Why People Are Losing Their Shit Over Megan Fox’s Thumb

The internet is a funny place, it is filled with people with weird obsessions and Megan Fox’s clubbed thumbs are one of those weird obsessions.

6 years ago
Why People Are Losing Their Shit Over Megan Fox’s Thumb

The Transformers star is arguably the sexiest woman alive but despite her beautiful face and killer figure, people are stuck over her thumbs which are distinctly short and wide. The actress is quite insecure about the flaw but still she has talked about it in various shows.

Megan’s Got A ‘Murderer’s Thumb’

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Fortune tellers sometimes call this thumb type the "murderers thumb" (an example of superstitious folklore), but recently people with these thumb began to speak of "Megan Fox thumbs". Recently Megan talked about her toe thumbs at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, see picture below + the video in the right column: Megan is so funny... especially when she is talking about her thumbs!!!

But Medical Science Calls It Otherwise “Brachydactyly Type-d”

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Megan Fox has a minor physical anomaly on both hands: the first super hot babe who has stubby toe thumbs - a.k.a. clubbed thumb, stub thumb, toe thumb, potter's thumb, hammer thumb or club thumb. The essential characteristic concerns a rather remarkably broad nail phalange of the thumb; in medical science this thumb characteristic is known as brachydactyly type-d.

Some Ad Campaigns Even Photoshopped Her Thumb Out Of The Photos

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After the Megan's thumbs got replaced by a stand in the 2010 Super Bowl commercial, a few months later her thumbs were photoshopped in the Armani jeans & underwear campaign. Enjoy the 'naughty' Armani jeans-movie in the right column!

In An Appearance On A Talk Show With Jay Leno She Said

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"What is weird to me is I was talking to my mom... and she was like, "Oh, I ate tuna every day when I was pregnant with you," I was wondering if that was what happened to my thumbs. They're weird and they're really fat and there's like a weird knuckle."

People will find fault in anything and everything, this Megan Fox thumbs thing is one of those.


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