10 Most Inspiring People Who Were Homeless In Their Struggling Career

Get inspired by the stories of your favourite celebs who were once homeless in their struggling career.

6 years ago
10 Most Inspiring People Who Were Homeless In Their Struggling Career

When people often make assumptions, why he/she is homeless one must not forget that homelessness is something that comes with certain compulsions.

It looks like our favourite celebs have earned everything in life, fame, money, power etc. and we often dream of becoming like them. But what if when you were said that these highest paid actors have struggled more than an average guy? In fact, say many of them were once homeless. Let’s have a glimpse of the inspiring people who are now counted as the richest but have experienced homelessness.

1. Steve Jobs

Source = Cnbc

Would you believe that Apple Mastermind Steve Jobs has lived a life where he used to sleep on the floor and that too in his friends’ room? The mastermind used to resale glass made coke bottle to make money. While dropping out of college has ultimately helped him to achieve his dreams. He left the college and founded all time favorite and the most successful company ‘Apple’ of all time. Not only this, he would walk 7 miles across the town every weekend to get one good meal at the Hare Krishna temple.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Source = Popsugar-assets

Today, Jennifer Lopez might be the glamorous and the sexiest star of hollywood with the net worth of $250 million, but many of her fans didn’t know the truth behind her struggling career. Way before she became a role model, she used to sleep on a sofa in the dance studio as her mom didn’t agree with her dance and career choices, as a result, she was forced to manage her own shelter. The actress, singer, the fashion designer is now 48 but still looks like as she was in late 20’s. (12.1)

3. Jim Carrey

Source = Wordpress

Jim Carrey who is one of the finest comedians of the Hollywood has also gone through the bitter experiences of being homeless when he was quite young. His father eventually lost his job and his family moved in a van. He left his school very early and started working as a janitor support his family. It’s his determination and thirst that led his success and guess what today his worth is more than $150 million.

4. Charlie Chaplin

Source = Wp

The person, who has made everyone laugh only through the expression, had faced some tragic phases when he was very young. His father died and his mother used to be hospitalized every now and then. This made him to sleep on the streets when he was not even 10. But his determination, beliefs and hope never failed and this is the reason why he is still remembered and missed whenever we watch comic films. His famous quote was – “My pain could be a reason for people to laugh, but my laugh should not be a reason for other to cry”.

5. Halle Berry

Source = Pophaircuts

Nevertheless, Halle Berry who is recognized as one of the finest actress was once a homeless in her starting career. She found herself homeless when she asked her mother for financial help, her mother refused it and this was the crucial lesson which motivated her during her career. Two failed marriages, suicide attempt may sound bad, but nothing is worse than being the homeless when you need help.

6. Sylvester Stallone

Source = Mensxp

Sylvester Stallone is another inspiration in the list which can’t be missed. He went from rags to rich through an adult advertisement. He spent nearly 3 weeks sleeping at the bus station when he found an advertisement for an adult film that was paying approx $95-100 a day. He worked for two days on the ad to get himself out of that bus stop. Against all odds, the actor somehow managed to be the most successful action movie star and pop icon of all time.

7. Colonel Sanders

Source = Mensxp

What makes you smile when someone says KFC? Chicken, boneless strips, yummy KFC rice bowl….. But have you ever read up with the founder’s story? Do you know the founder of KFC that is Colonel Sanders was once homeless and poor? He was just 5 when his father died and his mother remarried. He was only 10 years old when he decided to leave his house as he couldn’t tolerate the constant beatings of his step father. Colonel Sanders remained homeless and did many jobs until he came with the recipe and became the founder of KFC.

8. Jewel

Source = Thr

The aspiring singer, guitarist from Utah became the icon when her debut album became the best selling album with over 15 million copies. But who knew that Grammy award winner once used to live out of van when she was just 18.

9. Steve Harvey

Source = Extratv

You can never miss Steve Harvey when you are talking about the inspiring people who were once homeless. Back in the 80’s life was not good for Steve Harvey, bad marriage; divorce has left Steve sleeping in hotels depending on budget. He was homeless for more than 4 years and even slept in his car, but look at destiny, he now owns more than $100 million.

10. Kelly Clarkson

Source = Eonline

Kelly Clarkson has managed to achieve success with her singing talent. However, before her singles brought millions in sales, she spent a lot time being homeless. When she moved to LA, her apartment was burn down and the singer remain unemployed for long time, somehow she managed to live in car just before she auditioned for American idol. (12.2)


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