Top 10 Ridiculously Costly Exotic Watches In The History Of Watches

The prices these exotic watches were auctioned at will blow your mind, just after reading this post your view towards wristwatches and it’s prices will change drastically.

6 years ago
Top 10 Ridiculously Costly Exotic Watches In The History Of Watches

While we are all aware that a good watch will set you back a decent amount, some timepieces make even a $20,000 price tag seem like chump change. Whether they’re covered in diamonds or exquisitely created for royalty, these dominating watches are the most expensive in the world. Easily reaching into the multi-million dollar category, these incredible creations can cost as much as 55 million US dollars. Of course, the price isn’t the only reason to admire these luxurious timepieces. Unparalleled design and craftsmanship are what these watches are about and the reason why you’ll be dreaming of them.

10) Rolex Zerographe Reference 4336 $515,145

Source = Cloudfront

The Zerographe is extraordinarily rare, and equally important, as it is the first Oyster chronograph model made by Rolex. Even until this day, the model has remained mysterious to scholars and collectors, as there is no official information at Rolex nor is there any period advertisement providing any hints as to its origins.

9) Patek Time Only Watch Reference 530 $618,126

Source = Sothebys

When we look at fine vintage timepieces we are not only paying homage to a point in time, but are celebrating the act of time. As luxury wristwatches have evolved to house chronographs and perpetual calendars we have witnessed innovation be rewarded by collectors who wish to proudly display these advancements on their person.

8) Patek Philippe "Tasti Tondi" $721,148

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Extremely rare and outstanding example of Patek Philippe “Tasti Tondi” ref 1463 in 18k rose gold. Wonderful silver dial and probably untouched case.  Launched at the beginning of 1940’s Ref 1463 represents the very first waterproof chronograph made by Patek Philippe and has become a legend for any collector.  Only 750 watches produced, with the majority cased in yellow gold and much fewer in steel and rose gold.

7) Rolex Cosmograph "The Doctor" $721,148

Source = Bobswatches

Superbly rare and stunning, the present Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, reference 6239, is fitted with an extraordinary, and exclusive soleil finished dial with a bright blue pulsation scale found along the outer edge. Playfully nicknamed the ‘Doctor’, the present Rolex Cosmograph was made in 1966 and is one of less than a handful known to exist with such a dial.

The pulsometer scale is a prestigious and uncommon calibration found on the dials of chronograph watches designed for medical professionals.

6) Patek Philippe 3974 $824,105

Source = Phillips

The reference 3974 was launched in 1989 to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary. A self-winding watch and featuring a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar, 24-hour indication and phases of the moon, it was the world’s most complicated wristwatch when launched.

5) Rolex Stelline $1,030,397

Source = Bobswatches

To many of the world’s most experienced collectors of vintage Rolex wristwatches, reference 6062 represents the pinnacle of the "crowned" firm’s entire production. In fact, reference 6062 is one of only two models ever to feature a full calendar paired with the indication of the phases of the moon, together with reference 8171 (see lot 167). Reference 6062 brings the best in all possible disciplines together, starting with the signature design Oyster case with the near perfect diameter of 36 millimetres to continue with the 9 3/4''' in-house movement, and to be highlighted with a silver grain finished dial that, in terms of richness, elaborateness, and complexity is second to none.

4) Patek Philippe Reference 2499 $1,545,428

Source = Bthinx

The 2499 is one of the rarest of the watches produced by a company that doesn't really make that many individual units to begin with. The reference was only in production between 1951 and 1988 (this one was made in 1968). In that time only 349 were released to the market. Very, very few of them were made in rose gold; there are only five others in the entire 2499 assortment that resemble the one that sold today. This one might even be unique. The moonphase complication on most 2499s has a semicircular indentation underneath the opening that completes the circle. Take a closer look at the dial and you'll notice it's completely flat.

3) Rolex Reference 4113 Split Second Chronograph $1,648,465

Source = Magmontres

Rolex reference 4113 - massive, hyper rare chronograph built in the 1940s and the only split-seconds chronograph Rolex ever made (also the only Rolex to ever break $1 million at auction), the only known example of a Paul Newman Daytona retailed (and signed!) by Hermes, and a strange, but massively important Mono-pusher called the Zerographe, that was actually Rolex's first in-house chrono, and the first Rolex with a rotating bezel.

2) Paul Newman Rolex Daytona - $17,752,500

Source = Bobswatches

If you take a step back and compare the Paul Newman Daytona to either the Bao Dai or the steel 1518, it's a relatively simple watch. It's a stainless steel chronograph with an exotic dial and a Valjoux movement inside, and there were thousands of completely identical reference 6239 Daytonas produced in the 1960s.

1) Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette - $32,762,500

Source = Breguet

The watch’s self-winding movement ( called perpétuelle in Breguet’s day ) comprises 823 parts and components, all finished with exceptional care. Plates, bridges and bars, every moving part of the motion-work, calendar and repeater mecha­nisms are made of wood-polished pink gold. Screws are of blued and polished steel. All friction points, sinks and bearings are fitted with sapphires. The watch’s sophisticated design extends to its special escapement with natural lift, a cylindrical balance spring in gold and a bimetallic balance. A double pare-chute shock-protection device protects the balance-wheel staff and the oscillating weight arbors against blows and jarring.


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