Meet Babar Ali - The Youngest Headmaster In the World

No idea is small if you dedicate you...

3 years ago
Meet  Babar Ali - The Youngest Headmaster In the World

No idea is small if you dedicate yourself to make it a big achievement. Babar Ali, a young boy from tiny village in Murshidabad district of West Bengal, understood the importance of education and wanted the enlighten the life of his younger sister and fellow friends who were not privileged enough to go to school.

At the age of nine he started teaching in his backyard under a guava tree with the available resources like terracotta tile as blackboard, backdated newspapers as reading books, broken chalks and pieces of bricks as writing material.Word spread fast and people took his work seriously. The strength of his rustic school started increasing. He got help from raddiwala who gave him old books and half written notebooks.

He would sometimes collect flowers from nearby houses to decorate the school and would organize dance and singing competitions. Seeing his determination the local Pradhan of the village forwarded an application for books and supplies to block development officer.

The shinning sun cannot be covered. Same happened with Babar Ali. He became recognized and got CNN IBN real hero award which gave him popularity and he was offered basic help by the government. In October  2009, at the mere age 16 he was bestowed the title of “The Youngest Headmaster In The World”.

With the donations he got for school he purchased a wasteland near his house for constructing school building. Now The tree planted by Babar Ali has started giving fruits as six of his students have joined his school as a teacher and the foundation for his new school has been laid with 500 students already registered in January 2015.

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