10 Miserably Military Failed Inventions That Are Rarely Known

Just in terms military invention is considered to be as the invention by the military to improve old sources in order to play wi...

7 years ago
10 Miserably Military Failed Inventions That Are Rarely Known

Just in terms military invention is considered to be as the invention by the military to improve old sources in order to play with advanced missions and military tactics. The most common military invention such as the Internet or GPS is used in an efficient by the civilians as well. 

It is acknowledged that not all military inventions are used as the resources, below is the list of inventions that had an excellent idea but unfortunately these inventions were not succeeded to carry in war due to lack of practical application. Generally military people use tanks, planes and guns for the war, take a look on some new yet failed inventions that were considered as the waste of money. 

1 The Corkscrew Tank 

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The Corkscrew Tank was created by the Russians in order to make an easy move across harsh and rough terrain. The vehicle was able to move across snow and ice and proved as the profitable invention.  While, having several positive points this vehicle also faced some negative points too. The vehicle was not able to move across a decent terrain. This tank was too heavy that made its speed very slow. The tank also lacked suspension and safe steering.

2 Ball Tank 

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The Ball tank was created by the Germans.  The on e wheel tank or the ball tank was designed in such a way that 2 machine guns were mounted on a single ball and that could be handled by a single man. In this heavily armed sphere, the changing of the directions and was very difficult. Thought it had a stabilizing wheel the steering was the main problem of this tank. In reality, this military invention failed very badly. 

3 Scooter Mounted Cannon 

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The invention actually means the same. Cannon mounted on a scooter. This vehicle was used by French during Vietnam War. This scooter was very soon put not in use due to the simple protection. Lacking in protection and other safety measures the scooter mounted cannon didn’t offered any plus points to the military. Actually it was the best decision not to use this vehicle as it offered no type of protection moreover; it could not take a heavy weight of cannon too more securely.

4 The Puckle Gun 

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As the name suggests this gun alternatively called as ‘Defence Gun’ was created by James Puckle who was a lawyer and a writer passed from London. While others called it as Puckle Gun, no matter but this gun didn’t go far.  As per the design this gun could shoot 63 shots in 7 min i.e. 9 shots a minute as compared to 3 shot muskets which is the standard of the normal army. The main reason why this military invention failed was that the British found the design of the gun much complex.

5 The Cybernetic Walking Machine 

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The design of the Cybernetic Walking Machine was just like that of the transformers you watch in the movies.  The vehicle was created to carry out the weapons for the military in the worst terrain areas. The design was tested in 1968. Created by Ralph Mosher, this robot was controlled by a human through his body movements. Sadly, the robot never went into production.

6 Russian Tsar Tank 

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This design looks similar to a huge tricycle, but this designed was invented by Russia. Russian’s thought that this design was somehow very usable in the defense was but sadly, the tank was not used during a battle war. The huge vehicles were specially made to cross the obstacles, but due to some miscalculations the back wheel easily gets stuck in soft ground and ditches. 

7 Charles De Gaulle 

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It was the new invention but this military invention failed miserable. It was thought as the aircraft carrier that would use some advanced technology. The cost of Charles De Gaulle was approximately 4 billion dollars; French believed that it was the best invention till date. But the engine and the nuclear reactor were installed poorly and this wrong installation caused an exposure to radiation. The deck was also designed in n means that it could defend the ship. 

8 The Rocket Belt 

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The Rocket belt was the most adventurous invention that was created in 1960’s. It was basically designed for the soldiers who used to travel short distances very frequently. The first test of the rocket belt was successful but the range of the machine was not enough. And the short range invention was no longer considered useful for the army.

9 Flying Aircraft Carrier 

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Flying Aircraft carrier was created by the German engineers in 1930’s. There were generally 2 kinds of ships that were frequently used to bear aircrafts to different places. These 2 ships were USS Macon and USS Akron. These inventions were crashed somehow due to storms and then it was observed that aircraft was too heavy to use in critical areas. Thus, this was also one of the richest military failed inventions that didn’t work well for the war.

10 Focke - Wulf Triebflugel

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This was the brilliant invention by The Germans. During the earlier times no one could imagine flying through the air, but the Germans already added ramjet rockets to their wings.  Although the aircraft was designed in such a way that it could get off the ground, move from point A to point B, but Nazis seemed to want more. Germans then began to use ramjet engines. This invention soon became worthless as it lacked in controlling while landing which was the most crucial to the humans.

Some people found these failed inventions as a complete waste of money while some considered as a good thoughts. 


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