10 Science Stories & Inventions You Would Hear in 2019

Scientists never fail to impress us with their discoveries. Flying cars, bat suit, and jacket with a built-in heater are some of the inventions you will experience in 2019.

5 years ago
10 Science Stories & Inventions You Would Hear in 2019

Amid the news that we read about crimes and political tensions taking place at the global level, we forget to pay attention to the very interesting and amazing discoveries in biology and technology existing across the world. It is sad to hear what Nostradamus has predicted for 2019 but, it is good that scientists are coming up with new inventions and helping in forgetting those shocking prophecies.

In the 21st century, scientific inventions have helped in improving our lifestyle. Every year brings with it some amazing science experiments in different fields. And then there are those science ideas that once invented alter the human style of living and make the world better and sometimes even entertaining. So, according to the latest science news here are some marvelous inventions that would do wonders in 2019.

Amazing Science Stories and Inventions That Would Make a Great Impact in 2019

1. Robots That Kill Rodents

Source = Stickpng

At this point, you can a have a robot that could prepare yummy dishes, clean house and be your companion. Certainly, robots have already been transformed into humans. But do you know this year, British inventors James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have designed a robot that could stalk and kill insects? The robot then digests their bodies to produce its power.

The two have come up with different science concepts including the mousetrap coffee table root which is particularly designed to attract pests like dog-flea and rodents onto its surface.

Rodents attracted with the device would be then chemically destroyed and fed to a microbial fuel cell. The light on the device would then inform about the energy being produced by the auto-extermination.

If you don’t want to kill rodents and want to know what they talk, here is a new software program which decodes rodents chatting.

Currently, these robots are under process and could be launched in 2019.

2. A Cure for Paralysis

Source = Stemcellresearchers

How amazing would it be if the scientists could find a cure for paralysis? Currently, there is no medication to the disease, but a French neuroscientist, Gregoire Courtine researches are giving new hope for reversing paralysis.

The scientist has developed a revolutionary technology that will raise a few volts of electricity to restore the specific muscle. EPFL, a Swiss-based research company École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, says –

“The neuroprosthetic system ‘BSI’ (Brain-Spinal Interface System) bridges the spinal cord injury in real-time and wirelessly. The chip interprets and decodes the signal from the brain’s motor cortex and send information to the electrodes located on the surface of the lumbar spinal cord. This electrical simulation will modulate distinct networks of neurons that can activate specific muscles of the body.”

The test was conducted on a paralyzed macaque monkey, and the result was promising. We hope this new science invention would do wonders for those suffering from paralysis.

3. Flying Cars

Source = Entrepreneur

According to the latest science news, flying cars are going to hit the market in 2019. Have you ever wondered from where did the concept of flying cars in sci-fi movies have come? Back in 1968, Philip K. Dick mentioned the flying cars in his novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.’ Since then, his discovery is doing wonders in the film industry.

Based in the Netherlands, Pal - V has designed the car that resembles the helicopter with a center mounted rotor blade. It will use the Rotax engine-based dual propulsion drive train that allows it to fly and drive. The final product is yet to release, and the company is all set to launch its first model after certification.

While there are many arguing that flying cars would create more problems, some are waiting for it to be launched. What are your thoughts on flying cars? If you wish to own one, Pal-V has started pre-booking on their site. (14.1)

Source – "Openeye Automobile"

4. Advanced CCTV Security Cameras

Source = Ebuyer

Today, CCTV is the most secure and reliable security system. They help in solving crimes and are widely used in schools, shopping malls, streets, and other areas. Unfortunately, there are limitations in using CCTV. Like without human intervention, the cameras cannot work.

But the latest CCTV cameras are quite intelligent. This latest technology uses deep learning algorithms and big data to predict facial expressions and threats and thus work without human involvement. It observes people faces and alert police about criminals. Watch the video how does this AI-powered surveillance systems work.

source - "CGTN"

5. Bat Suit

Source = Whatculture

Have you ever wished of flying high like a bat? If so, be happy and excited as a Connecticut based inventor is designing a complete dynamic human-powered flying suit. Back in 2012, the inventor was granted a patent for its device. He explains that bats are flying creatures and resembles human beings, so this flying suit is designed after the bats’ style of aviation.

This new invention consists of a pair of strap-on bat-like wings with flexible portions that can be adjusted by the wearer. The wearer of the bat suit would experience the same flight as a bat.

6. A 3-D Look Inside Cells

Source = Sciencedaily

Do you find Biology interesting? Not much but yes, you might have found it exciting when your teacher showed you the close-up look at cells. Now, the scientists are working on the use of the latest tools and techniques to get the inside look of the cells in 3D. This year in 2019, the teams are planning to combine the new methods and labeling techniques to trace molecules and to see subcellular structures and processes.

For instance, the new multifaceted technique for staining DNA would now explain how chromosomes fold. This 3-D look of cells is one of the latest discoveries in biology. Even though I am not a biology freak, but this new science idea is something I will look forward to.

7. Jackets With Built-in Heater

Source = Iggcdn

Do you know you can also charge your smartphone with a jacket? No? Well, this new science idea of charging a phone with the jacket is doing the rounds, and we are really surprised. This versatile, lightweight heated Flexwarm jacket provides the perfect warmth and style for any occasion. It has special elements built in wrist and chest areas. What’s more surprising is the jacket works through an app and allows you to set the temperature according to the weather. (14.1)

This smart jacket is not a new invention, but according to the stories, it will replace the ordinary jacket in 2019. So, what do you think- is buying this smart jacket worth?

8. Astronomers Could See the Event Horizon of Black Hole

Source = Universetoday

Recently, it was reported that NASA released the pictures of Ultima Thule, the most distant object photographed in space so far. But scientists are not going to stop here, they have explored much about the black hole, and now NASA’s Event Horizon Telescope can click the images of Sagittarius A (a black hole at the center of the galaxy). And that’s amazing!

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) is designed to analyze the surroundings of a black hole. It is not a single telescope but a linked system of radio telescopes working together using interferometry. Researchers working on EHT believe that their observation will successfully provide the pictures of the gravitational effects surrounding the black hole.

Sagittarius A is massive and has a mass 4 million times greater than the sun. But you know what it is still not the largest amongst other SMBH’s (Super-Massive Black Hole). The other SMBHs in EHT are bigger than Sagittarius.

It was in 2017 when the EHT team described all seven of its scopes of Sagittarius A and different atomic clocks recorded the timing of the signals at telescopes. Using the signals, scientists created the picture of Sgr A. It is a very long process which is still ongoing.

9. China, India & Israel to Send Unmanned Spacecraft on the Moon

Source = Bbci

The latest new buzz is that in 2019, India, Israel, and China will send unmanned spacecraft on the lunar surface. ISRO has launched its second mission on 31st January. Chandrayaan 2 consist of the 6-wheeled rover and a lander. Altogether, they will study the lunar atmosphere and measure earthquakes. The Chinese National Space Administration launched Chang’e -4 to the farthest side of the moon, and it is now in lunar orbit. Hopefully, it will touch the surface in February.

Later, Israel in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries would send its spacecraft to the moon.

NASA has no plans to send unmanned spacecraft on the moon this year, but it is planning to look out for the system that can send humans to the lunar surface for the first time since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

10. NANO1 –Smallest Astronomy Camera

Source = Cbsistatic

Now, you don’t want to be an astronomer if you have this world’s smallest astronomy camera. NANO1 is an amazing invention for stargazers who get awestruck by looking at the stars. This latest technology not only captures the wonders of the sky but can also get connected with a smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The device features a compact body that fits a dual mount interchangeable lens system.

So, from now onwards, you don’t need that heavy DSLR to shoot the stars. This astronomy camera is three times smaller and is capable of capturing better images in comparison to DSLR.

So, how did you find this technology news - interesting or boring?

Concluding Thoughts

Did you try any of the science experiments which we mentioned in our last post? If not, give it a try and learn about the hidden secrets of science. Coming back to the latest scientific discoveries, scientists are doing a great job in making a world a better place.

Back in the time, when you were imagining of driving a flying car, today the scientists are all ready to launch your dream car in 2019.

So, tell us out of these new scientific inventions, which discovery has attracted you the most? I found the jackets as the coolest invention. What about you? Comment below.


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