Top 10 Most Romantic Movies Other Than Titanic

To love and being loved by someone special close to heart is a special feeling which is eternal. If you are tired of your boring life than watching these movies and fill love in your incomplete story.

6 years ago
Top 10 Most Romantic Movies Other Than Titanic

Love is an amazing feeling which can only be felt it cannot be put in words because it is something which is out of this world. The romantic stories fill a sort of good vibes and you can enjoy stories presented in the movies with your life partner.

Love increases when you take out time for your beloveds and try to do things which make them happy and to cover a sweet smile on the face. If you want your special one to reminisce the moment forever then this can help you to fill utter delight and affection in your love story.

Love stories have been in the limelight for the ages. Romantic movies have been the most appreciated ones and popular among all the generations be it youth or adults. It is the choice of everyone to have a look at least once in the life time.

Looking for the romance in your life? Here we are to fill your life with love and romance with the top 10 most popular and best romantic movies other than the Titanic.

1) The notebook

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The notebook is an American Romantic movie based on the famous novel of the Nicholas Spark. It was directed by the Nick Cassavetes in 2004.

The film stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are the main protagonist of the movie. This movie shows the love story of the young couples who fall in love with one another in the 1940s. The story begins in the narrative way where the old man narrates his story to a fellow member at the nursing home. It is the best movie of all time. (6.1)

2) The Fault in our stars

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The Fault in our stars is another American Romantic film released on 6th June 2014. The story of the movie is about two teenagers who were firmly heading towards in life. Where they meet each other at the support group and slowly fall in love with one another.

This famous movie is based on the novel written by the John Green where the two teenagers fall in love when they were about to visit the famously reclusive author in Amsterdam. (6.2)

3) A walk to remember

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It is another famous movie written by Karen Janszen based on the famous novel of Nicholas spark. It was released in 2002, is a story of the two North Carolina teens who were thrown out together when London was in trouble. They were abiding to do community service. It is the story of the son which is from the wealthy family who falls in love with the most unexpected person. 

This story shows that the person who loves someone is always by the side of them no matter what circumstances are and how much it seems to be impossible to stay together still the love binds the two of them, above all. (6.3)

4) Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a British American movie where the two youngsters belonging to the rival family fall in love. Their love changes the fate of both the families. The heart touching movie was released on 11 October 2013 based on the writings of the famous poet William Shakespeare. They both meet each other at the party thrown by the Lord Capulet. At the party, both of them feel the same and share the same feelings. But due to the family differences there love could not resist in the world and they died at the end. (6.4)

5) The last song

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The last song is the teen drama which was pictured along the side of famous novel of Nicholas Spark in 2010. The movie is about a girl who goes to stay this summer with her father where she could easily reconnect with her father and fall in love in the quiet Southern Beach. It is an awesome romantic movie stating that relationships can break hearts but can heal them too. (6.5)

6) P.S. I love you

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This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Cecelia Ahern. It is an American drama was released in 2007. The story is about a widow who is in pain after her husband's death. She is trying back to be in life and finds letters written by her late husband which help her to ease the pain and start a new life ahead.

All the letters written by her husband ended with the P.S. I love you. This is a movie which will make you laugh and cry as well. The letters and the flashback memories are the best part of the movie. (6.6)

7) A Cinderella story

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If you believe in the fantasy and stories than this is the movie which will take you to a world of fantasies. The movie is about the girl who is fed up of her stepmother and sisters and get a respite with her online friend. She decides to meet him at the school dance. It is an American romantic comedy film of 2004 directed by Mark Rosman. It was released on 16th July 2004. The film keeps on rotating along the side of two friends who decide to meet at Halloween. (6.7)

8) The Vow

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This movie tells the story of a girl who met with an accident, as a result, she gets in a coma and forgets everything about her life. Her husband then tries to again gain her attention, faith, trust, love and care back by his continuous efforts. This is how he tries to win her again. The whole story rolls around them. This movie was released in 2014 directed by the Michael Sucsy. (6.8)

9) The Longest Ride

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The Longest Ride is another movie which is based on the famous novel of Nicholas Spark. This story is about the two people who fall for one another but their relationship starts fading away due to their different conflicting career paths. In the movie, the Ira tries to show them the path for resolving the barriers in the relationship. 

This is the most recent movie released on 10th April 2015 directed by George Tillman. (6.9)

10) Love Actually

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This is a movie which is basically based on the different ways of getting the relationships complicated. In this movie, eight couples try to deal with their relationships. This movie was released on 6th November 2003 by Richard Curtis. It shows the truth of love and with light comedy, it cheers up the audience. (6.10)

These are some of the famous romantic movies which you will love watching.


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