How To Interview Yourself: 10 Effective Questions To Ask Yourself

Interviews should never be taken as granted! Whether you are interviewing for a job or asking yourself to clear your vision…how to interview yourself..

6 years ago
How To Interview Yourself: 10 Effective Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you appear for the final interview at a certain company, you prepare or Google some set of questions in mind – how to make the best impression? what to say? When to say? How to negotiate? and much more…And seriously, you need an elevator pitch to introduce yourself as the job candidate.

Why do you go for an interview? To judge your capabilities, to check if your knowledge is comparable to the industry standard or not, isn’t it? But have you questioned yourself about your concerns, smile, and fear?

Have you ever interviewed yourself? Or ever thought of knowing yourself? Just like when you prepare for some interview to get the job, it is pre-essential to interview yourself to make your vision more clear about your thoughts and perception.

Here are some set of questions that interviews YOU, yes you can ask yourself because you are equally important.

1. Are you satisfied with your job or business?

Source = Talentculture

Even if you are the millionaire, just think once are you satisfied with your earnings, is money is the only important thing in your life that matters you. Or you may have a number or properties, shares etc but they are not enough to make you feel satisfied.

2. Are you a good Person?

Source = Walkingchristian

Good person means what? Do you really think you are a good person? Why? Apparently, you are thinking you are good than others but in what way?

3.Things which make you smile!

Source = Buzzfeed

List all the things that make you smile, note at least 5 things that make you grin. Not getting even 2…don't worry! Start smiling now!

Note: Smiling and Laughing are two different Things

4. How often do you Cry

Source = Wordpress

Age doesn’t matter. Everybody cries. Note down the things you cried for. What was so powerful that broke you inside out? Improve it if you can.

5.Things which make you proud!

Source = Parentskills

List down the things which make you feel proud, what was the day, what was the circumstance, is there any chance of doing the same again.

6. Can You Sum Up Your Life in One Sentence?

Source = Taskpigeon

How would you describe your life, good, bad, worst, beautiful, surprising etc…

7. Things Which Make You Laugh

Source = Smartcc365

When was the last time you laugh out loud, what are the things that put you in a laughing state? (10.1)

8. Do you think you are a strong person?

Source = Mobe

Obviously strong persons have the power to modify their life to a certain way. But what is your definition of being strong?  You are good at hiding feelings??

9. Are you up to fulfill your childhood dream?

Source = Bigthink

Do you remember what was your childhood dream? Is it that what you are doing right now? Or you are just parting the ways from it because you are more responsible towards your family…Relax! every day is a new beginning!

10. Can you name your dangerous enemy?

Source = Commonfund

Be it your friend who is a stranger now, or a time, make a note of your enemies who hinders your change. Either way, they are making you stronger and confident, isn’t it? Just think TWICE!

So anyone here who can pick these questions? the answer is ANYONE! Why? because everyone is IMPORTANT! Interview yourself once in a while and make yourself better version of yourself everyday each day.

Be Your Own Competition!


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