10 Crazy Drinking Games For Two People That Are Fun To Play

Whoever said that two people can’t have fun while sharing a drink is probably WRONG! Check out some fun drinking games for two people that you could play with your friend or partner anytime.

5 years ago
10 Crazy Drinking Games For Two People That Are Fun To Play

Sometimes it’s just you and your partner and that’s OKAY. Admit it, everyone has those nights when you and your partner are free and feel like having a fun time without your besties around.

You might think a new group and party with a bottle of beer is all you need to spend a weekend. But to be honest, rather than big groups,  just two can have absolute fun while having a drink.

If you and your partner are all alone tonight, check out these crazy drinking games for two people to make your night memorable.

1. Higher/Lower

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A deck of cards and your favorite beer are all you need to play higher/lower. The game is very simple. It starts when a dealer turns a card from the top of the deck and asks the second player to guess if the next card will be lower or higher than the turned-over card.

If the player guesses it right, the dealer drinks and if he/she guesses it wrong then the second player drinks.

So when are you playing this higher/lower game with your pal?

2. Never Have I Ever

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If you don’t know much about your partner, then Never Have I Ever is the best game to know him/her and to reveal some hidden secrets. For this game, you only need a drink of your choice and an opponent.

The first player states something that he/she has never ever done before. If the second player has done the same thing before, the player takes a sip of the drink. The game sparks some really funny and interesting conversations.

Tip – Start with some simple questions and then ask some juicy stuff.

3. Caps

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To play Caps, you need a table, a bottle cap and two big cups of your favorite drink. Just like Beer Pong, sit on the opposite sides of the table and try to throw the cap into the opponent’s cup of beer. If the player gets the cap into the beer cup, the other person has to drink the whole cup of beer. Play it with your partner tonight and check how good you are at your shots.

4. Battle Shots

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Battle shots is another interesting and one of the best drinking games for a badass party. Start off by making your own board if you don’t own a game.

To make the board, draw a 7x7 grid on paper and label the columns and rows in alphabetically and numerically order respectively. The grid will have A1, B3 and so on. Put 6-7 X’s on your board to act as if they are your boats in the given boxes.

Remember to keep a track of the places you have marked so you don’t repeat. Take a shot every time the other player guesses where your boat is. Whoever finishes the 6 shots early loses the game.

5. I’m Going On A Picnic

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Do you remember playing memory games when you were a kid? Similar to the memory games, this is an adult version with some twist. ‘I’m going on a picnic’ is one of the funniest drinking games you can ever play with friends.

But don’t feel upset when you and your partner are alone, as this game needs a minimum of two people to begin with. The first person begins by saying ‘I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing mangoes’, the second will start his game by saying ‘I’m going a picnic and I am bringing mangoes and apples’ and so on. Drink every time the person messes up. Whoever messes up first, takes a shot.

6. Bear Paw

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Bear Paw is the best drinking game for couples who wish to die while having a sip of vodka. The game begins when one player takes a sip of beer and passes the mug to his/her partner while adding the same amount of vodka in it. The game continues until the entire cup is filled with vodka. The mug full of vodka is then passed again. This time the beer is filled after every sip. The game continues until one player quits.

7. Attached At The Hip

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This one is a fun interactive drinking game on the list. Played in partners, the game brings you closer to your spouse (mark it very close). Write down the name of body parts on a piece of paper (in chits). Take out a chit randomly and then get attached as per the body part written on paper.

Stay that way for as long as you can. The moment you separate, take a shot. So, plan out ‘Attached at the hip’ with your partner soon, if you want to get closer to him/her.

8. Kings Cup

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Kings cup card game is best enjoyed with a group of people, but it can also be played when you two are alone. Every time when you pick a card from the deck, you have to do what the list says.

9. Flip Cup

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Flip cup is a fun party drinking game for two people. Stand opposite to each other at the sides of the table and keep your cups with drinks at the edge of the table. Finish the drink and flip the cup with fingers to the upside down position as fast as you can before the other member begins.

10. Buzz

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Buzz is the easiest beer game which teaches you math as well as challenges you to drink a beer. Start by counting a number except 4’s (or any number) multiples, instead say BUZZ. In case you make a mistake or forget to say ‘buzz’, take a sip. It’s that simple!


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