These 12 Stylish & Trendy Hats Will Add Glamorous Touch To Your Wardrobe

Keep your style statement trendy and add a little bit drama to your look by incorporating these 12 hats into your wardrobe. To know more, keep on reading here.

6 years ago
These 12 Stylish & Trendy Hats Will Add Glamorous Touch To Your Wardrobe

The contemporary world is filled with newer style statements. And new trends are getting popular every single day. No wonder, women love to follow the trends. It actually affects their day to day life. Isn’t that true?

Accept it! We all want to be a trendsetter and the early adopter. Well when it comes to flaunting trend or setting a style statement, we often consider trendy clothes followed by accessories like jewelry, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and a lot more. But what about the coolest accessory for summers? Yes, we are talking about the new-age fashion symbol ‘hats’.

The hats have become a very trendy accessory among women these days, especially during summers to protect the skin and head from the sun and its harmful UV rays.  Not only are they useful but can give you glamorous look.

Here are different types of hats popping up in the new-age market. Let’s have a look at some cool and trendy hats for the new-age women.

1) Straw Hat

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So the trendy, comfortable and stunning straw hats are all set to give you a glamorous look. It will allow you to make an exceptional bond with your fashion goals. There is a wide range of alternatives coming up in the market, you just need to go for the one that suits you well.

2) Beret Hat

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Add an elegant look to your style with the trendy beret hats. The beret hat is a soft, round and flat-crowned hat that looks stunning and will give you a cute and glamorous look. Comfortable to wear, you should incorporate this perfect hat into your wardrobe for sure. The best part about this hat is that you can pair up with any western clothing style including jeans, skirts, dress and a lot more.

3) Boater Hat

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Make your wardrobe the trendier place by incorporating the boater hat into it. The boater hat is the hat that usually men wear but the contemporary world is all set to introduce it for women. This type of hat generally looks simple yet elegant and goes perfectly with any dress.

4) Bucket Hat

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These bucket hats are the best buy for summers and beach outing. If you want to opt for a casual yet stylish look, then bucket hat should be your choice. This hat is a perfect blend of cute looks, fashion statement and of course the latest trends to give a gorgeous look.

5) Baseball Hat

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Hey beauties! Get ready for some sports fashion ‘coz the baseball hat is here to bring colors to your wardrobe and to your look. Your favorite casual clothes, simple jeans and shirt or tee paired with this baseball hat and you are good to go.

6) Military Style Hat

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Military style hats continue to be a hot trend for the new season too. Think about an adventurous trip, think “Military Style Hats”. Though the military style hats are all-purpose hats if you want to flaunt your style in your next adventurous trip, then go for this trendy and cool Military style caps.

7) Beanie Hat

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Well, the classic beanie hat is specially meant for winter months. It will not only give you cute and adorable look but will also give a cozy and cuddly feel. You can pair up beanie with sweatpants, athletic wear, and casual outfits like jeans and tees. This is one of the most important accessories that should be in your closet to keep your head warm when it's cold outside.

8) Cowboy Hat

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Let’s be honest! We all have wished to wear the popular cowboy hat at sometime, right? There are many tales allied to this cowboy hat that makes it a trend.  Sometimes though, this hat can feel tacky but it's surely not. In fact, it looks super cool. You can easily pair it with jeans-tees, a flowy top and shorts or a maxi dress. And you are good to go.

9) Packable hat

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No wonder, the new-age girls are too curious about their skin, they know how important it is to protect the skin at all times. Having a packable hat will allow you to protect your skin from the sun and at the same time gives you an opportunity to tell fashion stories. This packable hat is comfortable, lightweight and affordable and will give you extremely gorgeous look and protection.

10) Turban & Head Scarf

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If you are someone who is not comfortable with wearing hats, then you may try headscarf or turbans. It is like a broader version of the hair band and looks extremely classy and elegant. You can use silk scarves or any other material according to your wish that was used as head wraps.

11) Visors Hat

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Bring on some athletic twist in your fashion statement with Visors hats. This hat look trendy and stylish and suits well with almost every attire.

12) Oversized Hat

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You might have heard about oversized bags, oversized clothing, oversized shoes and a lot more. But have you ever heard about oversized hats? Don’t be surprised, the buzz around oversized hats is true. Well, this might not be the most practical idea but trust me you can wear this on the most beautiful and glamorous events and add a little bit drama to your look.

These trendy and style hats are truly inspiring for fashion designers. The high-street shopping trends and, of course, the celebs and this ‘hat’ style statement will definitely transform your wardrobe look from OK to WOW.


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