9 Common Workout Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Away

Are you confident that you do workout correctly? Here are a few basic mistakes that trainers wish you’d stop making.

3 years ago
9 Common Workout Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Away

You do a consistent workout, eat healthily, get enough sleep, and do everything that is needed to stay fit and fine. Unfortunately, the results still don’t come as expected. In reality, getting a dream body is a long journey and needs hard work. 

People think that they would see results in a week or a month, but sometimes, it takes years of consistent workout to see your body in better shape. Also, if you do a workout incorrectly, then this may lead to body problems like a misaligned spine. 

If you are doing workout online or without the guidance of gym professionals, then chances are you might be working out incorrectly. Let us see the basic mistakes that are stopping you from getting in shape. 

1. Lat-Pull Downs

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The most common mistake that everyone commits while doing lat-pull down is when they pull the bar down. Make sure that you do not let elbows move beyond your back and position arms too wide. 

Personal trainer suggests keeping the neck aligned with the spine and positioning hands a little wider than shoulders. 

2. Lunges

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Lunges seem easier when done rightly. The most common mistake everyone does when lunging is when they lean forward and keep their back leg straight. Instead, it should be kept bent. 

When you lunge, your leg should create a 90-degree angle, and the rear knee should be kept parallel to the ground. Also, make sure that your front knee doesn’t go beyond your toes. 

3. Rope Pushdown

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Rope pushdown is the most basic exercise done to strengthen triceps muscles. When people do Rope Pushdown, they position their elbows outward on the downward push and bend their back forward. 

But the correct posture to do rope pushdown is to keep elbows close to the body. Also, make sure that position your feet less than hip-distance apart. 

4. Push-ups

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Push-ups look easy to perform, but in reality, incorrect positioning may lead to injury and muscle imbalance. Wrong positioning may include arched back and hands position that are not placed parallelly. 

The correct position to do push-ups is by placing the hands at the chest level with arms bent at 45 degrees. Furthermore, it is recommended to keep the spine straight and legs aligned with the body. 

5. Donkey-Kicks

Source = Meredithcorp

When people do donkey-kicks, they keep their back arched and bring leg higher. Some people crane their necks and move fastly. 

Personal trainers suggest keeping the back neutral with the knee bent at 90 degrees. Plus, you should squeeze the glute muscle at the top and bring the leg back. Donkey-kicks are best for stability and toning. It also stretches the hip and improves posture. 

6. Plank

Source = Meredithcorp

Planking is the foremost exercise done to strengthen and tone muscles. It also decreases the risk of injury in the back and spinal column. Furthermore, plank improves body posture and makes you flexible than ever. 

The common mistake when people do plank is they put pressure on the spine instead of abs. Secondly, they lower their hips and make their muscles less engaged. Trainers suggest to keep their back flat and to provide support on elbows. 

7. Squats

Source = Runtastic

Incorrect positioning during squats can lead to pain in your lower back. Many people do squats while shoving their knees too far inward. This could lead to knee injuries. 

Trainers suggest to keep back straight and put weight on the heels. Also, while squatting, let your hips go down below knee height. 

8. Cable Crunch

Source = The-optimal-you

If you do cable crunch and move hip back and forth, then you are doing this exercise wrongly. The trainers suggest keeping your hips locked and holding the rope by your ears. 

Make sure that you lean forward at the torso and crunch down by contracting your abdominals. Cable crunch increases resistance and strengthens muscles.

9. Single-Leg Bridge

Source = Popsugar

When people do a single-leg bridge, they do not position themselves correctly and do not keep legs bent at a 90-degree angle. Secondly, they do not raise their leg high. It should be done while raising the legs towards the ceiling and keeping it straight. 

Also, make sure that you engage your hips and support yourself with the second leg that should be bent at a 90-degree angle. 

Final Words

When your body starts following the same routine, it becomes easier to do the same thing again and again. Challenge your body, and do different things when you do a workout. Try different lifts and do different exercises. Also, make sure that you find the right amount of reps and sets. For instance, aim to lift a weight 7-8 times rather than doing ten sets or more. 

If you do any of these exercises regularly, make sure that you do them correctly to reach your fitness goals. Remember that these silly mistakes are stopping you from getting in shape. Take the help of professionals or experts when you do workout to avoid these mistakes.


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