These Shocking Pictures Depict How Humans are Destroying Nature

As the population is increasing, it is exacerbating social and environmental factors. Here are the pictures that show how badly humans are damaging the environment.

7 years ago
These Shocking Pictures Depict How Humans are Destroying Nature

Nature is a wonderful creation of God. On the one hand, nature shows some natural phenomena that can rarely be seen. On the other hand, some people are destroying mother nature.

Due to the current lifestyle and pollution, the cycle of nature is being disturbed. This is thus the main cause of natural calamities and global warming. Due to global warming, precipitation has increased across the globe, and some areas are experiencing drought and drinking water shortages.

But humans don’t understand that these climatic changes that they are facing are a warning to the future. Climate change is hinting towards more tragedies on earth. The poor air quality and rising temperatures are shattering the environment.

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Earth is home to billions of species, and saving it is everyone’s responsibility. Sadly, not everyone understands this and does things that can damage the earth. For instance, we release so much carbon dioxide into the air, that the plants could not use it.

Also, there left only a few plants because humans are cutting forests to build their homes. The extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the main cause of global warming.

You won’t believe, but the Amazon forest that produces nearly 20-25% of oxygen is at the highest risk. The amazon rainforest fire has strongly affected the environment. Humans should not cut the trees as it is decreasing the oxygen supply and the absorption of CO2. But they are using these natural resources for their development.

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Humans are Exploiting Resources for Their Development

They are constantly consuming resources for their needs. For instance, they hunt animals for food and are clearing forests for constructing homes.

You would be shocked to know that humans are transforming nature so rapidly that nearly one million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction. Wild population, ecosystems, and ecosystem are either deteriorating or vanishing.

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Human impact on the environment includes changes to the ecosystem, natural resources, and biodiversity. This can be caused directly or indirectly by humans in the form of global warming or environmental degradation. See how humans are damaging the environment/nature.

  • Overpopulation

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Overpopulation can also be considered as the major cause of these problems. The availability of contraceptives is widespread in several countries, but poor planning leads to unexpected pregnancies.

  • Deforestation

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Deforestation means clearing trees to make a house or anything for accommodation. Forest covers around 40% of the earth’s land surface.

These areas can provide fuel, medicine, and other basic things for over a billion people. But today, deforestation is the most happening topic of the town.

Also, mining can result in soil erosion. The contaminated ground and surface water by chemicals from mining processes cause soil erosion. This results in deforestation in the surrounding areas. The process is toxic, and the result can affect the health of humans and animals.

While people are cutting forests to use palm oil that can be used in both food and personal products like shampoo and lipstick, this couple has planted 2.7 million trees to restore a destroyed forest.

  • Using Animals for Selfish Reasons

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Animals are being used by humans in several ways. They hunt animals for food and clothing. When humans destroy the land to build homes, they also destroy the home of birds and animals that used to live at that place. Animals are becoming extinct due to several reasons. In most cases, environmental changes are causing extinction.

  • Water Pollution

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Do you know that every year, around 8-10 million tons of garbage are dumped into the ocean? Along with garbage, fertilizers also find their way into the ocean through floods, winds, and rains. This pollution is the biggest threat to aquatic life and the leading cause of reduced biodiversity.

How Can You Help Save the Earth?

No matter what, a small step of anyone towards saving the environment can inspire several individuals. If you want to save the environment but don’t know how to take a step, take the ideas from these inspiring people and pictures to save the earth. Other steps that you can do to save the earth are listed below.

1. Recycled Materials

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Also, you can use more recyclable items to minimize pollution. Recycling saves energy plus reduces the amount of waste sent to incinerators. See how this man recycled old tires and created beds for animals. Also, you can buy less plastic bags and use a reusable shopping bag.

2. Conserve Water

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Conserving water can be another step to preserve the earth. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. Save water and boil as much as you need. Shower with less water and save it for the future.

3. Educate

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Help others and educate them about the importance and value of natural resources. You can also plan an event or seminars to tell about the measures of how can you save the planet.

Final Words

Nature plays a crucial role in providing humans several resources like medicines, water, and everything. Over two billion people in the world depend on wood to meet their primary needs, and around 4 billion depends on natural medicines for healthcare. But let us agree on it that humans are destroying the foundation of livelihood and the quality of life worldwide.

It can never be too late to make a difference. See how this man from Arizona started #trashtagchallenge and has inspired everyone to make the planet clean and green.

Do you have any idea how humans can save the earth for future generations? If so, share your thoughts with us below.


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