Perfect Phallus Explained According To Women

Phalluses come in all shape and size; some are big and some are small, some slouch, some stand tall. No matter how confident of...

6 years ago
Perfect Phallus Explained According To Women

Phalluses come in all shape and size; some are big and some are small, some slouch, some stand tall. No matter how confident of a man you are and how proud you are of your genitals, you will always seek approval of women as to determine what are the most demanding traits in a phallus that appeal to them the most, “The Perfect phallus According To Women

Let’s find out how do women picture the most appealing and perfect phallus

General Cosmetic Appearance

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In terms of cosmetic appearance, a woman likes a prominent head on the tip, with trimmed — not shaved — pubes, so aim to keep your pubic length around an inch or less.

Pubic Hair Appearance, Stubble Like Trim Is Good

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As mentioned above they like it trimmed to an inch not shaved. They Wouldn’t want their partner to look like their counterpart.

Penile Skin

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This is the most important part, that makes for the 90% of the impression of appearance. Women prefer clean & smooth penile skin with few veins showing prominently.

Penile Girth

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Penile girth can be defined as the thickness of a male phallus. Biologically, phallus girth is the measurement of the circumference of a completely erect phallus.

According to many sexperts and sexologists, it is not so much the length of the phallus, but the width that matters in the long run. In many ways, this is true. Girth gives strength and consistence to the phallus body; during penetration, the third part of a woman’s vagina feels the most sensation.

Glans Shape

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Amongst everything else glans differ the most, and according to women, glans is the most beautiful part of the phallus. Mushroom shaped is the most prefered glans shape.

Penile Length

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In researches it has been concluded that the penile length actually matters the least, as compared to other traits. 

5-6 inch is the international average phallus size and that does it for most of the women.

Scrotum Appearance

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The part that resides beneath is not to be taken lightly, because you might not give it a lot of importance but women will, to a properly trimmed one.

According to women, their shape must look like peach.

Position And Shape Of The Urethra

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Don’t know how, but it has appeal for some women.

A Research Was Conducted By UCLA & The University Of Mexico For The Perfect Phallus According To Women

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Researchers from UCLA and the University of New Mexico attempted to discover the ideal phallus by presenting 75 women with images of 100 disembodied phalluses (which sounds absolutely terrifying). They asked the women sampled to then narrow this mass selection down to 33, which the researchers then printed out in 3-D form (dildos, essentially). The women were then asked to place these 3-D model phalluses into two categories: the dongs they’d prefer in a long-term partner, and those they’d prefer in a one-night stand.

According To This Research The Girth Is More Prefered Than The Length

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The results found that the ideal phallus size for a long-term partner is 6.3 inches long and had a girth of 4.8 inches. For the one-night stand, the ideal size was 6.4 by 5 inches. Considering the international phallus average is 5.5-6.3 inches by 4.7-5.1 inches, we’re generally not far off from the ideal. Women don’t really seem to want a schlong that’s the size of a baby’s arm, regardless of the relationship. There have been ton of studies done on the subject over the years (this was just one of the more recent), and most deduce the same thing: A woman doesn’t want a long phallus, she wants a girthy one.


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