Know the Amazing Food Materials for Your Healthy Hair

If you are tired of purchasi...

7 years ago
Know the Amazing Food Materials for Your Healthy Hair

If you are tired of purchasing pricey hair products and getting complete spa treatments but you are still not satisfied with the results and those stunning locks that you used to have, did not get back its beauty, here’s a simple solution. Did you hear about food items that are used almost regularly in your households, can prove to be super effective in the treatment of lifeless and dull hair.

Get the flawless locks by applying some amazing food items. They would show results instantly and you won’t even have to spend half of your salary on it.

Just try these simple and effective remedies -

Baking Soda

It is an effective remedy for oily hair. You can take some baking soda and gently massage it on your scalp on the days you don’t have time to wash your hair. Soda will instantly soak up the oil and prevent any oily smell from your hair.


Garlic makes your hair stronger and stops hair fall. Cut up garlic and keep it overnight in a glass of water and then utilize that water to massage your scalp before applying shampoo the next morning.

Brown Sugar as scrubber

It acts as a great scrub for your face as well as you can utilize it to exfoliate your hair and its roots. It will facilitate hair growth faster.


Tea or coffee is really amazing in preventing graying of hair. Boil some tea or coffee with water and let it cool to room temperature. Then wash your hair with that water after shampoo the next day. It will leave your hair smelling great.

You can directly apply these items on your scalp Honey for softer hair

Peanut oil for longer and thicker hair

Ghee or Clarified butter for soft and thick hair

Apple cider vinegar for soft and shiny hair

Tomato ketchup gives life to your dull hair


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