6 Face Cleaning Tips That Would Make Your Face Glow Instantly

Be it a man or woman: everyone wishes to have his/her face to look beautiful. Follow these steps and make your face glow.

7 years ago
6 Face Cleaning Tips That Would Make Your Face Glow Instantly

What do you do to keep your face clean? You wash face twice a day or consult the doctor about the medications and creams to apply on the face. Washing your face needs time, and doing it in a proper/right way can make a difference between glowing skin and acne breakout.

No doubt, a beautiful face may be the reason for your confidence, but sometimes you don’t take care of your face, and it looks dull.

Nowadays, everyone is busy and does not have time to visit a salon. Also, pollution and dirt in the air easily settle on the face and damage the skin. The air contains a lot of free radicals that gather on the skin and cause clogged pores. This is the most common cause of skin problems and acne. But just like you can do manicure at home, several home remedies are followed to make your face look beautiful.

So, if you also have acne or looking for tips to make your face glow, then here’s a guide on how you can make your face glow.

Simple Face Cleaning Tips That You Should Follow for a Glowing Face

1. Massage Your Face With Cleanser

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Take any cleanser on your hands and massage your face in a circular motion. Leave it for a few minutes.

Now rinse your face with water, until the cleanser is washed away. The cleanser removes the dirt and oil on your face.

Now pat the face with a clean towel.

2. Exfoliate Using Face Scrub

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Exfoliating is a great way to brighten the skin. It removes the dead skin cells and unclogs pores. Exfoliating tones the skin and allow other products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Rub face scrub on the face in circular motions. Don’t do this hard, as it can damage the skin. Rinse the scrub with warm water.

Alternatively, you can mix honey and sugar in equal portions to exfoliate your skin.

3. Steam to Remove Toxins

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Steaming helps in removing blackheads and prevents dry skin. Additionally, steaming makes your skin adaptable to other skin treatments and removes toxins. Steaming promotes relaxation and clears skin impurities.

Use a facial steamer, or fill a bowl with water and heat it. Heat the water till it starts boiling. Take steam for 5-10 minutes. Take a blackhead remover and scrape away whiteheads and blackheads on your face.

4. Apply Face Pack

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Applying a face mask is one of the easiest ways to get beautiful skin. A face mask instantly brightens your face and deep cleanses it. It lightens skin scars, refines skin pores, increases hydration, and gives even skin tone.

It unclogs pores and cleans the topmost layer of the skin. Apply the face mask/pack evenly on your face.

Leave it until it dries. Wash the mask with cold water.

5. Use Face Toner

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Facial toner refreshes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Apply toner with fingers or spray it on the face. Facial toner balances the pH level of your skin. It indicates the acidity level of your skin and can be measured on a scale from 0 to 14. It provides hydration to the skin and reduces the signs of aging.

Additionally, it provides a layer of protection on the face and also removes the chlorine present in tap water. You can also make face toner at home by using cucumber and rose juice.

6. Choose Moisturizer Depending on Your Skin Type

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This is the last step that can’t be missed. Moisturizing reduces the risk of skin problems.

It fights wrinkles and keeps your skin to stay young. If your skin is oily, use lotion instead of cream and use a moisturizer with exfoliant ingredients. If it is dry, use cream, they have a higher oil content.

Amazing Benefits of Face Cleanup

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Regular face cleaning is important to maintain healthy skin. Here are a few amazing benefits of face cleaning and why it is important.

  • Regular face cleansing removes the face dirt and other unwanted pores. It removes impurities and gives skin a fresh and glowing look. Without washing, your face covers a thick layer of dirt, making it difficult for products to penetrate the skin.
  • It maintains a proper level of hydration. Skin, if not hydrated, looks dull, wrinkled, and aged. Face cleansing manages the pH level of the skin and keeps it refreshed.
  • Proper and regular face cleansing clears the unwanted pores and also removes dead skin.
  • It relieves stress and balances your mind. It detoxifies your skin and makes it look healthy and youthful.

Final Words

Most of us don’t have even 15-20 minutes to cleanse our skin. Many believe that you should wash your face when it looks dirty or when you have to remove makeup. But it is not true. Beauty experts recommend washing face at least twice a day to prevent acne and other skin problems.

For best results, do face clean up once a week. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you apply mask and scrub, to avoid exposing your skin to additional dirt.

Do you know other home remedies for face cleaning that could be beneficial for the face? If so, then share the tips with us below.


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