No More Premature Aging! Avoid Eating These 10 Foods To Look Youthful & Fresh

Ok so, you think sun exposure, stress and smoking are the only things to worry about when it comes to premature aging, well I must say think again or read this article and unlock one of the most vital reasons of faster aging, i.e. FOOD!

6 years ago
No More Premature Aging! Avoid Eating These 10 Foods To Look Youthful & Fresh

Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is absolutely fine but what about the premature aging, not really sure about that I guess it is no less than a nightmare for the contemporary youth.

Let’s accept it no one wants to look older in-fact no one actually wants to look their age. Everyone wants to live wrinkle-free life and youthful life, right?

Well, you already know about some chunks such as the sun, stress, and your hormonal changes that can cause premature aging, but don’t you think you are forgetting a major part, yeah I am talking about your diet.

Though, aging is a natural process but your skin reflects what you eat and you can actually delay it by eating the right, healthy and nutritious foods while on the other hand there are some foods (junk food, fried stuff) that actually make you age faster.

Well, I must add a point here that it may be more to youthful appearance than simple beauty creams. Are you struggling with the issue of premature aging? No worries expert nutritionists share the foods you should avoid if you want to stay looking vibrant and youthful. Let’s have a look at some food items here:

1) Sweets

Source = Cloudfront

Sugar is one of the supplements which on one hand is quite essential for our body but while on the other hand overeating sugar may lead to wrinkles, sagging skin, and poor health.

In fact, sugar is the number one food that you should avoid if you are looking to slow down the aging process. Sugar not only makes us fat but also make our skin less flexible and dehydrating which are the early sign of aging.

The product which contains sweets such as your favorite chocolate, candy, any other products that contain high amounts of sugar can increase risk of diabetes, obesity and can make you look older.

2) Salt

Source = Joosdigital

Just like sugar, salt is also important for your body, your body requires salts to function properly. Using the high amount of salt in cooking and eating foods that have high-contained salt can make you age faster, So, it is recommended by the experts nutritions to integrate normal dose of salt in your daily diet.

3) Inflammatory Foods

Source = Zuzkalight

Well, you are not doing any favors to your skin if your daily diet includes meals that are filled with food caused chronic inflammation such as oils, red meats, white bread, processed foods, potato chips, hot dogs, cookies, fast foods and lot more stuff. All these foods accelerate wrinkle formation and you must avoid eating these food items to get rid of the premature aging and try to integrate food in your diet which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid, for example, olive oil, avocados, salmon, etc.

4) Excess Carbohydrates

Source = Samaa

Just like how sugar enriches aging effect, refined carbohydrates and excess healthy carbs can also make you age faster. Not even this but it can trigger your insulin level also which is again a negative factor for the diabetic people. That’s why doctor always asked to control carbs to the sugar patients. Well, I must say a balanced diet is a key to achieve glowing and youthful skin.

5) Milk & Cheese

Source = Self

Some people are allergic to casein (the main protein present in milk), which can block up the body and cause constipation and then acne. Also, if you are allergic to milk, casein can potentially cause stomach cramps and headaches. So, from both the point of view milk is not a very good option for those who are allergic to casein.

6) Caffeine Rich Coffee

Source = Health

Majority of us love to have a cup of coffee, even its smell has something that might seem like a savior in the dull morning. But if you are taking it in a certain amount or in moderation then it would be fine and gives you pleasure but, if you extent its amount and number of cups and skipping the rest of the water, fresh juices then it can be a powerful reason that can make you age faster.

7) Pastries

Source = Taste-food

Your favorite dessert is another point ready to trigger the list. Trans fat, backed food, sodium-packed packaged foods, refined carbohydrates and of course the sugar can make you age faster. All these foods cause serious inflammation in the body and ultimately leads to aging. No wonder, the pastries, and all backed foods are loaded with extreme sugar which is not good for your skin and health too.

8) Alcohol

Source = Steptohealth

Often people wonder that can drinking alcohol make you look older? Well, the answer is yes. Alcohol is widely known as a dehydrator and it can cause wrinkles, loss of elasticity in skin, puffiness, and redness in your skin which ultimately lead to aging.

9) Fast Food

Source = Credihealth

Fast food such as burgers, hot dogs, and other junk food item also lead to the aging process which is not good for your health also. This food product contains so much oil and spiciness in it which ultimately lead to faster aging, stomach infection, improper digestion, obesity and lot more disease so, it will be great for you to stop avoid all these food and start eating some fresh food items.

10) Canned Drinks

Source = Grandmascatering

Studies suggest that drinking sugary drinks can make you age faster. Canned drinks are high in sugar and sodium and can lead to the faster aging and other inflammatory effects. In fact while drinking, such drinks will not only accelerate aging but also affect badly your internal body as well. This type of drinks are not only bad for your skin but also increase the chances of obesity which again a bad factor for the aging.

So, everyone wants to look good and there is nothing wrong about it so, if you want to look gorgeous and stunning then it will great for you to start avoiding these food products and do not forget to include fresh products, healthy diet and fresh drinks in your diet plan.


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