8 Easy Ways To Help You Pee Naturally

‘Nature’s Call’!! Understand?? Yes, making yourself pee is necessary if you have to take a urine sample. Drinking plenty o...

6 years ago
8 Easy Ways To Help You Pee Naturally

‘Nature’s Call’!! Understand?? Yes, making yourself pee is necessary if you have to take a urine sample. Drinking plenty of water is a usual phenomenon used by everybody to pee when needed. However, if you suffer from the bladder problems you may find that you can’t command well on your pee especially when there is a queue to a bathroom. 

Difficulty in peeing can also be caused by prostate problems, constipation, and even bladder infection. The best way to make sure that you can pee on the time is by eating cucumbers, watermelons, and other natural diuretics. 

If you need to make yourself pee, there are some natural ways to help you out urinating easier. 

Natural Ways to Pee

1) Try Certain Foods

Source = Gstatic

Foods like watermelons, carrots, cucumbers, citrus fruits help you to get rid of urine from the body. Eat plenty of watermelons as it contains a large amount of water and also cleanses your kidney and flush out the liver naturally.

Eating cucumbers stimulate urination. On the other hand, carrots are also a natural source of antioxidants to relieve the body of free radicals.

2) Bend Forward while you Pee

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  • Lean forward while sitting on the toilet seat to help you remove the toxins from the body, simultaneously making it pee naturally. Or with the help of forearm push your lower abdomen while leaning forward. 
  • Drink while urinating
  • Play audiotapes of running water sound to make you feel like peeing. Interesting isn’t it? Next time when you take your mobile phone in the toilet, play audio of running water.
  • Run warm water over the private area.

3) Drink Coffee or Tea

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Do you know that tea and coffee stimulate the frequent urination, sip a cup of black coffee or green tea before a urine test? However, be aware – caffeine can cause a temporary hike in the blood pressure.

4) Exercises and Warm-up

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Relaxing your muscles helps in forming urine. When you get your muscles relax, it makes it easier for you to pee naturally. Try one at a time; start with shoulder and neck exercise following with torso and hips.

5) Consume Alcohol

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Alcohol also produces vasopressin (hormone) that retains water in kidneys and convinces the reaction of emptying the bladder.

6) Hold Breath

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According to science, slower breathing reduces the body tension which then relaxes you down. Try this repetitively till you feel relaxed. Hold your breath and release.

7) Drink More and More Water

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This is so obvious, drinking more water means you are in taking a huge amount of liquid. In addition, drinking too much is not at all harmful to your health. Moreover, the extra water you drink is simply expelled in the form of urine.

8) Distract Yourself

Source = Littlethings

If you are not able to pee in the public toilets try to distract yourself. Either walk away from the washroom and listen to songs or talk with someone. The main reason of distracting is to put you at ease so that you can pee naturally.


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