10 Fascinating Sesame Street Facts That Everyone Will Love to Know

Sesame Street has won multiple of Emmy’s and Grammy Awards. More than 7.7 million adults have seen this show as children. It has generated hundred millions of revenues and has released its own theme park.

6 years ago
10 Fascinating Sesame Street Facts That Everyone Will Love to Know

‘Sesame Street’ was created to entertain and educate children. This show helped children to understand the outside world. Successfully, it grabbed the attention of thousands of children and adults.

This show has made them laugh and simultaneously taught them some complex problems of life like how to move on after losing someone special. It is one of the longest-running television series from 1969 till today. This show has become an iconic children’s series which is programmed in more than 180 countries in the world.

Here’s a list of some facts about the sesame streets which you might have not heard of:

1) In The Beginning, Show’s Name Was 123, Avenue B

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The fictional show once named as ‘123, Avenue B’, a street of New York City. When people realized it to be real, they changed it to ‘Sesame Street’; a popular show that became the cultural phenomenon in the whole world.

2) Oscar The Grouch Used To Be Orange

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Oscar The Grouch was designed in orange color until Jim Henson decided to change it into green, in series two. He explained the change in color stating that he went on a holiday to a very damp swamp mushy and muddy place which turned him green in an overnight.

3) Snuffleupagus Was Invisible Character Until Its First Appearance

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Originally Snuffleupagus was seen only by Big Bird who always talked about his pal friend snuffy. The adults in the show refused to believe that it existed and thought it to be an imaginary friend. But its first appearance proved them wrong.

4) Carpenter’s Covered The shows, Famous Tune

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Karen and Richard Carpenter sang the famous theme song “ Sing A Song” which was originally the opening theme song of the show. In 1973, this song reached number three on the US Billboard Hot chart.

5) Horizontal And Vertical Stripes

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Ernie wears a horizontal striped sweater to make him feel relaxed while Bert wears a sweater with vertical stripes to make him appear uptight always in the show.

6) Big Bird's Teddy Bear Named Radar

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Big Bird’s teddy is named Radar to give a tribute to the famous Mash television show in which a boy named Radar used to carry his teddy to the Korean war as he could not sleep without it.

7) Cookie Monster Was A Wheel Stealer

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Cookie Monster before entering the Sesame Street was a wheel stealer in an advertisement. But eventually, he made it in the show where he mentioned that, before he began eating cookies his name was Sid. In Sesame street he was moved away from the salty snacks to the sweets exclusively.

8) Character Named Don Music Was Banned

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The character named Don Music was banned because while playing piano, he had a habit of banging his head over it, in frustration. Little kids who watched the TV show started banging their heads. Thus, this character was removed out of the TV series.

9) Muppets And Humans Cannot Interact With One Another

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Originally, muppets were not allowed to interact with humans. But scenario changed when the producer learned that audience was not paying attention to the human characters and only focusing on the Muppets.

10) Snuffleupagus Got A New Makeover

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Big Bird’s Friend was a bit scary when it was first debuted in the show with less padding and scary eyes. Later on, the artist of the show gave a cute makeover to the Snuffleupagus to make him look normal than his previous image. (6.1)

These are some interesting facts about the Sesame Street, America’s most popular fictional show.


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