10 Most Famous Manuscript For Archeologist

Manuscripts have opened up the world of knowledge and intriguing facts and possibilities. They are no less than the precious gemstones which hide the secret of the world in them.

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10 Most Famous Manuscript For Archeologist

Words and scripts are used in the world since ages to depict some real-life stories or mythological mysteries. These books were written in undecipherable languages by the writers. Some books are simply artifacts from forgotten culture while some have risen the imagination of scholars and archeologist with their work. Very difficult to understand and interpret the correct meaning of the manuscripts written in history.

Some manuscripts were written by the people to hide it from the outside world. But soon after the discoveries of the books and manuscripts, archeologist and historians began research to find out the translation methods so as to read and understand the text written in the medieval period.

Here is a list of 10 famous manuscripts which have aroused the imagination of historians and archeologists:

1) Voynich Manuscripts

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Voynich Manuscript is one of the most bizarre and mysterious texts written by an anonymous writer. None of the book or manuscript is so famous than this one. Language written in it baffles almost every cryptographer who try to translate it.

It is the book written in 18th century which has passed into the hands of various people before reaching in the hands of Wilfrid Voynich in 1909.

Many people interpreted different things after seeing the manuscript; some said that the text requires to be read under the microscope, while others said it could be a religious document but all these are theories. Even after the fifty years of examination still, the code is unbreakable.

2) Rongorongo

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It is not much of text or manuscript rather it is considered as an artifact. Its name refers to an indecipherable system of pictorial writing. Few stones were discovered having cravings on them but it remains one of the biggest unsolved mystery till date.

Although nobody could break the code, it is believed that the stone might have been carved in a single language.

According to hieroglyphics, this stone is considered pictographic in nature containing glyphs and symbols.

3) Rohonc Codex

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One of the centuries-old book consists of 448 pages of content written in an unknown language. This document may have surfaced in Hungary in 1700. According to historians, it could be a text written in Hungarian to Hindi but it fails features of both the language.

All the text are accompanied by a beautiful picture which reveals about landscapes to military battles. It also has some iconography of different religions which includes Christian, Hindu, and Islam. It suggests that whatever culture it belongs, it depicts different faiths simultaneously into one.

4) Gnostic Gospels

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This book dates back to 4th century makes up the major test of Gnosticism, an offshoot of Christianity which existed in the 2nd century. According to this book, true salvation comes only to those who understand the deep self-knowledge.

This book was kept hidden from orthodox Christians in a jar of Hammadi, Egypt. It is one of the most philosophical text in the history. It is a controversial book when compared with bible because according to this book Jesus would not appear in the new testament.

5) Codex Seraphinianus

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This book is said to be an encyclopedia, containing description and small illustrations of an imaginary planet system. It is a complete package itself as it contains drawings of animals and plants. Since the text is unreadable thus it has become most famous Serafini's artwork.

At one page, it depicts a fruit which bleeds and on the other, it depicts fish flying saucer. It even depicts women turning into an alligator. Thus what exactly the book reveals is still a mystery which needs to be uncovered.

6) Yellow Book Of Lecan

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Yellow Book of Lecan is an Irish manuscript containing 344 column. This manuscript is written on vellum and it contains about the Ulster cycle of Irish mythology. This manuscript is currently present in the Trinity College, Dublin. This manuscript is one of the most famous literary content of the history.The book should not be confused with the Great Book of Lecan.

7) Codex Leicester

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Codex Leicester is a collection of famous scientific writing of Leonardo Da Vinci. This book is one of the most precious manuscripts to learn about science, art, and creativity.

This book was named after the Earl of Leicester who purchased it in 1719. This manuscript holds the highest price and was sold to Bill Gates in an auction.The codex gives an inciting of the great scientist, thinkers, and artists.

8) Red Book Of Hergest

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It is large vellum manuscript written in 1382. It is regarded as the most important manuscript in the medieval period. This book is written in Welsh language and therefore it has a collection of poetry and tales in it.

This manuscript has been named after the color of its leather binding. The first part of the document contains historical text and tales while the other part contains poetry.

9) Codex Zouche Nuttall

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Codex Zouche nutshell was probably built in the 14th century. It is composed of a 14th section containing animal skin. Both the pages in the document is vividly painted.

It is a pre-Columbian document which depicts about the pre-origin of Mexico. This codex was named after the first person who published it. It reached Spain in the 16th century. It was first identified at San Marco Florence in 1854.

10) Beale Ciphers

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One of the most famous stories behind the Beale cipher is that a person named Beale trusted an innkeeper and kept three paged document in a box. He said to open it only if he does not return after 10 years.

Beale disappeared after some time and innkeeper Morris tried to depict and understand the code for several years. But he was unsuccessful in it.

The pages written by Beale was a route map to the hidden treasure but nobody could ever found the exact location of the mysterious treasure.

These are some of the impressive manuscripts written in secretive language so that nobody can read them except the person who has written.


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