10 Most Annoying Insects you Have Ever Seen

Do you like those humming and buzzing sounds of mosquitoes that continuously irritates you all the time? At least mosquitoes are better than below annoying creatures who are extremely annoying.

6 years ago
10 Most Annoying Insects you Have Ever Seen

It doesn't matter whether you are an avid insect lover or literally hate the insects, you must have slapped a mosquito at least once in your lifetime. Insects are seriously the most hated creatures on the planet ever found. And who would love the creatures that carry harmful diseases such as yellow fever and malaria?

You must have read of the common insects like the beetle, fly or butterfly in your science books, but do you know there are more than 25 millions of insects on the planet? It is also speculated that insects cover the largest volume on earth and randomly, more than 10 million insects hum around the Earth. Let's find the most annoying insects on the planet. (1.1)

10. Silverfish

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The teardrop shaped insect Silverfish prefer to dwell in dark areas such as bathrooms and basements. This annoying insect feed on sugars and are noticed by the holes in clothes and papers. Silverfish is quite resilient, it can live for a year without eating. It is known that it eats its own molted exoskeleton.

9. Fleas

Source = Terminix

Fleas are the creepiest and the annoying insects of all. Fleas enjoy feeding the blood of dogs and cats and shockingly your pet invites them to your home. They drop their eggs on the ground and your home suffers from flea infestation. Fleas can welcome you with harmful diseases like tapeworms and fever.  (1.2)

8. No-See-Ums

Source = Tqn

No-see-ums are the tiny biting insects that you can rarely see, but once if they move around your head and bite, you got to know how these no-see-um or midges are annoying. Midges puncture a hole in you and can develop an allergic reaction through their saliva.

7. Moth

Source = Wikimedia

The moth is somewhat similar to butterflies unfortunately, it doesn't relate to features.  Some moth eats nectar while others don't eat at all. They are great sniffers, they identify the odor molecules with their antennas. Moths are the brilliant food source as 100 gms of moths gives a great amount of potassium, zinc, and iron to the body.

6. Termite

Source = Westernexterminator

Termites spread quickly in the wooden structures. The most amazing fact about these annoying insect is that it never sleeps, it eats 24x7. They live in a colony and build their nest in wood and soil. The breeder of the terminates can live up to 18-50 years.

5. Stink Bug

Source = List25

Stink bugs have the ability to spread across the country. When disturbed this annoying insect; they release chemicals that stink like a coriander. Just like its name these creatures give a putrid almond scent. Even after having the strong smell, people in Laos east these stink bugs in a paste made of herbs and chilies.

4. Ticks

Source = Umaine

Ticks are great bloodsuckers. You can find ticks hanging around on the leaves and bushes. It jumps off on any mammal on their way and latches into them to have their food. Some ticks carry serious diseases, they are not only annoying but once stick they are hard to remove. (1.3)

3. Nettle Caterpillar

Source = Wikimedia

This cute and fuzzy look nettle caterpillar is the insects with strong sting. They can grow maximum to 1 inch and have spiny hairs on their body. Better you don't touch these nettle caterpillars because it causes a painful burning that can take some of your hours to vanish.

2. Horse Fly

Source = Wordpress

The bite of this annoying insect Horse Fly can cause dizziness. They are great blood feeders and usually bite the non-moving mammals on the body. If the bite of this creepy insect is not cleaned properly it can cause dangerous bacterial infections.

1. Bed Bugs

Source = Sciencemag

And yes, they are back. They must be feeding you since weeks and you feel the effects after it starts itching. It leaves saliva on your skin which later causes itchy allergic reactions. It is extremely to get rid of these Bed Bugs who only feed at night and targets on warm blooded animals (humans too).


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