This Mirror Theory Psychology Hack Will Save Your Relationships

Mirror Theory is a psychological procedure of introspection to put in an easy way. This psychology hack teaches you that the faults you see in others are actually your own and how can you use this technique to work on your weaknesses.

6 years ago
This Mirror Theory Psychology Hack Will Save Your Relationships

Social mirror theory is how an individual views themselves or self-reflects based on the current social norms and beliefs of their group. It is a person who views themselves from the perspective of others. It is essentially a type of mimicry. The theory posits that self evaluation and reflection requires the interpretation of the person from the perspective of their peers.

The Things That We Hate About Our Partners Are The Things That We Hate About Ourselves

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The things we hate the most in other people are actually inside us, at least in a symbolic way. To put it another way, what we dislike in others is also what we dislike about ourselves.

Sometimes The Mirror Theory Works The Other Way Around And It’s Your Partner Reflecting Your Traits That They Lack

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Mirror theory can act in a direct or inverse way. Say you can’t stand how selfish your partner is. In a direct way, you may be projecting the selfish part of you that you refuse to see. On the other hand, in an inverse way, they might be reflecting how selfless you are. Maybe you’re always caring for others and forgetting yourself.

Mirror Theory Is An Excellent Explanation Of Why We Are Attracted to the People With Similar Wounds Or Tragedies

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When we forget our wounds, they become a part of our unconscious and influence our thoughts, moods, and behavior. And then inside, they make holes in our heart. So you meet someone with the same holes, the same wounds, and you bond. The wounds are mirrored, and something good results. But you have to be careful, because wounds like this can also separate people.

The Emotional Wounds And Damages; If Not Addressed Turn Into Sabotaging Culprits Of A Relationship

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If the wounds go unhealed, sooner or later they will hurt the relationship. Insecurity, fear, jealousy, possessiveness… It’s as if life were trying to send you reflections to show you how to grow. If you don’t figure them out and pay attention to what they’re telling you, you will not grow.

Our Partners Provide The Best Opportunities To Introspect Which Can Help Strengthen A Relationship

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We are constantly projecting parts of ourselves. And since we’re not usually able to see our own shadows — or even our strengths — life gives us the gift of relationships. Relationships show us what we have inside. People act like mirrors, reflecting us and giving us a chance to see who we are.

A Jewish Mystic Who Founded The Mirror Theory Said That ‘People Are Our Mirrors’

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The Baal Shem Tov explained with the "mirror theory." Why do difficult people clash with some but not with others? He taught that when we look at others we are looking at a mirror. When we observe and analyze the behavior of other people we actually discover ourselves in them. The profile we create for others is shaped by our own personality.


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