10 Best And Effective Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

Knowing how to kill bed bugs can stop you from worrying about the diseases caused by the bugs. Use the best effective ways to eradicate bed bugs.

6 years ago
10 Best And Effective Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

Who would love seeing bugs in their home? Bugs are always annoying and it really freaks you out when you notice them in your home. When it comes to the hidden insect invaders, you might have noticed cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, fleas etc…but one type that literally irritates everyone is the bed bug.

As the name implies, bed bugs are only visible when you go to sleep, don’t know where they hide in the daytime, but they simply wait for you to go to sleep. So if you have also noticed bed bugs in your home and looking for the solution to get rid of them, here are some best ways to kill bed bugs.

1) Close All The Holes And Pipes

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Don’t forget to close the holes, pipes or wires that leave spaces when joined with the walls or floors. Fill the cracks if any and seal the spaces.

2) Use Of Tea Tree Oil

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Use of tea tree oil is considered as the best way to kill bed bugs. You can use this treatment at the places where your hands can’t reach properly like cracks, furniture joints etc. How to prepare the mix – put 20-25 drops of tree oil in a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well and spray the mix in the areas where you think bed bugs can be found.

3) Use Vacuum Cleaner To Eliminate Bed Bugs

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The vacuum cleaner is the most common household items that can be used to get rid of bed bugs. There is not any specific place of bed bugs. Use a Vacuum cleaner to dust of chair, carpets, mattresses, curtain, and beds. Vacuuming the spaces also eradicates their eggs. (18.1)

4) Launder Your Bed Clothes

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Wash all your bedclothes, including bed sheets, household linens and curtains too. You never know but your night suits may have some blood stains or anything that invites the bed bugs. Use the dryer for at least 20 minutes to completely get rid of bugs.

5) Use Hot Air

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You may trap bed bugs to come out of their home. Use hot air from the hairdryer and force them to come out of their hidden places (cracks) and then kill them with anything.

6) Call Bed Bug Exterminator

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Professional pest killing companies use safe insecticides in the form of spray and tablets. Using insecticides is also one of the effective ways that kill bed bugs quickly. If you have decided to call professionals, some advanced preparation you should do - move furniture, keep bed in open etc.

7) Clean Your Home

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Remember to clean the hidden places of your home properly. While cleanliness is important, decluttering a home is also necessary at some stages.

8) Use Of Silica Gel

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Apply silica gel all over in your bedroom. Put some gel on your mattress, around the bed and even on the walls. The gel gets stuck to the bug causing them to dehydrate and die. Remember not to inhale the gel.

9) Diatomaceous Earth Powder

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This powder consists of molecules which damage the innards of bed bugs killing them in a minute. Make sure that you apply a thick layer of powder such that the bed bugs actually crawl through it and swallow it.

10) Checking Again For Bed Bugs

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Even though you have used above best ways to kill the bed bugs checking, again and again, is another effective way to get rid of bugs. Check behind photo frames, box springs, inside books etc.


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