benches for public places. Here are other examples where you can use plastic, particularly plastic bottles in a great way.

4. A Gleaming Pathway

Source = Sustainability-times

The solar-charged lane, made from a material called phosphors, increases the safety level during the night. The material used gives light for 10 hours, i.e., it emits light overnight and re-gathers the next morning.

This bike path can be seen in Poland. It is safe for bikers and more entertaining.

5. Multipurpose Urban Furniture

Source = Pinimg

The bench shown can be used in several ways. It can be used for doing work, and also as a park bench.

Source = Giadinhmoi

This project is designed by Spanish designers. It is a bench, office, and a greenhouse.

What could be better than the office at the center of the city with so much greenery at sides? Do you know you can even charge your mobile phones with renewable energy?

6. Smart Parking System with Sensor Lights

Source = Schoolconstructionnews

This Parking Lot is designed smartly. It has sensor lights above the parking spaces and turns into green and red when there is a free parking space or occupied. This reduces traffic congestion and improves parking management.

Wow! This is amazing. I would say, the government should follow this system first in malls.

7. Self-Cleaning Roads

Source = Concretecivil

South Korea is one of the countries that do the most innovations in the world. The water pipes are fitted in the roads so that they can be cleaned without any problems. The water sprays not only clean the roads but also balance the temperature to prevent them from cracking.

8. When a Window is Turned into Balcony

Source = Viraldiario

This amazing design is created by an Argentinian designer. The window can be transformed into balconies, where a person can relax and enjoy a sunny or cloudless day.

I sometimes wonder why I don't get these kinds of ideas.

If you are planning to hire an architect for your new home, don’t forget to share this amazing idea with him.

9. These Amazing Water Fountain are Specifically Designed for Dogs to Drink Water

Source = Pinimg

In the past, dogs lived in the areas which included drinking water from rivers, puddles, and waterfalls. Today, when you can offer the best facilities for your pet and stray dogs who are not properly cared.

This water fountain is an excellent way to get your pet or stray dogs to consume their daily water intake. It would be convenient for them plus fun as it reflects light to encourage dogs to drink water.

Here is a man from Brazil who recycled old tires and made a comfy bed for stray dogs. How great his efforts are!

10. A Pole That Produces Music for Those Who Throw a Cigarette Away

Source = Brightside

Wow! That’s a cool concept.

In London, there are Fumo poles that are designed to fight against smoking. Every time someone throws a cigarette, the pole plays a cheerful melody and turns ON light bulbs that create a light show.

If you are a smoker, this Snapchat story has a warning for you. Better you stop smoking right now.

Final Words

These were the best examples of urban designs so far seen in a few places that every city should follow. Living in a big city comes with rush and stress. Don’t forget that little things that you do for the neighborhood can make a big impact on everyone's lives. These were the designs of several artists to improve our environment.

If not urban designs, check on some impressive designs by designers that should be recognized more. How do you find these urban design ideas? Do you have other ideas to make the city better with new technologies? If so, share your views below.


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