6 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Everyone is talking about coronavirus and its severe effects. Here are some ways on how you could keep yourself safe and improve your mental health in this critical time.

4 years ago
6 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Ever since coronavirus has engulfed the world, people are constantly talking and reading about it on social media and news. Everyone has read a massive amount of statistics and information about this dreadful virus. Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 is confirmed as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The virus, which was first observed in China, has now affected several countries, including Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom, India, Nepal, Bulgaria, Greece, and others. Coronavirus alone has not changed and affected the world. Earlier, the outbreak of these lethal diseases have transformed economies, political reforms, and made a deep impact on the world. 

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The outbreak of Covid-19 is causing strong emotions in everyone, including children and older people. People with OCD and anxiety are majorly affected by this and are feeling relentless. 

All of this is affecting people’s mental health. Being concerned about this virus is understandable, but for several people, it is degrading their mental health. So how could you care about people’s mental health and make the community stronger.

World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Advice on Coronavirus

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The World Health Organisation released advice on how to protect your mental health during the corona outbreak. This was welcomed by everyone using social media.

People are taking the coronavirus attack more severe than it is. WHO recommended not to watch the news and to feel anxious or distressed. Understandably, people with OCD and anxiety are unable to tolerate this uncertainty. 

Reading news about coronavirus frequently is leading to panic attacks. Staying away from news and websites could help people in managing anxiety. People who are strongly affected by this crisis might include children and teens. People who may have mental conditions and are suffering from chronic diseases are at higher risk. 

Stress during this infectious disease could include difficulty in sleeping, worsening chronic health problems, changes in eating patterns, and more. People are finding it difficult to make decisions on whether to go out or not, attend public gatherings, and prefer to do work from home. 

Telling people to stay calm is not the only solution to stop this hype about coronavirus. Everyone is reacting differently to stressful situations. It is recommended to stop speculation and to look up the reliable sources on the outbreak. Rumors could fuel up the anxiety. 

Also, it is noted that talks about coronavirus are majorly affecting people’s mental health. So, here are several ways on how you could improve your mental health and avoid any talks related to this fearful disease. 

Ways on How to Improve Your Mental Health

Here are a few ways and guidelines through which you could improve your mental health and prevent yourself from Coronavirus.

1. Wash Your Hands

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For people with OCD, it is recommended to frequently wash their hands. Fear of contamination is one of the aspects of OCD. The advice of washing hands could be a trigger for people who have recovered. It is difficult to stick with soap and sanitizer, but it is reducing the risk of getting affected by a coronavirus. Furthermore, this is satisfying people with OCD. 

Follow guidelines and avoid touching your face, hugging, and shaking hands. Stay at home and do not attend any gathering, if it is not an emergency. 

2. Avoid Burnout

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By seeing the coronavirus attack throughout the world, it is advised not to skip exercise and eat healthy food. Do exercise and stay hydrated. This would prevent viruses from entering the body. 

Focus on improving your life quality to stay healthy. Do meditation and take deep breaths. Eat foods with vitamin B, A, and foods loaded with proteins and minerals. Do not eat junk and outside food. 

3. Talk to Your Family

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Involving your family and kids while talking about the coronavirus is essential. Ask them what they have heard about coronavirus and find the truth behind that. Explain the facts about the disease and minimize the negative impact it could have on children and older people. 

4. Engage in Healthy Distractions and Stay Away from Social Media

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Read a light-hearted book, watch comic movies, go for a walk, or get involved in your hobbies. This would help you in staying away from social media. 

Today, social media is offering benefits to people, but at the same time, it is the biggest platform to spread rumors. Be in touch with people through e-mails or use regular media, as they are still the best way of being connected to people. 

5. Seek Accurate Information and Set Limit Around News on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Make sure that you read information about Coronavirus from official sources like the European Commission and WHO. These sources share true information and avoid false information that may cause unnecessary stress. 

Also, try to avoid exposure to news and media. Constant watch on social media feeds could cause stress. Take a break and focus on actions on which you have control (good hygiene). 

6. Look After Yourself

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Self-care is the best way to protect yourself from the Coronavirus outbreak. Maintain your daily routine and eat healthily. This would have a positive impact on your mind. Healthcare workers need to ensure good rest between their working hours. 

Final Words

An infectious disease outbreak could affect our mental health. But it is important to stay informed and to know about the treatment of this disease. 

People are reacting differently to coronavirus cases. While some are creating memes and turning it into humor, others are making people aware by sharing the precautions for coronavirus. Like Coronavirus, Nipah Virus affected Malaysia and Singapore in 1999. As of 2018, no treatment was found for this disease. 

Do you know other ways how people could cope with this dreadful virus? If so, then drop your comments. We would love to share them in our next post.


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