7 Interesting Things Blind People Can See

Do you know a blind person have a better sense of hearing than those with normal vision? Read more interesting facts about blind people here.

6 years ago
7 Interesting Things Blind People Can See

In most references, it is said that blind means an individual who cannot see at all. But do you know there are certain terms defined for the blind? For instance, legal blindness is basically used for people who have poor eyesight, while total blindness is used for people who cannot perceive with the eyes at all. Another interesting fact is that if a person loses one sense, their other senses strengthen in order to equally manage the senses.

Not two or three but many people are born with a disability; it can either be mental or physical, but the majority of people are born with or develop a disability later is blindness. Here’s the list of the fascinating things blind people can actually see.

1. Nothing

Source = "The Tommy Edison Experience"

There is one question blind people are tired of answering is ‘what do you see’? And the answer you get is same ‘Nothing’. Can you make a person distinguish between colors who is blind from birth? Obviously, No!

However, there is a method to see this NOTHING. Close one eye and focus on some random thing with another eye. What did you see? At present, you cannot see with the closed eye and this is what nothing is for blind people.

2. Human Expressions

Source = Dailymail

You can obviously, identify what person is saying and how he is reacting with the facial expressions, for instance, you see a person yawning that means someone else has also yawned, similarly, blind people also experience this too. A researcher, in the Netherlands, experimented this cause.

He experimented on two blind people each of one was blind with one eye after facing a damage to their visual cortex.

The researcher showed several pictures with different expressions alternating between their eyes and observed that the eye suffered from visual cortex reacted much quicker than the eye which was normal. So don’t feel shocked if a blind person smiles you back.

3. Blind People Also Experience Nightmares

Source = Mirror

Yes, just like a group of ordinary people, blind people do experience nightmares. The only difference is that their dreams do not involve seeing with their eyes, but their dreams are often related to touch, sound, smell and others senses.

4. They Experience CBS

Source = Rnib

Have you ever heard about visual hallucinations? The same term is another name for CBS i.e. Charles Bonnet Syndrome, blind people also feel these hallucinations, the only difference is that they know the things they see are not there. The CBS is actually very common among people who have recently lost their eyesight, while in some cases people feel it after 3-4 years after going blind.

5. Color

Source = Xrite

Yes, you read it right, although people who born blind have nothing to do with colors, people who went blind after some accidents might see color. And here is a perfect example – Damon Rose a journalist went blind after surgery sees lots and lots of color nowadays. In fact, these colors are now distracting him every now and then. Surprisingly, Rose even said that one thing he can’t see is darkness.

6. Some Blind People Have Learned Echolocation

Source = Discovermagazine

Echolocation or biosonar is a term that relates to sound. That is, blind people produce sound and simply wait to hear the sound back, with the echo they even identify the size, and the exact location of the obstacles to avoid them.

Echolocation is not only used by blind people, but animals like dolphins and bats also use it to find their way.

7. Near Death Experience

Source = Wordpress

You must have read or heard about Near death experiences NDE, it comes from people who have just saved themselves or have found on the verge of death.

There are certain categories that fall under NDE. The first category comes from people who say they have seen themselves crossing or walking a dark tunnel towards a light, the second category says they meet people they know or do not know.

And here comes the third category that says they have seen lived themselves outside of their bodies and even noticed some people from the living world. And blind people fall in the latter category who has even reported that they have regained their vision during Near Death Experience just after they went out their bodies. (14.1)


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