10 Kitchen Hacks That Make You Productive While Cooking

Everyone loves eating good and delicious food. But preparing your loved food is not an easy task. Here are some hacks that will help you to cook food easily.

6 years ago
10 Kitchen Hacks That Make You Productive While Cooking

We are so busy in our daily activities that preparing food seems a tedious task and therefore we end up eating unhealthy food brought from the market.

For a working women or men preparing a meal in less amount of time is the need of an hour because nobody can spend a lot of time in cooking food for themselves and family. These small tricks will help you to cook delicious food and amazing drinks at your own kitchen.

Here is a list of some kitchen hacks that will help you to cook in less amount of time:

1) Peel Garlic In Seconds

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Peeling garlic is a difficult task but it can be peeled easily if you place garlic for 20 seconds in the microwave for heating.

Although, it sounds strange but it really works. The cloves of the garlic will easily come out without making it tedious and time-consuming.

2) Freeze Herbs In Olive Oil

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In case, you do not want to waste fresh herbs present in your kitchen you can place them in the ice tray along with olive oil in the refrigerator. Whenever you want to use them, just place them in the pan and make a quick fry. This will help you in preserving fresh herbs.

3) Freeze Cheese Before Grating

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You might have found it difficult to grate soft cheese such as mozzarella in your kitchen. You can make it simple and easy by keeping the cheese in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before grating it.

It is the best way to grate them without putting much efforts over the things you are preparing like pizza.

4) Store Berries In Refrigerator

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Some fruits like apple, oranges, banana are not recommended to keep in refrigerators, but there are some berries, such as blueberry, gooseberry, strawberry and much more, which require to put in refrigerators for keeping them fresh for a long time.

5) Make Lemon Even Juicer

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In order to take out the maximum juice of the citrus fruit, place them in the refrigerator for some time. Later on, heat lemon for 15 to 20 seconds in microwave. It will help you to get more citrus juice from the lemon. Even squeezing it with hands will become easy after it.

6) Peel Potatoes After Boiling

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Instead of peeling the skin of potatoes with a knife, you can boil them in the pressure cooker along with some salt. When you will take them out, it will be peeled easily in less time.

7) Use Clothespins To Keep Food Bag Tight

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You can use clothespins to tighten up the food packets in rainy and winter season. It will make you relieve from worrying about the moisture contents getting stuck in the packet's, rotting and spoiling the food.

8) Place Wooden Spoon On Boiling Container

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You can prevent water from boiling over the container or vessel which you might have kept on the desk. It is because wood is the bad conductor of heat and it will let the hot water to stray away from the handle. Rest the wooden spoon on the edge of the container in the same manner as depicted in the picture.

9) Put Ghee On The Edges Of The Vessel

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You might have been annoyed by an overflow of milk outside the container many times. It might have happened that when you leave the kitchen for a second or so, boiled milk comes out and dirty the whole platform.

If you want to get away from this troublesome problem, you only need to put ghee on the edges of the vessel in which you will boil milk. It will prevent milk from overflowing the vessel.

10) Put Glass Of Water With The Baked Items

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Whenever you want to eat hot baked food item, you place the food inside microwave along with water, so that it does not let it get dry. The moisture content should be present in the food such that it freshens up the food which you are going to eat.

These are some kitchen hacks which might help you to be productive in the kitchen. You can apply them whenever you prepare something for yourself or family. It will save your time and energy.


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