10 New Year's Resolutions to Make Your Life Better Than Before

New Year is about to come, and everyone is planning to experience something new in the next 366 days. If you haven’t made a New Year resolution yet, then scroll here to get some ideas.

4 years ago
10 New Year's Resolutions to Make Your Life Better Than Before

New Year Resolutions are an excellent way to come up with new ideas and challenges to help you set goals for the coming year. Unfortunately, 90% of people fail to stick to their goals. While some people stay committed to their goals for a few months, others quit after a week. 

The time is here to sit down and prepare a list of things you should do, change in your lifestyle, what to care about, things to add in your bucket list, and more. New Year Resolutions are a great opportunity to spark a positive change. What will you write for your future is up to you. So, take the first step by setting New Year Resolutions. 

We hope you have a great year ahead, especially if you had a tough last year. So, if you are still thinking about what to promise for next year, then read a few new year resolution ideas that could guide you for a better life.

1. Cook a New Recipe Every Week

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If you are interested in cooking but do not get enough time to cook for yourself, then set a new year's resolution that you would cook a new recipe every week. You don’t want to put on weight, but getting engaged in something you love is better than putting a few kilos. What do you say? If not something like fast food, why not try your hands-on dish that is nutritious plus delicious at the same time? Try Mexican foods or ancient recipes like Jerky and Roman Honey cakes. 

Cooking at home not only saves your money but also makes you learn to cook the food the way you want. Look for the best cooking schools around you or search for recipes on the internet to save your travel time. Here are some kitchen hacks that you could try to cook food easily. 

2. Travel and Explore the World

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Traveling across the globe gives you an idea about the cultural differences that people share. The world is a beautiful place to explore. Set a new year’s resolution to visit a country that you have never seen before. Plan for beach travel destinations that would allow spending more time with family and closed ones. Visit the cities that have remarkable Romanesque Architecture and experience different cultures around the world. 

Make sure that you have finances in order and do not overspend. Step out of your comfort zone, take a solo trip, and travel in an environmentally friendly way. Use less public transport, save on fuel, and push your limits. You could start small by taking a solo trip on weekends and then choosing the best adventurous destination. 

Traveling is not the cheapest hobby, but saving a little more for the next trip is an achievement. Using a coupon or booking the flights a few months before could save a little money. But these travel hacks could also help you in a better way if you are booking the tickets right now. 

3. Reading a Novel or Any Book

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Make sure that in 2020 you read a pile of books that you were dying to read the last year but couldn’t because of your hectic schedule. Picking a book from the library and reading it looks easy. But this is not easy for those who recently gained an interest in book reading.  

So, if you are the new book reader, start with small steps. Choose books that tell the different ways on how to fall in love in 30 days and have 30 chapters. Or any other book that has a different chapter for each day. This way, you can finish a chapter in a day and would also develop a habit of reading a book. 

Reading books not only improves your vocabulary and knowledge but also helps with depression, boosts your writing abilities, and improves your sleep. If you know someone suffering from depression, suggest this book-reading resolution to him/her. 

4. Losing Weight

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This could be your new year resolution if you are a food lover and couldn’t resist eating.  Do not stop eating or start following dieting plans, but make sure that you eat healthily. Focus on wellness and not on pounds. Before you buy a pack of chips or biscuits, ask yourself- are you really hungry? If you are not sure, start doing other chores like go for a walk or talk with a friend, and you will see that your hunger feeling is gone. 

Plan and prepare your meal, ask the experts what to eat and what not to eat. It is hard to maintain long term weight-loss, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Make a plan to lose 3 pounds a month, and if you follow this for a year, then you would lose 36 pounds, and that’s a great achievement. You can also try these weight-loss tricks to get slimmer overnight. 

Set the right goals, be consistent, and plan. Set the gym time on your phone, pick the veggies more, and replace white with brown. Besides following a weight loss plan, don’t forget to adopt these healthy habits to improve your life quality.

5. Quit Smoking

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Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health, but still, people do not stop smoking. Why? Nicotine acts as a stimulant; it helps people to concentrate. And if they don’t have a cigarette, they find trouble in focusing on their work. If you want to quit smoking but couldn’t for some reason, then this year, make a resolution to quit the smoke and don’t let fear paralyze you. Drink as much water as you can because water flushes residual toxins from the system and minimizes your craving for a smoke.  

Start small, if you are a chain smoker, quit smoking on weekends, or any day of the week. Tell your friends that you want to quit smoking. Be prepared for the pros and cons when you are planning to quit smoking. Don’t stop immediately. Alternatively, you can try vape juices without nicotine to control smoking. Reward yourself to stay motivated. Go for a walk or do something that relaxes your mind. Remember that it is never too late to stop smoking. 

6. Save Money and Set a Budget

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Nowadays, especially youngsters do not value money. They travel a lot, do not set a fixed budget for monthly expenses, and spend on useless things. So, it is time to become smart and save wisely. While most people start saving for the first few months, they could manage only for a little time. 

So, before you set any budget, try to figure out what and where you are spending. Cut down on small pleasures and focus on being debt-free. Save a small amount every month and use it in the case of an emergency. 

Learn about investing tips and how to save more with proper planning. Find some ways for an extra income. Save for your retirement, cut unnecessary monthly subscriptions, and reduce shopping. Plan your vacation, and don’t forget to use coupons and credit card to get rewards.

7. Be Kind to Yourself

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You can’t control the feelings about what other people think about you. But you can control everything about yourself. Set a New Year resolution to love yourself, to be kind to yourself, most importantly, to believe in yourself. If you want to be happier, then forget what others are thinking about you. 

Make some time for yourself, write short stories, or play an instrument. Forgive yourself for something you are not proud of or when you missed an opportunity because you were scared. Take good care of yourself by eating fruits and vegetables, exercising daily, and showing a kind gesture. Respect yourself and make your own decisions, do not compare to others, and treat yourself well. 

If your day didn't go well, give yourself a massage, dance in a room, sit back and read a novel, or do anything that makes you happy. After all, no one knows better than you how to lift/cheer yourself up. Tell yourself that everything is going to be fine, and you are strong enough to handle the tough situations alone. So love yourself, honor your dreams, and stop trying to be perfect.

8. Strengthen Your Relationships

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It is not compulsory that New Year’s Resolution should be fitness or goal-oriented. Having someone in your life with whom you can share everything is also a great achievement. So this year, nurture your relationship by using the word WE. Remember that all relationships have their ups and downs, and when you are with someone, you have to deal with these flaws. 

Keep the love alive by appreciating your partner and accepting his/her flaws. Do some activities and fun together like cooking or planning for a vacation, and more. This creates excitement and strengthens the relationship. 

Find the qualities that you love of your partner and focus on them, forget the things that turn you off, and only speak kind words to your partner. It is said that love is the foundation of any strong relationship, but putting equal efforts from both parties is mandatory as well.

9. Do Good to Others

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Why not set a New Year’s Resolution to do good and to help others as much as you can? Sounds good. Get more involved with the charity and spread education. If you are a member of the charity organization, go beyond and thank the donors and appreciate their time. Donate food to food banks and charity shops. 

Become a volunteer for any charity group. This might sound time-consuming to you, but giving one hour every weekend can make a difference. Support a local hospital or become a sponsor and raise funds for government schools. Do everything that you can do towards society. 

You can also help stray animals by offering them shelter. Adopt animals if you think you could provide a good home for them. Be kind to every animal and spread the word if anyone is interested in adopting them. 

If you don’t know where to start, take an idea from this man who recycled old tires and created beds for stray animals. A small step towards the betterment of society is an achievement in itself.

10. Bring Peace in Your Life

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Everyone wants peace in his/her life. But not everyone moves on easily. This year set a New Year Resolution to forget about the past and move on for a better life. Start meditating each day, read something motivational and inspirational every morning. 

Spend time in nature and train yourself to find good in everything. Count on blessings rather than regrets and grievances. Do not take everything personally, and find reasons to praise others. 

Final Words 

No matter what you have planned for a New Year's Eve, don’t forget that each day comes with a new opportunity, and you shouldn’t miss that. 

So what keeps you waiting? It's time to think about some amazing new year resolutions. What resolutions did you make last year? Did you follow them? If not, what stopped you, and if yes, then don’t forget to share your experience and strategies on how did you make it a success.


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