6 Makeup Artists Transform Themselves Into Any Celebrity They Want

As we know people, use makeup to enhance their beauty but have you ever seen people transforming their face in a completely different look? Yes, exactly. Have a look at these 6 makeup artists who easily transform themselves into any celebrity face they want.

5 years ago
6 Makeup Artists Transform Themselves Into Any Celebrity They Want

An Indian actor once said,

“Creativity has no boundaries.”

Neil Nitin Mukesh

And, these artists are proving it right. Well, there is no doubt that the world is full of creative people. Plus they are so helped by the internet as it offers them the best platform to showcase their skills; therefore we have to accept the fact that the internet has worked as a blessing for such skilled artists. As this virtual world has a reach up to a great extent and with the help of it, an artist can be sure of the fact that his/her work will be seen by many people and that too all across the globe.

Well, you might have seen many talented makeup artists around the world but, here we are listing some extra talented who use their make up skills to creatively transform the human face. Yes, you have read it right. Several make artists can easily transform regular faces into any famous face. Some of them are Chinese blogger He Yuhong, Lucia Pittalis from Italy, Paolo Ballesteros, Magali Beauvue, Marina Mamic, Jiawen Wang, and many more. These some names are among the artists who take their makeup artistry to the next level.

Scroll down and have a look at the work of these master artists who use cosmetics to turn themselves into any famous face, and I mean any face.

1. He Yuhong

Source = Vesti

This Chinese Artist He Yuhong is  26 years old whose makeup artistry is simply matchless. She creates magic with makeup. After she started posting her work on Chinese social media and her Miaopai video channel, she amassed over 17,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 560,000 Instagram followers. This figure shows how she has gained immense popularity in such a short time. It can be seen in the pictures that her incredible portfolio of imitation makeup is truly mesmerizing. Her videos of makeup transformation are a hit among the audiences, and she says the appreciation she is receiving from fans keeps her motivated.

It takes around 4-6 hours in each transformation. In an interview, she had said that opportunities would be endless if we see our face as a blank piece of paper. She also reveals that makeup skills can completely change the complexion, contours, and even the expressions of the human face.

However, to match the style of the person Yuhong is imitating, she often finishes her celebrity looks by wearing wigs and outfits. As we can see Yuhong is no longer recognizable under layers of carefully painted winkles, a fake mustache, and a gray wig for her incredible Albert Einstein transformation. Also, it can be seen, she transformed herself into an uncanny version of the painting, complete with the subject’s famous smile, for her Mona Lisa-inspired look.

Have a Look at Her Transformations

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Imitation of makeup Johnny Depp

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Imitation of makeup Charlie Chaplin

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Imitation of makeup Michael Jackson

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Imitation of makeup Marilyn Monroe

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Imitation of makeup Taylor Swift

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2. Lucia Pittalis

Source = Thatericalper

“She is a woman with many faces, ” and that’s not a metaphor. Lol! But true. Lucia, an Italian artist, is a master of disguise. She can give herself a completely new look with just a few strokes of makeup. However, the same as He Yuhong, she also uses wigs and outfits to get the style of person she is imitating.

Lucia mostly chooses to transform herself into looks of famous personalities such as actors, musicians, and fictional characters – both female and male. She has this insane contouring skills as the makeup artist/painter to transform herself into anyone she desires.

Another reason she usually recreates famous characters and celebrities is she is a huge theater, music, and cinema lover. And the best part, the illusion is created purely out of makeup no prosthetic appliances are used.

In an interview, Lucia said,

“I buy old stuff like wigs and accessories at markets and study the characters watching photos, movies, videos. Then I put on some background music related to that character so that it put me in the mood and I am ready to watch myself in the mirror for hours.”

She added,

“I give myself enough time to study my new character, being close to his or her image and having time to relax and paint my face. Sometimes it can be weeks and sometimes it’s days, depends on the inspiration.”
“I buy old stuff at markets like wigs and accessories – it is extremely fun searching for good stuff to create a character.”

Well, for people who want to try their makeup transformations, Lucia  has a bit of advice:

 “Love a character and have fun to create with your own possibilities.”

Lucia’s most epic transformations are Walter White, Bette Davis, and  Don Vito Corleone. She has also transformed herself into personalities like Iggy Azalea, Rambo, Hulkamania, and Rocky.

Look at Some of Her Transformations

Source = Bomb01

Source = Wp

Source = Fanpage

Source = Ziarulnational

Source = P3k

Source = Patrasevents

Source = Joemonster

Source = Joemonster

Source = Nmisr

Source = P3k

Source = Joemonster

3. Marina Mamic

Source = Birthdaycelebs

Marina Mamic is a 30-year-old artist from Croatia. She is another very popular artist who has around 130,000 fans on her Instagram page because of the pictures of her staggering transformations she shares online.

Not only creativity/makeup lover but Mamic have also won over celebrity fans such as Norman Reedus star of The Walking Dead is there among the thousands of her fans who have shared her pictures and videos.

Have a look at footage comprising her transformations into Drake, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Cara Delevingne, and even Al Pacino as his appearance in Scarface.

The footage became so popular that it has been shared 194,000 times by incredulous fans. Even one of the fans declared they'd “never seen anything like it.”

Look at More Pictures from Her Makeup Art

4. Paolo Ballestero

Source = Amazon

Paolo Ballesteros is a is an award-winning Filipino actor, comedian, TV host, model, and impersonator by profession who also took makeup art form in a different direction. Ballestero uses makeup to change his identity, morphing into several Hollywood A-list stars.

And like all other artists, even he doesn’t use any prosthetics while doing his makeup transformations. All he needs is wigs to get the style and makeup skills to accentuate or hide various aspects of his facial structure.

Have a Look at His Some Pictures

Source = Crnobelo

Source = 24sata

Source = Digitalag

Source = My-art

Source = Nevsedoma

Source = Cdn-news30

5. Magali Beauvue

Source = Rbl

Magali Beauvue is a French makeup artist who is extremely popular for her ability to morph herself as well as clients into celebrities using makeup alone.

Her talent for extreme contouring is almost too good to be true. The French makeup artist/master who uses only makeup and a lot of talent to transform herself into female and male celebrities completely and the results are outstanding.

Here are Some of Her Transformations from Her Instagram Page @Makeupmag

6. Wang Jiawen

Source = Go2yd

Wang Jiawen is a Chinese blogger who has wowed her followers by turning herself into famous Western celebrities only with makeup. Truly, all she needs is makeup, wigs, and outfits of celebrities to look the same as them.

The 23-year-old makeup uploads her makeup transformation videos on Chinese social media platform. Once she said that she spends around four hours on one look. She morphed several looks such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and more.

The makeup artist also called as Shan Shans among all. She has become very popular from the time she showcased her skills in tutorials on her channel which has already amassed more than 100,000 viewers.

Ms. Jiawen told in an interview that she took three years in learning professional makeup and also worked as a makeup artist for another three years.

She said,

“It was my Katy Perry makeup transformation that got me into stardom. I received a lot of supportive comments, then I started to study how to do makeup transformation.”

From Chengdu of Sichuan, Southwest China, the artist said that she did about nine celebrities' looks in a month and regularly live-streamed it on a video-sharing platform,  Dou Yin.

She further said,

“I spent four hours to complete one look but I am very happy and excited while doing so.”

Have a Look at Some of Her Artworks

Source = Wmj

Final Thoughts

So, here we have seen such talented artists who never use any prosthetics but are fully skilled to took their makeup art form in a different direction. They use their skills to transform the human face creatively into any celebrity face and phenomenally.

We hope you liked this article. You can comment to tell which artworks you liked the most. Or also if you know any such artist mention in the comment section to share.

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