9 Fascinating Facts That You Should Know About Twins

Twins are two children produced by the same pregnancy. And when twins are born to any couple, they can double their happiness. Read on some surprising facts about twins here.

7 years ago
9 Fascinating Facts That You Should Know About Twins

Having a child is the most beautiful feeling a couple can ever experience, but double happiness arrives in a home when they are blessed with twins. Some twins often wear similar-looking clothes and have strikingly similar facial features, but some are poles apart and look different. 

No matter whether the twins are identical or fraternal or of some other type, they have the characteristics that are quite interesting to know. So here are some fun and fascinating facts we have compiled about twins.

1. Twins’ Mutual Interaction Begins Inside the Mother’s Womb

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One research reveals that their attachment begins before birth. At the time of their bonding process in the womb, twins often appear hugging, holding, and rubbing each other in sonography.

2. Significance of a Mother’s Age in Twin Birth

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According to CPC epidemiologist Joyce Martin, women in their 30’s or the ones who choose to give birth later on in their life are more likely to have twins.

3. Twin Babies May Have Different Fathers

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It happens rarely, but it’s plausible for twin babies to have different fathers. If ovulation of a woman is higher and discharges more than one egg and intercourses with several men in a close period, then the fertilization of those eggs is likely by two different people. It affects 1-2% of fraternal twins.

4. Family History Affects Chances of Having Twins

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Women can inherit a gene that causes them to have twins. Women who hyper-ovulate or discharge multiple eggs have more chances of having fraternal twins.

5. Twins May be Non-Identical or Identical

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A pair of a twin can either be monozygotic or dizygotic. In the monozygotic twin, they are identical as they develop from one zygote. 

Whereas, in dizygotic, the twins split and form two embryos and are 'non-identical' or called 'fraternal.' It means that each twin develops from a separate egg, with each egg being fertilized by its sperm cell.

6. Some Twins are Born with Pregnancy Complications

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During pregnancy, some mothers go through certain complications like conjoined twins, miscarried twins, vanishing twins, stillbirth, partial molar twins, parasitic twins, low birth weight, chimerism, and more.

7. Twins May Have Similar Interests

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Twin babies who are separated at birth have been known to lead similar lives and interests, like marrying people with a similar name, having the same variety of pets, or being in a similar profession. A lot of coincidences take place during their lifetime as they are deeply connected to each other on various levels. 

8. The “Twin Talk”

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Some twins are very close, and they create their unique “twin talk” or peculiar language, which only they understand. As the twins grow up, they repeat each other’s vocalizations. And it may seem to people that they’re speaking in a secret language even though they're incorrectly pronouncing sounds and words.

9. Twins Tend to Have a Longer Life

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Twins live 4-5 longer than others when it comes to the Danish population. On average, a study suggests that female identical twins live nearly 63.4 years, and female fraternal twins live about 61.4 years. Whereas, the general females in the Danish population live for around 58.8 years.

As compared to the general males in the Danish population who live 57.5 years, male identical twins live nearly 60.6 years, and male fraternal twins live 59.1 years. 


According to one research, the human twin birth rate in the US increased to 76% during 1980-2009, from 9.4 to 16.7 twin sets (18.8 to 33.3 twins) per 1000 births. 

Do you know any twins and the characteristics they share or don’t share? If yes, please let us know in the comment section below!


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