Hilarious Moment! Enthusiastic Football Fan Cheered his Team & Jumps Out-of-Wheelchair

It’s a miracle & hilarious moment when a football fan jumps out of a wheelchair and throws his arms up to celebrate the victory of his team. Read here the whole story

6 years ago
Hilarious Moment! Enthusiastic Football Fan Cheered his Team & Jumps Out-of-Wheelchair

This is utterly an incredible moment! A die-heart & enthusiastic Plymouth Argyle’ fan gave standing ovation to cheer his team's winning goal against Bristol Rovers, Wait that was not a normal celebration, the fan actually jumps out of his wheelchair to celebrate the victory of his beloved team (Plymouth Argyle), this is something miraculous & hilarious!

This astonishing moment took place during the football match i.e. Plymouth Argyle Vs Bristol Rovers on 17th March 2018. When this man 'miraculously' jumping out to a standing ovation, after the outstanding match in which  Plymouth Argyle's 3-2 win over south-coast rivals Bristol Rovers.

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Here’s The Hilarious Video Clip Of The Story

Source = "Daily Mail"

In the video clip, you will see how this enthusiastic football fan is firstly spinning around in his wheelchair during the match and later on jumps out of it to celebrate the victory of his favorite team.

Facebook & Twitter is flooding with lots of comments, post and tweets seem like everyone is celebrating the victory of the team. The video cross more than 300,000 views on Facebook. But, there is more to reveal.

Well, this chair actually belongs to a 14-year-old boy name Oscar Knight who leaves it to one side while at the game. He replied to a post of the video on Facebook.

He said: 'It's my chair, I am a disabled 14 years old and leave my chair to one side during the game.This guy borrowed it... It's called having a laugh that's all.'

No wonder, the hilarious incident from the enthusiastic football fan certainly entertained the crowd. It was actually fun to see how he made his way into the crowd for the game in which Plymouth Argyle defeated rivals Bristol Rovers.

A Plymouth Herald sports reporter tweeted the video with the caption: 'If this game wasn't odd enough already...'”

Some other viewers also comment,

  • One viewer said after seeing the video: “That really is a miracle recovery! Absolutely brilliant.”
  • Second Comment: “This is amazing. Having a great time. Clearly not his chair, just having a laugh.”
  • And one more said: “The crowd are loving it. Great win and great sport.”


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