Know What Myriad Moles on Your Body Signify As Per Moleosophy

The moleosophy or moleomancy is the technique of divination and fortune-telling based on observation and interpretation of bodily marks, especially moles.

7 years ago
Know What Myriad Moles on Your Body Signify As Per Moleosophy

Moleosophy or moleomancy is a technique of divination and fortune-telling based on the interpretation and observation of bodily marks, particularly moles. It has been practiced in various societies throughout the world. 

Some suggest that they reveal the secrets of the previous lives, and the past karmic deeds (good and bad) ripen in the present life. Whereas, some others believe that they signify good fortune and misfortune at different turning points of life. Every mole on your body hides a deeper meaning about your personality, past, and future.

Let us know about the meanings of different moles present on the body.

1. Mole on the Cheek

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A mole on the cheek is considered a beauty spot, a woman having it is beautiful. They are studious, courageous, and sincere. The females with moles have a lot of good friends and enjoy a good influence among people to accomplish things. However, they must avoid gossips. 

If a person has a mole on the right cheek, then it means that the person is more sensitive and respects his/her parents greatly. They love their spouse and relatives. 

They enjoy good health, wealth, and live a long life. They have a happy married life. The nearer it is to the mouth, the greater would be wealth and good fortune brought by the spouse. They never face any anxiety or poverty. They have a logical mind, a dominating personality, and earn a good amount of money. 

Whereas, a mole on the left cheek says that a person is shy, introverted, short-tempered, and arrogant. They experience troubles in life and live happily in the latter years of life because of their children. 

This mole also signifies useless expenses and warns of several hardships faced to achieve success and happiness. Courage and perseverance are crucial to overcoming life struggles. 

2. Moles on Chin or Mouth

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A person having a mole on the chin or upper lip depicts that the person is beautiful. And they are known for their pleasant appearance. It signifies adaptability, determination, and stubbornness. They love to travel and explore new places. 

The mole in the middle of the chin represents a lofty individual with high thinking, and it represents logical thinking and diplomatic nature when on the right side. And those having moles on the left side are straightforward, brutally honest, and speak bluntly.   

A mole on either side of the mouth indicates a balanced, successful life. They are rich, famous, and lead a lavish lifestyle. Women having moles at these places are beautiful. 

3. Mole on Forehead

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A mole on the right side of the forehead indicates fame, stardom, prosperity, and prestige. The person is religious by nature and is always ready to help others. Whereas, the mole on the left side of the forehead denotes that the person is quite selfish.

The mole on the center of the forehead depicts wisdom and a hardworking, creative, and highly carefree spirit. 

The right side of the forehead signifies that they make for a great partner. And those on the left side indicate bad luck, selfishness, and unkind behavior. 

4. Mole on Nose

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People who have moles on their nose are usually short-tempered and quite flirty types until they find the love of their life. The mole in the center of the nose indicates that the person overspends and indulges in gambling. 

The mole on the nose tip indicates impulsive behavior. The mole on the nose’s left side can be inauspicious and shows struggles, and it lets the person earn money with less struggle when on the right side on the nose.  

5. Mole on Chest

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The people having moles on the chest or breast area live a luxurious life and are a bit lazy who loves to enjoy the luxuries of life. They are ambitious, generous, and have wonderful children. They are lucky and enjoy good family life. 

They may experience financial issues despite being clever and intelligent. They often command respect from others. They have strong sensual tendencies.  

The people having a mole on the left side are clever and usually keep away from relatives and friends. A woman with a mole on the left breast has a decent nature and maintains a good rapport with family and colleagues. 

The mole in the middle of the chest means a person is pious and faces financial trouble and debts. A woman with a mole on the right breast represents that she is inclined towards bad habits like alcohol and drugs. 

6. Mole on Palms

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The moles on palms may denote challenges and struggles during the life journey. The mole on the right palms denotes that the person is rich and famous and lives a luxurious life. They love the people around them. Whereas, the mole on the left palm suggests that the person is a bit spontaneous by nature. A mole in the middle of the palm signifies wealth and prosperity. 

So these were some of the moles present on different parts of the body that have a great significance on our future and reflect personality traits. 


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