Boy Became Partially Deaf After A Teacher Slapped Him Mercilessly

Episodes of beating the children as a punishment for not complying or not performing as per the expectation of parents and teachers is pretty common these days. There are other ways that can be employed instead of beating the poor helpless kids.

6 years ago
Boy Became Partially Deaf After A Teacher Slapped Him Mercilessly

Kuber Jain is from Delhi's Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir school. As per his and his parents' allegations, a mathematics teacher from the school slapped him, causing severe damage to his right eardrums. 

The News was reported by ANI on the morning of Makar Sankranti i.e 14th Jan 2018.

Kuber Got His Shoulder Dislocated Because Of Another Teacher Last Year

According to victim’s parents; their kid is being targeted because of an FIR they lodged against the school in 2017 for a severe shoulder injury which was also caused by a punishment.

A year ago, my son's shoulders had dislocated after he was hit in school. I registered a police complaint after that. My son is being targeted due to that. He has been hit by her more than once. The doctor says his eardrums are permanently damaged. I want her removed from the job

According To Kuber’s Father ‘The Maths Teacher slapped Him Because He Answered’

Source = Rawstory

The officer said as per the complaint filed by Kuber’s father, Sanjay Jain

The maths teacher wrote a question on the blackboard. When she started asking a student to answer the question, Kuber stood up and answered it. The maths teacher then slapped Kuber for answering the question.

The Principal has reassured the family saying "We have formed an internal committee and issued a show-cause notice to the concerned teacher. The investigation is underway".

There are a lot of incidents like this happening in the Indian schools right now as we speak but no one speaks because parents think don’t pay attention to their kids anymore, so they brush off their children’s problems saying it’s a tantrum. Which in turn gives these unfit-teachers the green flag to abuse the children, thinking beating is the only way to intelligence.


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