7 Famous Chucky Movies For Kids

Chucky is a famous fictional character of the Child play movie. If want to watch horror movies, then these movies on Chucky antagonist will amaze you and will leave cold creeps.

6 years ago
7 Famous Chucky Movies For Kids

Chucky is the child horror icon who is playing the role of antagonist in the movie. He is a fictional character who is portrayed as a notorious serial killer in the horror movie. He is trying to transfer his soul from the doll into the human body.

This character has gained lots and lots of popularity and has been recognized in the world for his role. His character has been nominated by the MTV channel as the best villain for the bride of Chucky. 

This character was created by Don Mancini and voiced by Brad Dourif. Popularly known as Chucky, his real name is Charles Le Ray and he is also known as Lakeshore strangler.

Here are some of the famous Chucky movie from the beginning till date:

1) Child play-1

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In this movie, it has been shown that the Charles Le Ray was a serial killer who was escaping from the police with the help of his driver who leaves him inside the van. He took a shelter in a shop where he was shot dead by the detective Mike Norris.

So by some rituals and black magic he put his soul inside the Good guy Doll in order to take revenge from Mike. This doll is then purchased by Karen Barclay who buys it for her younger son Andy.

When her younger sister died at that time, he realized that the doll is alive and is murderous. He tries to warn people about it but he is institutionalized. The whole story revolves around the killer doll.

2) Child play-2

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In this movie, the killer doll is still alive and is in search of Andy to possess him and stay inside his body so as to complete his revenge. So, Chucky stalks Andy to his school and tries everything to keep him in detention.

Chucky tries to kill Andy but he fails. Rather he himself dies when the molten plastic gets poured on him causing his head to explode like a balloon.

3) Child play-3

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After 8 years, the Chucky again gets alive in search of another body which he can possess and get inside. Andy his earlier chase recognize this conspiracy of the doll and try to stop the evil doll from finding out another innocent victim.

Chucky was trying to transfer his soul at that time. He was shot several times by Andy and at last, he got sliced into pieces when thrown into the large fan.

4) Bride of Chucky

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In this particular movie, it is shown that the Chucky doll is resurrected by the spirit of his ex-girlfriend Tiffany. He kills her and imbued his owns spirit in the bride doll and tries to find the magical amulet that can restore the life to both of them.

In the end, Tiffany gave a birth to a new life. This is how the story continues.

5) Seed of Chucky

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Chucky and Tiffany child Glen brought his parents back in life after 7 years but he is horrified by the murders. Glen suffers from the personality disorder as he had a mix of the soul having a male and female soul in his body.

In the movie, it is shown that three of them go on a killing spree.

6) Curse of Chucky

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Chucky was sent to Nica and Sarah’s home where he terrorizes and kills all the family members one by one. Chucky was driven to take the revenge from Sarah as she was the one who called the police Mike Norris when he was alive as human.

Nica survived but she had charges of murders. Later on, Tiffany took the doll and gifted it to Alice. Chucky tried to kill Alice to transfer his soul to her body. Nica realizes that the doll which Alice is playing with is possessed by the spirits.

7) Cult of Chucky

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This movie is about to release on 20th October 2017. It is an upcoming film which is an American Supernatural for all the kids. The story is about an asylum which is confined to insane deaths in the past 4 years.

The character Nica Pierce convinces everybody that she is responsible for all the deaths, Chucky is not responsible for it. But later on, she wonders that she is not crazy at all and the plague of deaths in the asylum. But to save herself, she will have to get the past. On the other hand, Chucky is shown as a grown up after the Child boy trilogy.

Hope you enjoyed knowing about the famous movies of Hollywood haunted character Chucky!


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