12 Online Shopping Fails Which Are More Than Hilarious

Online shopping is a trend nowadays. But what if you got something beyond your expectations? Have a look at these examples of shopping fails that will make you cry with laughter.

5 years ago
12 Online Shopping Fails Which Are More Than Hilarious

It's the era when no one has the time or even likes to go to the mall, spending loads of time walking in an out of shops and trying clothes in unusual corners, plus walking with so many bags in hands. And all those people who agree on this will also agree that online shopping is one of the best inventions ever.

That’s because it allows shopping while we’re sitting at our cozy home and that too with unlimited options of goodies just a click away. According to some facts, 8 in 10 Americans are now shopping online. And they say that while waiting a couple of weeks for delivery there is a good chance one forgot about the order, so it's just like getting a surprise from yourself.

But we can not forget that every coin has two sides. Similarly, online shopping can be hit or miss both. No wonder it's a piece of good news that you exactly get what you ordered and you are completely stoked! But on the other side, you can also get something either opposite or not even close to what was posted.

Scary, right? But it is true! There are millions of examples that this perfect story can end up as an online shopping fail. Imagine you ordered a TV stand for a brutally good price? But unfortunately, it turns out it's for a dollhouse. Oops, right!  And think again if you have bought a fabulous prom dress. Don't get too excited because it might look like a potato sack. Sounds frightening! Well reading the reviews and description might save you from these funny fails. And still, if it happens, don't worry at least there's something to laugh about!

So, scroll down and have a look at our list of the ultimate fails when people got nothing as they expected.

1. Dress Disaster

Source = Fjcdn

No wonder, this dress looks perfect on the model. It’s peek-a-boo style, and contrasting colors catch the eye while still leaving a little something to the imagination. And, anyone can order it. But this girl got a shock after finally accepting her home delivery. This poor girl got a mangled garment, instead of getting a sultry cut-out dress. Darn, it looks more like a window curtain than a going out dress. What do you think?

2. Looks the Same but in Other Way

Source = Sohucs

No doubt that everyone loves reversible gifts whether it’s a sweater, transition lenses, or many more. Also, if you find an item that does more than one thing, it makes you feel like you’ve got two products for the price of one. Well, I think this customer also bought this product with the same intention but, this popular Christmas mug wasn’t exactly what he expected. The buyer got a mug with a picture of two mugs on it, rather than a mug that changes its image when it's exposed to hot water.

He also posted the picture with the caption-

“I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene. Nope! Looks like they printed the demo image and not the actual pretty Christmas scene. Trying to get my money back for a horrible and ill advertised item”

3. And Who Says Size Does Not Matter?

Source = Gambargambar

An ornate rug that screams elegance to pull a room together is one best thing. And when it is about a nice Persian rug, it conveys class, elegance, and wealth, so it’s no wonder that this young man ordered one. However, when he received it, the rug wasn’t quite the size he was expecting when he paid for it. Sad!

Source = Blogspot

Well, he found a useful purpose for the tiny carpet as a bookmark!

4. Surprised or Shocked

Source = Livejournal

No doubt that buying a flower bouquet that resembles your loved one’s best friend and to watch them as they react with surprised glee is a perfect idea of gifting.

Sadly, things didn’t work out according to her plan. All she wanted is to get her boyfriend flowers that looked like his pet pup, but what ended up arriving was more of a flop mess that looked even more depressing, complete with glued on googly eyes. I hope she got a refund for this disaster. Horrible it is!

5. Not Even Small

Source = Viralicerik

It’s true that deciding what size we need is always hard when we’re shopping online. But still, the skirt she received is looking way different on the model than on this poor customer! What to say if it barely fits around her thigh?

6. Gift it to Your Girl

Source = Emefka

Next thing a guy do after working out is to show off the results of his efforts. It’s clear that this guy has been working out for so it’s only right to show it off.

But we’re pretty sure that when he ordered this grey muscle tank, he didn't expect a Kim Kardashian style bodycon dress. Well, must say his glutes do look fantastic in the dress. Oops, another nightmare it is!

7. Applause for the Guts He Has

Source = Zadn

Most of the Canadians wear Canada map t-shirts on Canada Day. And, this guy wanted to wear one so badly that when he ended up ordering a shirt, it looks more fit for a teenage girl than a hairy, grown man. He still wore it anyway!

8. Phone Cover, Face Cover

Source = Tizpertiz

It's surely a sweet gesture when you want to gift a customized phone case with a picture of you and your bestie so that you can look at a pic of you two together whenever you take out your phone. But somehow it becomes worst when the case arrived. Not only shopping fail but also surprise fail!

9. What to Do with These Chairs?

Source = Clipmass

Now, this example proves that there’s something majorly wrong when a deal is too good to be true. An employee posted this photo on social media along with a caption explaining:

“My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction… It wasn’t until we went to pick them up, that it was at an elementary school!”

So, this explains why they were so cheap!

10. Same as the Picture

Source = Nyugat

There is no doubt that a comfy chair is all we need. And I believe this guy has thought the same. However, the order he receives was no same as leather armchair he ordered. He got a miniature chair more fit for a young child, rather than getting the perfect place to lounge and drink beer while screaming at the TV.

11. Childhood Memories

Source = Clipmass

I think we all remember playing with mini cooking set as children. But is someone ordered this for real?

12. No Substitution Please

Source = Icepop

No wonder this one is an epic substitution. This is by far my favorite one!

Take Home Thoughts

So, we have seen this hilarious online shopping fails that happened to people. Well we are not saying online is bad but it happens sometimes. And, if it happened to you, unfortunately, do not forget to ask for a refund. Or you can also shop using online shopping hacks for better results.

Anyway, which one made you laugh out loud? Share in the comment section!

Happy Shopping!


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