15 Traditional Wedding Attires to Look Exotically Beautiful on Your D-Day

If you are a bridesmaid or soon-to-be bride, then this post is for you. Explore the beauty of traditional attires and customs and know why they are important for any wedding.

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15 Traditional Wedding Attires to Look Exotically Beautiful on Your D-Day

Wedding is a lavish affair. When it comes to a wedding, it is not only about taking seven ‘pheras’ and saying ‘I do’ in beautiful outfits, but also believing in old customs and beliefs with traditional attire and ornaments.

It is a day full of emotion, happiness, and love, and when two people commit to being together forever. The venue is chosen, the menu is creatively decided, and no detail goes overlooked. It is always exciting to know about the different customary weddings and traditions other than the white gowns that most people prefer to wear on their D-day. Check what things make the wedding a memorable event.

Despite the popularity of the white gowns, several brides from around the world still prefer to wear the traditional attire of their ancestors. Here’s a glimpse of bridal look from around the world that might inspire you to opt for a different look on your special day.

Amazing Bridal Styles from Around the World

1. A Yemen Bride Wearing Traditional Gold and Silver Jewelry Looks Amazingly Beautiful

Source = Brightside

Yemeni weddings are unique in their way. On the wedding day or they say the gold day, the bride wears jewelry along with gold decorations and veils.

This couple looks beautiful. Did you see the groom also has worn some silver jewelry?

2. Kashmir Brides or Kinnauri Brides Wears Large Necklaces and Small Buddhist Charm Boxes

Source = Pinimg

Kinnauri bride wears a heavy layer of silver and gold jewelry and a garland made from dry fruits. She also wears a brightly embroidered handwoven shawl to cover the shoulders. The cap is specially designed for both groom and bride.

Does the groom also wear the same garland and shawl? Usually, he wears woolen shirts called “Chamn Kurti†with churidar pajama.

3. Nigerian Brides and Their Bright Wedding Clothes

Source = Netdna-ssl

Nigerian bride wears a bright kaftan-like skirt, lace blouse, matching coral beads, and head tie (Gele). Their makeup and accessories are equally as bold and bright as their dress.

Nigeria is a country with several ethnic groups; therefore, wedding ceremonies change according to religion and groups.

4. Hanbok - A Traditional Dress Worn by South Korean Bride

Source = Pinimg

Hanbok is a simple dress and represents thousands of years of tradition. It reflects their experiences and continuously evolving Korean traditions.

The wedding dress defines their traditional values, such as family relationships and religious attitude. It is identified by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Men’s hanbok consists of loose-fitting trousers and ‘jeogori.’

5. Yakan Couple Paints Faces and Wears Yakan Attires (This is Something Different)

Source = Tosshub

While other weddings have traditional attires, Yakan wedding has a unique way of celebrating the event. Tanyak Tanyak is a face painting which is done only for wedding ceremonies. The painting features diamond patterns, circles, and spots printed on the face using a thick mixture of white flour and water.

Do you know this face painting doesn’t have a symbolic meaning? Their ancestors are using this cosmetic decoration from the time when commercial products were not accessible, so they are only continuing their ritual. Their wedding dress is less traditional, which makes them unique from the rest of the countries.

6. Kazakhstan Bride and Her Beautiful Headdress

Source = Eastroute

In Kazakh wedding, brides wear a headdress or Saukele along with veils to cover their face during the ceremony. The strange thing about this headdress is it is prepared for the child long before her marriage.

7. Brides in China Wear Only Red Outfits

Source = Pinimg

Do you know black or white symbolizes death in China? The couple in China usually designs their outfits in red color. They believe that red stands for good luck.

Chinese gowns and wedding attires are imprinted with mythological creatures for good luck. Dragons and phoenixes are the most common figures imprinted because they stand for the mutual balance between male and female.

8. Japanese Bride and Her Stunning Kimonos

Source = Nekonekonoheya

During the wedding ceremony, Japanese brides wear famous Kimonos. The brides wear a pure white kimono that symbolizes purity and maidenhood.

Over the kimono, a silk robe is worn, which is embroidered with flowers and cranes. If you ever plan to go to Japan, make sure that you know these amazing facts about the country.

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9. Indonesian Bride and the Headpieces Designed with Various Embellishments

Source = Cloudfront

Indonesian bridal wear includes a batik and kebaya. The batik patterns include squares, dots, and more. Usually, the dresses they choose are of vibrant colors. But the jewelry that attracts the most is the headpiece they wear which is of gold with several jewel embellishments.

10. Vietnamese Brides and Beautiful the Ao Dai

Source = Emasscraft

Vietnamese dress is worn over loose trousers. The bridal dress is made of silk and is wrapped in other colorful fabrics. Some regions in Vietnam prefer pink or red for their attire, but red is considered a lucky color. They also wear a khan dong, a long headdress. Then brides change their gown and visit to thank guests for attending their wedding.

11. Morocco Brides and their Several Wedding Attires

Source = Imimg

Do you know a Moroccan bride sometimes changes her bridal outfits up to 5-7 times during the wedding ceremonies? The main dress for their D-day is a caftan, made of silk and other a rich fabric which is covered with a jacket.

The dress is open at the bottom and has embroidery with a wide waist belt. And how can you forget that heavy gold and silver jewelry?

12. Pakistani Bride and Her Stunning Lehenga That Makes Everyone Jealous

Source = Dainikbhaskar

The Pakistani brides usually wear a heavy embroidered lehenga in maroon or particularly in red color with a nose ring, necklace, bracelet, and tikka. The bride also adorns their hands and feet with henna designs.

13. Sri Lankan Beauty & Her Special Jewellery ‘Nalapat’

Source = Mymodernmet

Sri Lankan brides are identified through Nalapat, special jewelry worn on the forehead. It symbolizes eternity and wears heavy silk saree which features a peplum-style ruffle and a long blouse.

The saree usually comes in silver and is embroidered with silver or gold metallic jewelry. The blouse sleeves are customized according to the brides’ choice.

14. Ossetian Brides and Their Love for White

Source = Wp

Ossetians believe white symbolizes happiness. So, the Ossetian bride usually wears a white sleeved dress styled with a metal belt (talisman) around the waist on their special day. The headgear is also worn with an attached veil.

The engagement and marriage process enfolds several stages. First, the meeting between both the families is done to evaluate brides’ budget, and then the party is done to celebrate the engagement. After that, a meeting is held to discuss the gifts.

Next, a small wedding takes place at the bride’s home in which animals are slaughtered and are given by the groom’s family to the bride. Then, comes the grand wedding day.

15. Ukraine Bride Wear Floral Wedding Dress (No Matter Which Color You Choose for Dress, Flowers are Important

Source = Gstatic

Ukraine attires include a bright colored dress with floral prints. The bride can also choose a dark color, but the emphasis on flowers is more because they believe that a wedding is associated with beauty.

So, if you want to gift a bridal dress to your friend staying in Ukraine, choose bright colors embroidered with floral patterns.

Final Words

Along with traditional attire, there’s an explanation for everything you do in a wedding. Right from wearing a white gown to exchanging rings, every function has something to do with old customs.

Wedding is, of course, an integral part of everyone’s lives. While you think that only brides want to look perfect on the D-day, grooms too are not behind. They also love celebrating their cultures and look for the perfect clothing for their special day.

As wedding traditions vary from country to country, wedding dresses do as well. So if you are finding it difficult to finalize the ‘perfect look’ take some inspiration from the above bridal looks and opt on your D-day (try a few days before on your special day to not spoil the look). Which dress you usually prefer to wear on D-Day – traditional or customized?

Do you want to try something out of the box on your big day? Out of these traditional attires, which one you like the most? Drop your comments below.


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