10 Royal Jewelry Pieces That Celebs Wore in Movies Can be Now Yours!

Right from the beautiful necklaces to stunning earrings worn by actresses in the movies, these iconic pieces are worth buying.

3 years ago
10 Royal Jewelry Pieces That Celebs Wore in Movies Can be Now Yours!

Have you ever dreamt of wearing those marvelous jewelry pieces that you see in the movies? The atmosphere, sets, location, costumes, and most importantly, jewelry are the things that you love to see apart from the lead characters. Wearing those iconic jewelry pieces is like a little dream come true. 

Since ages, gemstones like emerald, pearl, ruby, and others have played a vital role in people’s lifestyles. It is common to notice that people get attracted to things that are rarely found. For instance, several rare rocks take a couple of years to form in nature; still, only 2-3% of them can be used for mining and cutting. From simple and elegant necklace pieces to heavy earrings, jewelry has everything that could make girls happy. 

Besides an attractive plot, some movies are remembered for their attractive jewelry. While watching Titanic or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you must have wished of owning that heavy diamond tiara and the heart of the ocean. Nowadays, marketers and jewelry designers know what people love to copy from the movies apart from costumes. They are designing stunning jewelry pieces that resemble jewelry worn in movies and are selling online. 

If you also wish to wear those iconic pieces, then here are elegant and lavish designs that you can own & make your dream come true. 

1. A Beautiful Necklace Worn by Sarah Jessica in the Movie ‘Sex and the City’ with Your Name on it

Source = Brightside

I always dreamt of owning a necklace with my name on it. If you also wished the same but couldn’t find it, then here is some good news for you. Many eCommerce stores are offering customization services on jewelry pieces. Wear this customized necklace with an elegant one-piece, and you are good to go anywhere.

2. Diamond Tiara and the Necklace Worn by Audrey Hepburn in the Comedy-Drama ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Source = Pinimg

Wow! This is stunning! The pencil dress that she wore, the high hairstyle, and not to mention, the pearl necklace is something that can’t be missed in this movie. The necklace overlaid with a rose and a large diamond in the center. You won’t believe it, but this necklace is worth $ 3,500,000. 

3. Snake Bracelet in Cleopatra (1963)

Source = Telegraph

All the pieces of jewelry worn in the movie Cleopatra were designed by the Italian jewelry house Bulgari. The jewelry shown in the movie includes a snake bracelet, coins necklace, and a beautiful mirror of yellow gold with turquoise. All these elegant pieces can be purchased from multiple online stores. 

4. Heart of the Ocean in Titanic

Source = Jewelsabound

Here is the iconic piece of jewelry that every girl dreams of owning. The heart of the ocean worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic is the second most attractive thing after the leading pair that hooked the audience. 

This beautiful and rare piece was designed by the jewelry house Asprey & Garrad only for the film. It was created with cubic zirconias and white gold. After the movie went successful, the designer created a replica of the necklace with 65 diamonds of 30 carats each and adorned it with 170 carats sapphire. 

5. The Ring in The Lord of the Rings

Source = Greeninitiatives

The ring that you saw in The Lord of the Rings was created from 18Kgold by New Zealand famous jewelers Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith. 

Over 15 rings were filmed in the movie. They only way they differed was in size and weight. It is a stylish jewel and is worn during the wedding occasion. 

It can be customized according to the design and style. You can buy this stylish ring from different online stores. 

6. The Diamond Necklace in the Movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’

Source = Thr

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. Be it a diamond ring or a diamond necklace, diamond in anything makes the jewelry rich and attractive. A simple diamond necklace worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes attracted everyone. It was a pear-shaped diamond of 24.04 carats. 

Do you know the history of this rare piece? Initially, it belonged to the Indian Maharaja family; later, it was worn by the Empress of Austria. This elegant piece is heavy and looks royal with every attire. 

7. Beautiful Dragon Necklace in the Game of Thrones

Source = Pinimg

The Khaleesi dragon in the Game of Thrones was created using standard jewelry making methods and do not cause skin rashes. It can be customized to fit any neck. Other customizations can also be done at different prices. 

8. Ruby Necklace from the Movie ‘Pretty Woman’

Source = Ritani

If you have watched this movie, then no way you can forget the scene when Richard Gere’s character puts a beautiful necklace around Julia Roberts’ neck. This necklace was custom designed by a French jeweler Fred Joaillier and is worth to be around $1.35 million. 

The necklace highlights 23 wonderful pear cut ruby in the center of the diamond hearts. Ever since the movie is released, apart from the fascinating plot, it is also remembered for this lavish neckpiece. 

9. The Yellow Diamond Necklace from ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’

Source = Ritani

The iconic yellow diamond Isadora necklace piece worn by Kate Hudson was worth 5 million dollars. It was one of the most expensive jewelry pieces created for a movie. You can check out this designer piece on different eCommerce stores. 

10. Black Diamond Ring from the Movie ‘Sex and the City’

Source = Vogue

Do you remember this iconic dialogue from the movie Sex and the City? When Carrie asks, “Why black?” and Mr. Big responds, “Because you are not like anyone else.” 

This beautiful and rare black ring was designed by Itay Malkin with 80 pave diamonds and 18-carat white gold. The replica of Carrie’s ring can be purchased for $10,000. 

Final Words

If you are obsessed with wearing those glittery diamond rings and emerald earrings that you own, then give a try to these iconic pieces that your favorite celebs have worn in the movies. Looking at those beautiful pieces, we sometimes wonder- are they real or have designed specifically for the scene? It is always interesting to know if these wonderful pieces could be bought or ordered from somewhere. 

Well, you can buy these lavish pieces of jewelry, but you can only dream of wearing these expensive pieces of jewelry. Rare things are valuable. Stones like emerald come more expensive than other stones and attract everyone with its shine. So, be like these rare pieces and stones and shine more. Would you like to give an idea to manufactures to design more like these pieces? Drop your comments.


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