Fall Of Berlin Wall With Rejoicing Celebration For The People Of German

On the day of the liberalization, Germans took out chisels and hammer to demolish the symbol of the cold war from the world and create a new era of freedom and emancipation.

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Fall Of Berlin Wall With Rejoicing Celebration For The People Of German

The cold war of the Berlin came to an end when the Berlin wall was collapsed. The Berlin Wall was a physical division between the East Germany and the West Berlin. People of East were not allowed to cross the wall and enter the west. So this wall was made with a purpose that the people they could not flee from their place and enter the west.

The people tried to escape from the East Germany over the years. Some people were successful in escaping while others died when they tried to cross the fenced Berlin wall.

Berlin Wall Tumbles Down

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When the Berlin wall fell even its demolishment was similar to its instantaneous creation. For more than 28 years this wall was a representation of the cold war prevailing between the two countries along with the Ironic curtain between the Soviet communist and the democracies of the west.

Size Of The Berlin Wall

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The size of the Berlin wall was 91 miles. It was built not only on the center of the Berlin but also along the west thus cutting the East Germany from it. The wall underwent four transformations at first it was a wired fence with a concrete post which later turned into the permanent structure.

Checkpoints Present In The Wall

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The Berlin wall consists of various checkpoints to carry out the official work but the access was given only to the special officers and members. The one most famous Checkpoint was Charlie. Which averted in the end to be the main cause of the cold war between the East and West Germany.

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The fall of the Berlin was an event celebrated in the whole world. Suddenly at the evening of  November 9th, 1989 East government Official named Gunter Schabowski announced that the citizens can permanently relocate from all the checkpoints from East Germany to the West Berlin.

Communism Dismantled

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There were signs that the communism was weakening and the leaders of the East Company thought that with little changes things will be back on the track but the East Germans refused to corporate. This marked the beginning of the demolishment of the East Soviet communist.

Accidental Open Of Berlin Wall

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The hidden reason behind the fall of Berlin Wall is that the Schabowski was about to announce the minor changes but his words were unclear and this resulted in the misinterpretation which was taken as orders by the guards present at the checkpoints. They could have stopped the demonstrators but they didn't and the mass of protesters destroyed the Berlin Wall

His statement was misinterpreted as “ The wall is open..


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Germans were shocked to hear the announcement and they moved ahead to find out that whether the checkpoints were really open. When they reached there, they were delighted to see that the soldiers were allowing the Germans to move towards the East Berlin and cross the great Berlin Wall. People swept like a tidal wave on the wall.

The Berlin wall chipped off into smaller pieces, these pieces were later collected and were kept in the homes and museums to mark and reminisce the historical freedom gained by the people of Germany.

Celebration And Rejoice

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Commemorating the fall of Berlin people began dancing, singing, kissing, hugging and cheering. The celebration was no less than a festival. The collapse of the wall resulted in the unification of the two states into a single German State on 3rd October 1990. This reunited state has the Berlin Wall memorial at the site of Bernauer Strasse.

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Chisels and hammer in hands of Germany on the 9th November 1989, when people got liberalization that is the right to travel freely. See how the berlin wall fell and how people celebrated this glorious event.

This is how the fall of Berlin wall turned into rejoicing celebration for the people of German.


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