10 Ways to Sleep and Their Meaning Explained

If you want to know the insight’s of someone’s personality, just watch them sleep.

6 years ago
10 Ways to Sleep and Their Meaning Explained

Getting the good sleep is essential for our health. It is no secret that many of us don’t have particular sleeping habits, there’s actually no right way defined to sleep.

Some people sleep in a fetal position while some on their stomach. We are all aware of the body language when we are awake, sleeping is the only time when we don’t get about what we are up to.

What’s surprising is that the sleeping posture has some connection to our personality. Whether you know about the sleeping posture or not, you must be aware of the position you really want to asleep into.

1) Fetal Position

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Fetal position is when you fold your knees in towards the chest. According to reports, nearly 40% of people sleep in the fetal position.

People who fall asleep in this position are tough outside but are soft inside. They are shy at first then slowly open up and relax quickly. They are talented in dance, love to write and are good dancers.

2. On Stomach

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People who sleep on their stomach have good taste in food, leader and always take the initiative. They usually prefer to plan in advance and are not a big fan of surprises. They are likely impulsive and have the better sense of responsibility. Besides this, they are good managers i.e. they live a well-balanced life in terms of personal and professional life.

3. With One Leg Raised

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If you sleep with one leg raised then chances are you are moody, your mood changes very fast and it can be confusing sometimes. You find it difficult in making choices and have the better preference for peace, stability, and thoroughness.

4. Side Sleepers

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If you are the side sleeper that is, if you sleep like a log on one side with arms down to the side you are suspicious, easily give up, open-minded and sometimes cynical. People who prefer side sleeping wake up sore and stiff and are easy going.

5. Yearner Position

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If you sleep in a yearner position i.e. sleep on your side but arms stretched out in front of you then you are little complicated, slow and suspicious, but open minded. According to the reports only, 13% of people prefer sleeping in the yearner position. (10.1)

6. Back Sleepers

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Back sleepers lie flat on their black with arms placing near the body and down to the side. If you sleep on your back you are the positive person and loves good company. You always prefer to tell truth and loves being the center of attraction. Only 8% of people prefer sleeping on back, this position also leads to snoring problem and decrease the quality of sleep.

7. The Soldier Position

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Soldier position is when you sleep on your back with arms by your side. People sleeping in soldier position are well adjusted, of high standards and exactly know what they want in life. They can sometimes be demanding and strict and are quite reserved in nature.

8. The Starfish Position

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The star fisher people sleep on their back with arms above near the head. It is also referred to as spread eagle pose, people who sleep in this position are carefree, possess good listening skills, and not like being the center of attraction.

9. The Pillow Hugger

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Who doesn’t loves to cuddle in bed? If you also love getting snug and cuddled in bed then you hold personal bonds in life. You always prefer friends, family, and relationships over everything else. This position may increase the neck and back pain if you also use pillow make sure that is soft and thin one.

10. The Thinker Position

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Similar to the fetal position, people who sleep in the thinker position always have hand resting on their chin. Their emotions run very high and vary between two extremes.

So, today before you go to bed, check for the above positions and find about your personality. Let us know does your position sleep matches with your personality?


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