This Artist Lends an Amusing Spin to ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme with a Comic

Distracted boyfriend meme has garnered the attention of millions. Hats off to this artist, who gave an unexpected twist to the story. Check out the comic if you haven’t.

4 years ago
This Artist Lends an Amusing Spin to ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme with a Comic

Memes have become a favorite pastime of the people. Whenever you spend some time on the internet, you come across several memes that leave in splits. A few years back, a meme on distracted boyfriend went viral on the internet. This meme gave birth to thousands of memes and is still popular today. 

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Swiss artist, Damien, popularly known as Unfins, gave an unexpected twist to a meme by turning it into a funny comic. He introduces himself as,

“I’m 21, live in Switzerland and I’ve always liked doodling stuff at school until I started working for Webtoon, where I started my first comic.”

He earlier created a 4 part comic by getting inspired by a woman yelling at a cat. The meme also went viral on the internet and involved a cat, a puppy, alcoholism, and an accident. Have you seen that meme? No? Here’s that 4-part comic meme.  

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He recently came up with this new idea and gave a surprising twist to the story of a distracted boyfriend. Here are the pictures that show what happened after that iconic moment. 

The Story of the Distracted Boyfriend with a Refreshing Twist 

He starts with the story of the boyfriend staring at another girl while walking with his girlfriend. As expected, his girlfriend gets angry with him and becomes upset. 

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With several twists and turns, he gave an amazing end to the story. Surprisingly, this twist has received thousands of likes.

Source = Boredpanda

Source = Boredpanda

Source = Boredpanda

What Inspires Him to Make a Meme Series?

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He said, 

“Memes are everywhere and memes are funny so one night, as I was drawing my series, I just took a break and did that ‘woman yelling at a cat’ comic on a whim.” 

The comic artist explained- 

“Then it exploded and I thought ‘oh, I have to continue this.'”

How People Reacted to this Surprising Twist?

People loved this creation of Damien and shared their reactions on social media. 

He Showed Gratitude to People Loving His Creativity

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Unfins says-

“Honestly, I’m still surprised that many people liked it and shared it, but I can only be thankful for this.” 

You won’t believe it, but this artist has 226k followers on Instagram and has shared only 20 posts. You could check his creations at his official Instagram account

Do you know anyone who could match Damien’s creativity? Have you ever come across this kind of meme? How was your reaction to it? Share your views.


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