This Map Has the Quirkiest & Funniest Town Names of US

Americans are known to name their towns in a unique way. For example, they name it after people, a former place of living, a cit...

7 years ago
This Map Has the Quirkiest & Funniest Town Names of US

Americans are known to name their towns in a unique way. For example, they name it after people, a former place of living, a city landmark, or some local geographical feature. There are also town names that are way too bold and bizarre and will make you go ‘What were they thinking!’

And exploring America is undoubtedly full of fun moments, but it proves to be funnier when you’re using the map created by US-based real estate firm ‘Estately’. The people at Estately came up with a map last year having "Most Oddly-Named Towns in Each U.S. State" all in one place.

It’s a great idea to take all your fun-loving (or rather pun-loving friends) along with you and cruise every town and city in the US. Most importantly, don’t miss stopping by the town signboard and do click pictures with them.

Furthermore, read on here to find out other bizarre town names for every US state including the ones that aren’t on the map.

Source = Estately


On the map: Toad Suck

Others: Marmaduke, Alligator, Smackover, Bald Knob, Waldo, Blue Ball, Booger Hollow, Stamps, Flippin, Greasy Corner, De Queen, Monkey Run, Nimrod, Possum Grape, Biggers, Romance, Self, Gum Springs, Success, Weiner, Whiskerville, Y City, Barber,  Goobertown, Mist, Okay, Delight, Boeuf, Hasty, Bono, Magazine


On the map: Mormon Bar

Others: Skidoo, Aromas, Caribou, Zzyzx, Chowchilla, Raisin City, Chubbuck, Concow, Rough and Ready, Skyhigh, Devil’s Elbow, Old Fig Garden, Prunedale, Dogtown, East Yolo, Gorda, Happy Camp, Romoland, Hooker, Likely, Linda Rural, Manteca, Likely, Nice, Old Dale, Peters, Helltown, Ragged Point, Bieber, Rescue, Grimes, Roads End, Sand City, Shafter, Slab City, Hercules, Needles, Spreckels, Tarzana, Trimmer, Weed, Weedpatch, Yolo, Ragtown (ghost town)


On the map: Parachute

Others: Gunbarrel, Wondervu, Craig, Dinosaur, Fearnowville, Swink, Hot Sulphur Springs, Hygiene, Mead, Crook, Mumper Corner, Loveland, Scarface, Hotchkiss, Plastic, Punkin Center, Fink, Rifle, Sawpit, Last Chance, Slagger, Troublesome, Meeker, Old Roach (ghost town)

Source = Gizmodo


On the map: Volcano

Others: Cod Fish Village, Haiku


On the map: Beer Bottle Crossing

Others: Squirrel, Atomic City, Headquarters, Best Corner, Cabinet, Santa, Coolin, Cream Can Junction, Slickpoo, Chilly, Dingle, Good Grief, Hand Place, Player Place, Sublett, Crouch, Sweet, Wickahoney, Bone, Dickshooter


On the map: Chicken Bristle

Others: Future City, Golf, Assumption, Beardstown, Big Foot Prairie, Birds, Ficklin, Bone Gap, Boody, Chittyville, Polo, Moonshine, Gross, Clank, Disco, Love, Embarrass, Fancy Prairie, Roaches, Goofy Ridge, Ivanhoe, Lick Creek, Hometown, Limerick, Lost Nation, Mooseheart, Bobtown, Munster, Normal, Oblong, Passport, Ransom, Breeds, Red Bud, Roodhouse, Sandwich, Allright, Frogtown, Boos, Muddy


On the map: Santa Claus

Others: Tell City, Beaver City, Ragsdale, Bono, Bud, Friendswood, Gnaw Bone, Beard, Onward, Pigeon, Munster, Rocky Ripple, Solitude, Spurgeon, Bean Blossom, Toad Hop, Gosport, French Lick, Speedway

Source = Adweek


On the map: What Cheer

Others: Correctionville, Balltown, Hicks, Beaverdale, Hull, Carl, Hard Scratch, Little Turkey, Toddville, Fertile, Cool, Confidence, Manly, Diagonal


On the map: Skiddy

Others: Ransomville, Bazaar, Dry Wood, Good Intent, Red Onion, Deerhead, Protection, Dundee, Neutral


On the map: Pig

Others: Monkeys Eyebrow, Krypton, Co-Operative, Possum Trot, Bald Knob, Dice, Broad Bottom, Chicken Bristle, Fancy Farm, Hippo, Raccoon, Horse Cave, Oil Springs, Paint Creek, Girdler, Rabbit Hash, Bigtussle, Fearsville, Beaver Dam, Eminence, Nobob, Paint Lick, Mud Lick, Knob Lick


On the map: Waterproof

Others: Dry Prong, Quitman, Iota, Bunkie, Cow Island, Grosse Tete, Keithville, Pollock, Cut Off, Lucky

Source = Thoughtcatalog


On the map: Little Canada

Others: Twig, Sleepy Eye, Blue Earth, Castle Danger, Luck, Climax, Good Thunder, Ham Lake, Kiester, Motley, Nowthen, Ottertail, Nimrod, Staples, Taconite, Winner, Ball Club, Houpt, Clappers, Embarrass, Mound, Pillager


On the map: Possumneck 

Others: Fame, Biggersville, Chunky, Buckatunna, Eggville, Hot Coffee, Itta Bena, Leakesville, Money, Quitman, Shivers, Alligator, Sweatman, Guntown, Learned


On the map: Frankenstein

Others: Tiff, Otterville, Number Eight, Wood, Bragg City, Conception Junction, Lingo, Cooter, Florida, Strain, Ginger Blue, Lupus, Halfway, Humansville, Corning, Kidder, Gums, Knob Noster, Polo, Lone Jack, Novelty, Peculiar, Fidelity, Pilot Knob, Quitman, Speed, Wide Ford, Zig, Bland, Tightwad, Conception, Licking, Kissee Mills, Possumneck

Source = Modot


On the map: Bald Head

Others: Bath, Strong, Friendship, Owls Head, Industry, Shady Nook, Topsham, Griswold


On the map: Accident

Others: Boring, Crapo, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Issue, Blue Ball Village, Choptank, Dames Quarter, Fairplay, Big Pool, Crumpton, Shady Side, American Corner, Cabin John, Benson, Finksburg, Pomonkey


On the map: Satan’s Kingdom

Others: Teaticket, Belchertown, Mashpee, Old Furnace, Braggyville, Whately, Bliss Corner, Felchville, Braintree


On the map: Free Soil

Others: Hell, Paw Paw, Bad Axe, Cement City, Rust, Climax, Napoleon, Dollar Settlement, Manistique, Bath, Mesick, Romeo, Mosherville, Sac Bay, Colon, Pigeon, Schoolcraft, Bete Grist (“Gray Beast” in French), Dick

Source = Oddee


On the map: Big Sag

Others: Zero, Pray, Hungry Joe, Molt, Joe, Sourdough, Two Dot, Pompey’s Pillar


On the map: Worms

Others: Hazard, Wynot, Valentine, Rackett, Assumption, Falter Place, McCool Junction, Ough, Wahoo, Mumper, Opportunity, Hire, Purple Cane, Wee Town, Gross


On the map: Jackpot

Others: Welcome, Pyramid, Andy’s Place, Carp, Searchlight, Coyote Hole, Contact, Pine Nut, Sugar Bunker, Weed Heights, Pahrump, Lovelock, Shantytown, Winnemucca

Source = Dailymail

New Hampshire: 

On the map: Dummer

Others: Freedom, Bath, Tinkerville, Stark

New Jersey: 

On the map: Foul Rift

Others: Cheesequake, Seagirt, Brick, Cinnaminson, Spotswood, Deal, Egg Harbor City, Great Meadows, Skillman, Leisure Village, Manahawkin, Mantoloking, Nutley, Ramtown, Six Mile Run, Hackensack, Succasunna, Teaneck, Buttzville, Ho-Ho-Kus, Loveladies, Oldmans, Scullville

New Mexico:  

On the map: Pie Town

Others:  Holy Ghost, Dulce, Sunspot, Elephant Butte, Mouser Place, Truth or Consequences, Progresso (like the soup), Lingo, Quemado (burned in Spanish), Angel Fire, Loving

Source = Pinterest

New York: 

On the map: Handsome Eddy

Others: Chazy, Baiting Hollow, Beakmantown, Calcium, Krumville, Candor, Catatonk, Fishkill, Rathbone, Conewango, Dadville, Gang Mills, Shady, Gowanda, Hoosick, Butternuts, Lawyersville, Model City, Neversink, Pitcher, Sheds, Conquest, Spackenkill, Wallkill, Coxsackie, Wirt, Yaphank, Mosherville, Rush

North Carolina:

On the map: Whynot

Others: Northwest (funny because it’s located in the Southeast of the state), Apex, Coinjock, Duck, Toast, Flea Hill, Nags Head, Bolton, Lizard Lick, Micro, Butters, Mocksville, Old Hundred, Pumpkin Center, Skippers Corner, Aquadale, Locust, Cricket, Pinnacle, Troutman

North Dakota: 

On the map: Zap

Others: Four Bears Village, Bounty, Rugby, Trotters, Killdeer, Daily

Source = Biblehub


On the map: Dull

Others: Devil Town, Trotwood, Florida, Ballville, Deadman Crossing, Seaman, Hooven, Jerry City, Kunkle, Pottery Addition, Shadyside, Fleatown, Chagrin Falls, Spunky Puddle (ghost town), Knockemstiff (ghost town), Dry Run, Pee Pee Township, Licking View 


On the map: Okay

Others: Slaughterville, Greasy, Bushyhead, Corn, Bowlegs, Hooker, Dibble, Jumbo, Loving, Dead Women Crossing, Frogville, Leach, Bugtussle


On the map: Boring

Others: Idiotville (ghost town), Starvation Heights, Wonder, Climax, Voltage, Aloha, Dead Ox Flat, Ruggs, Drain, Merlin, Sublimity, Plush, Riddle, Shedd, Tangent, Rainbow, Bridal Veil, Wankers Corner, Paisley, Zigzag, Remote


On the map: Coupon

Others: The Hideout, Big Beaver, Spry, Blue Ball, Frackville, Halfway House, Hop Bottom, Pillow, Bird-in-Hand, Grill, Lickdale, Virginville, Intercourse

Source = Justsomething

Rhode Island:

On the map:Woonsocket

Others: Little Compton, Moosup Valley 

South Carolina: 

On the map: Coward

Others: Fingerville, Mayo, Welcome, Spiderweb, Old House, Pumpkintown, Bear Swamp, Cowpens, Lake Swamp, Ninety Six, Sugar Tit, Wide Awake

South Dakota: 

On the map:Plenty Bears

Others: Rumpus Ridge, Bad Wound, Lead, Bonesteel, Porcupine, Blunt, Swett, Two Strike, Crooks, Winner, Big Stone City


On the map:Smartt

Others: Guys, Wartburg, Bean Station, Bucksnort, Disco, Bumpus Mills, Campaign, Only, Crab Orchard, Defeated, Finger,Goat City, Lick Skillet, Mascot, Nutbush, Shackle Island, Bitter End, Static, Spot, Bell Buckle, Difficult, Flippin, Pickwick, Boring, Sweet Lips

Source = Complex


On the map: Ding Dong

Others: Zipperlandville, Who’d Thought It (ghost town), Bacon, Bee Cave, Bluntzer, Personville, Bobo, Cat Spring, Bootleg, Coyote Acres, Noodle, Cut and Shoot, Dime Box, Latex, El Gato, Happy, Earth, Snook, Gun Barrel City, Humble, Scissors, Hoop and Holler, Knickerbocker, Log Cabin, Muleshoe, Nada, Oatmeal, Beans, Point Blank, Bangs, Raisin, Scurry, Smiley, Lovelady, Spearman, Blackjack, Tarzan, Best, Uncertain, Whiteface, Bigfoot, Hornbeak, Goodnight, Bugtussle


On the map: Nibley

Others: Hurricane, Shivwits, Beaver Dam, Eggnog, Bullfrog, Mount Olympus, Virgin, Gunlock


On the map:Mosquitoville

Others: Bread Loaf, South Hero, Cozy Corner


On the map:Fries

Others: Locustville, Adwolf, Cuckoo Office Hall, Backbone, Cuckoo, Bats Bridge, Meadows of Dan, Bloxom, Parrott, Chilhowie, Dumfries, Fancy Gap, Frog Level, Prices Fork, Dragonville, Pound, Rustic, Painter, Short Pump, , Wise, Hurt, Bumpass, Cuckoo, Skippers, Tightsqueeze, Bland

Source = Hobbytalk


On the map: Big Bottom

Others: Home, Snowden, Startup, Acme, Beaver Homes,Novelty,Touchet, Bunk Foss, Bunker, Cactus, Chumstick, Dollar Corner, Shreck, Dynamite, Electron, Humorist, Bacon, Humptulips, Kooskooskie, Cashup, Mock City, Dot, Opportunity, Pysht, Swede Heaven, Berryman, Gorst

West Virginia: 

On the map:Booger Hole

Others: Big Chimney, Acme, Droop, Amigo, Bald Knob, Pinch, Beard, Brohard,Tornado, Bud, Crumpler, Cucumber, Beech, Battleship, Hoohoo, Man, Paw Paw, War, Bottom, Wood, Beartown


On the map:Chili

Others: Mole Lake, Beaver Dam, Imalone Black Earth, Blue Mounds, Cheat Lake, Clam Falls, Egg Harbor, Fond du Lac, Hacker Valley, Pray, How, Thornapple, Luck, Butternut, Mentor, New Diggings, Rolling, Spooner, Spread Eagle, Winter, Beetown, Embarrass, Friesland


On the map:Chugwater

Others: Recluse, Bar Nunn, Miner’s Delight, Ten Sleep, McNutt

Source = Pinterest


On the map: Moosup

Others: Terramuggus, Happyland, Mystic, Old Lyme


On the map: Flea Hill

Others: Bacon, Corner, Blue Ball, Slaughter Beach, Bunting, Cocked Hat, Hoars Addition, Midnight Thicket, Blades, Swallow Hill, Cowgills, Airport Villa, Cave Colony


On the map: Spuds

Others: Floridatown, Bunker Donation, Christmas, Feather Sound, Waldo, Frostproof, Cooks Hammock, Golf, Howey-in-the-Hills, Pass-a-Grille, Early Bird, Leisure City, Couch, Lulu, Mayo, Needmore, Plant City, Sopchoppy, Two Egg, Cocoa, Watergate, Cabana Colony, Whisper Walk, Yeehaw Junction, Hill ‘n Dale, Briny Breezes, Dundee


On the map: Flippen

Others: Ty Ty, Elder, Balls Ferry, Lumpkin, Box Springs, Cash, Thunderbolt, County Line, Dixie Union, Enigma, Young Harris, Experiment, Faceville, Five Forks, Climax, Gumlog, Hardup, Jekyll Island, Pyles Marsh, The Rock, Sixes, Empress, Social Circle, Zebulon, ButtsBonanza, Hopeulikit

Source = Passiontravel


On the map: Scratch Ankle

Others: Allgood, Boar Tush, Burnt Corn, Choccolocco,, Coffee Springs, Fort, Frog Eye, Grimes, Bucks, Lick Skillet, Locust Fork, Muscle Shoals, Deposit, Chunchula, Normal, Screamer, Shorter, Smut Eye, The Bottle, Warrior, Dogtown, Eclectic, Excel, Ballplay, Gordo


On the map: Chicken

Others: Ambler, Badger, Beaver, Nightmute, Mary’s Igloo, Red Devil, Clam Gulch, College, North Pole, Covenant Life, Dead Horse, Eek, Goodnews Bay, Lazy Mountain, Livengood, Manley Hot Springs, Russian Mission, Sleetmute, Unalaska, Woodchopper, Cold Foot, Funny River


On the map: Catfish Paradise

Others: Carefree, Surprise, Cowlic, Kaka, So-Hi, Many Farms, Oatman, Parker Strip, Three Way, Top-of-the-World, Anthem, Why, Show Low, Cyclopic, Tombstone, Santa Claus (uninhabited), Nothing (ghost town)

Source: Estately


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