How To Control Anger (6 Bonus Tips Included For 2018)

Do you just get pissed off when your kid doesn’t cooperate with you? Do you literally abuse when someone cuts you off while driving?

6 years ago
How To Control Anger (6 Bonus Tips Included For 2018)

Anger is quite normal and healthy feeling, only if it is taken in a positive way. The majority of frustration and anger has something in common – the thought ‘it shouldn’t happen this way’. No wonder, anger is absolutely a normal thing, but it becomes unhealthy when throwing serious consequences on your health and relationships.

You might not aware but the decisions you make when angry can haunt and regret you later in many ways. After 2017 you might have been annoyed and irritated over the silly reasons this year, why not try learning to avoid being piqued and provoked and learn to make your new year 2018 happier and delighted.

So, if you are also dealing with anger and find it wrong, here’s how you can control your anger.

Take Deep Breaths

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Do you know that your body becomes tense, when you are angry? Deep breathing helps you lower down your anger meter. Hold the breath for a while and then exhale slowly. Focusing on breathing energizes you in many ways and brings the change within the self.

Understand The Situation

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Think like a detective, note down the clues, different situations and events that make you angry. It may possible that you can’t avoid the situation but at least this will help you to know forecast them, you will be prepared and will not act negatively.

Act Opposite

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This may sound you weird, but acting exactly opposite is one of the easiest and quickest ways to change your anger into a rocking situation. (10.1)

Pinch Yourself

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Pinch yourself every time when you are angry or hear yourself using abusing or negative words. Every time you pinch yourself you remember not to use these words and avoid to be high tempered from next time, thus it lowers down your boiling temperature. Sometimes, the next person has done something wrong and you became angry but never fuel the fires with the phrases ‘no one supports me’ and he/she always disappoints etc.

Learn To Move Forward

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Remember that anger is really a mess. Make a note what makes you bother, how you can change the situation. The best way to control your anger is to assume it as an indication that something needs to be changed for better future. Just forget the things that made you annoyed in 2017 and start investing for those that can make you happier in 2018. (10.2)

Understand Individual’s Experience

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You Are Always Wrong’ - stop thinking the same in every situation. Each individual has its own experiences and ways to look the situations. Use both your heart and mind to visualize the situation and create a story from the next person’s perspective. This will definitely help you to control your anger.


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