16 'I Can Do' Things to make your Life Better in 2017!!

2016 is about to end! But before we rush to plan for New Year party, let’s focus on what we have to adapt and what we have to ...

7 years ago
16 'I Can Do' Things to make your Life Better in 2017!!

2016 is about to end! But before we rush to plan for New Year party, let’s focus on what we have to adapt and what we have to leave for the new beginning. Probably this year have given you a bundle of surprises and have offered you a reason to sip a coffee with friends. 

Of course, you will be partying hard on 31st night, but before that here are some last minute things to note to get the smooth new beginning. These are not just the points to be put on a calendar, but these will make a new start off 2017 with the warmest feelings. 

Checkout the list of the things you should in 2017 to change your life.

Here we go…

Live in the Moment

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Forget about the past stories, the most important thing you have in a day is the moment you are in, so just forget about the past and live the present moment. You never know what tomorrow will bring…

Happiness is the only Thing which doesn’t have any price tag

Source = Ecars

You can buy car, a big house and so much with the money. But what about happiness?  Is there any shop or is there any place where happiness is on sale! Just wonder! There are certain things which create sensation of pleasure, joy, smile but HAPPINESS is a place inside you which is easy-going by choice.

Be the real you

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The most important thing you should change in 2017 is your fake profile. Be the real you and don’t try to impress people by hiding your real identity. If you feel bad, speak about it, if you don’t feel good better don’t fake it.

Spend your Time with the right People

Source = Jamesmsama

Get in touch with the person who inspire you, motivates you, who gives you positive vibes and appreciates you even at the small steps.

Be Honest With Yourself

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You are the only person who knows very deep about yourself. What’s good, what things can drive you, how you really feel, what are your needs and much more. Nobody in this entire world can judge yourself better than you.

Say Hello To New Relationships

Source = Webmd

Warmly welcome the spirit of new relationship, don’t ever think that if your old relationship failed miserably you can never start with the new one. Forget about your previous relationship as the rough patch. Get ready for the new change. Say goodbye to old relationship of 2016 and prepare yourself for new relationship of 2017.

Don’t Compare Yourself with other

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Be your own Competitor, don’t compare your works with other. Set a benchmark and after an interval note down the ups and downs of your doings.

Don’t be envy of others Efforts

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Life is too short to note down the work of others. Even if someone is showing off their greatness, make it your inspiration. Don’t give any space to jealousy to grab over you, just shift and try to be on the better side.

Match the Level You Deserve

Source = Thenlifehappens

It’s too obvious that each and every person has different sets of standards. When you begin to know yourself, you get to know about your worth and the things what you deserve. Be patient, you will met people whose gonna be respect your choice.

Take Small Steps

Source = Quotlr

Many people only wishes to fly high, before any ground work. People, who need life changes just in a flash of time, don’t realize that this won’t make them happy forever. All you have to do is, take small steps and then dream to achieve more.

Enjoy Small Moment

Source = Gaystarnews

Life is very beautiful and it is not necessary that you only need a big reason like promotion, or a big house, lottery etc to say THANK YOU to God. Be it a sweet smile on a newly born, or a sip of coffee in the rain, a delay in train timings, or your favorite song, see the beauty of small moments and live them to the fullest.

Aside the Negative Feelings and Focus more on what you want

Source = Oldtownyoga

Either you can spend your time in siding the negative thoughts what people have put up in your mind or you can only focus on the things what you want to achieve. It’s just a matter of choice, where you want to focus.

Leave your Phone When You are With your Dear ones

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The most important thing you should alter in yourself in 2017 is keep your smartphone and tabs aside when you are with your friends. Nowadays, Smartphones have casually covered up your richest time. You can surf on the web later at your home, be the part of the get together.

Eat only Nutritious Food

Source = Lifeandexperiences

If you are a big foodie, say good bye to junk foods and opt for nutritious foods. Focus more on veggies and avoid pizza and alcohols. It would be better spending more on food bills rather than on medical bills. So, try to change your junkie habit in 2017. Eating junk food like pizzas, burgers, fries only increase your health problems.

Make Time For Your Hobbies

Source = Lilgurlythings

In this hectic schedule and 9 hours office timings, no one gets much time to look after their hobbies. But don’t get fixed over the busy office schedule and family. Take out some time for yourself. If you like reading books, or loves to sing, try to reconnect with it at least in a week. It will not only make you happy instead, you will also feel better and this could help you out in many ways.

Failure is not the end

Source = Careerintelligence

No-one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t worry about the failure, at least try and be happy that you tried. You have the right to make mistakes, and success is the only way that can be measured by failure.


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