These Talented Rats Paint With Their Paws and Draw Artistic Pieces

You won’t believe that these drawings are created by rats. They draw art with their paws and draw uniquely beautiful designs.

4 years ago
These Talented Rats Paint With Their Paws and Draw Artistic Pieces

Indeed! Animals are the cutest creatures on the planet. Owning a pet is the best thing that an animal lover can do. They are great friends and also the best companion in your lonely time. Also, several animals are intelligent and are smarter than human beings. 

You might not have heard about rats doing paintings like other animals and doing a job for their survival. But these cute pet rats are not ordinary rats; instead, they are rich rats. 

Do you know these small creatures have made over 1000 pounds through their paintings? You won’t believe it, but they use their paws to draw beautiful masterpieces. 

21-year-old Steph, who lives in the United Kingdom, owns a small pet portrait photography business by the name ToogoodsTinyPaws. This page has over 25k likes and receives love from around the world. 

Source = Demilked

Earlier, Steph owned a rat named Captain Jack Sparrow. Unfortunately, he died in 2018. She took his paws print on a canvas after he had passed. She got an idea of doing the same with her other rats. She brought some mini canvases and got them painted with her rat's paws. 

She photographs her rats with props in her studio. She has props like keyrings, coasters, and scrunchies in her studio. Each of their paintings is sold, and she is running out of canvas this time. 

She said, 

“The idea of painting on canvases came to me after I lost one of my boys, Captain Jack Sparrow (Gibbs’ brother) last year (2018).” 

She works full-time as a veterinary nurse and is around the pet most of the time. Steph loves taking photographs, so she clicks a picture of her rats next to their art pieces. Initially, she posted them online, and after a few months, she grabbed the attention from around the world. She has 12 rats at her home and finds them her best friend. 

She believes that through her page, she can also promote how to keep rats as pets and how to keep them busy. She said-

“I don’t want to use this page just for their art – I aim to promote the keeping of rats as pets and their welfare, as well as sharing what the boys get up to outside of painting.”

Their Owner Bought Non-Toxic Paints and Canvases to See How Creative They Are

Source = Demilked

Steph found their interest in painting when she let her rats loose with her crafts set. She painted their paws and let them move on the paper. She was surprised by the results. 

To nurture their creative skills, this 21-year-old girl bought him non-toxic paints and a few small canvases. 

She said, 

“I thought it would be lovely for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to keep when they’re gone, so I got some mini canvases and paint, and they’ve created memorial pieces for me to keep.” 

She further added, 

“They’re my best friends, and they will not spend their lives covered in paint, no matter how high the demand is for their art right now. Some of the boys are target trained and will follow a target stick or by hand to make painting easier – we even have a miniature agility course which some of them are good at!”

One day, she put their artworks on sale at the online marketplace and was amazed by the results. She got several orders for that art piece. People from different countries like Australia and South Korea ordered for those unique pieces. 

Not only are these rats earning, but several dogs are employed and earning more than human beings. Check out these dogs that have already transformed into humans and are giving a tough competition to them. For instance, a dog named Sulimov is trained to work as sniffer dogs in the Russian airline Aeroflot.  

She owns four rats and finds them her happy place. Owning a pet sometimes makes people wonder what and how they communicate with each other. Well, if you also own a rat, then you would be happy to know that a new software program could decode what rodent chatter

Like humans, rats are also extremely talkative and love socializing. This technology uses artificial in squeak directions and converts an audio signal into an image. 

Final Words 

Tell us- do you like this idea of Steph in nurturing her pet’s talent? Don’t you think this is a cool thing to try with pets at home? Apart from taking them on a walk or playing with them, try something different this time and see how they react to it. 

The one thing that a pet owner never runs out of is unconditional love. Also, they suffer less from depression in comparison to those who don’t own pets. Here are other traits that every pet owner shares

Do you know other animals who are intelligent and could draw amazingly artistic pieces like this? If yes, then don’t forget to share them. 


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