15 Amazing Microsoft Facts That Even Technology Mavens Might Not Know

Read these Microsoft facts and get insights into the company’s working environment and services. Do you know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs once worked together?

3 years ago
15 Amazing Microsoft Facts That Even Technology Mavens Might Not Know

If you use a computer, then you must be aware of the name Microsoft. Established by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, the company is one of the most valuable companies today. It competes with Apple and is the ruling entity in the world of desktop operating systems. 

Today, it has several products and is also the top desktop operating system at the moment. Besides delivering a range of products, the company is known for its impact on the world and hidden facts associated with it. 

It is known that Microsoft and Apple are rivalries but do you know Microsoft and Apple founders once worked together? Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together for years on developing software for Macintosh. Later, Microsoft announced Windows, and the rivalry started between Steve and Bill Gates. 

Also, once Apple went bankrupt, and Bill Gates helped Steve to start the business again. Let us know other Microsoft facts and how it turned into one of the leading companies in the world. 

1. Microsoft Employees Bring a Pound of M&M on Their Yearly Anniversary

Source = Wikimedia

There’s a reason why Microsoft gives free candies to its staff. The company has an in-house tradition where each employee has to bring a pound of M&M on their work anniversary. For instance, if a person works there for five years, they would bring five pounds of M&M. 

2. Bill Gates Appeared in Microsoft’s Videos

Source = Bwbx

To encourage staff working in Microsoft, Bill Gates would make motivational videos. The videos aimed to keep employees enthusiastic about the company’s work and its goals. He, along with former CEO Steve Ballmer, appeared in several motivational videos based on a comedic theme. One best example of this is an Austin Powers parody video where he dressed up as Austin Powers. 

3. Microsoft was Founded in 1975

Source = Goalcast

Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975. When they founded the company, they were students at Washington State University. They were excellent in computer programming and dreamt of creating new computer systems. They named this company Micro-soft. 

Later, they decided to remove the hyphen from the name and called it Microsoft. Initially, they founded the company in New Mexico and then moved the company to Washington. The company had several logos. In the original logo, the O was stylized and was given the name blibbet, which was the burger served in Microsoft cafeterias. 

4. Pizza is the Favorite Food in Microsoft

Source = Indulgexpress

With dozens of cafeterias, nearly 35000 people are served every day. Pizza is the most preferred food of employees in comparison to other food served. The company offers free beverages and candies to its staff every day. The cafeteria offers Mexican, Italian, and other healthy options as well. Did you know about this Microsoft fact before? 

5. It is One of the Top Patent Holders in the US

Source = Windowscentral

Microsoft holds the majority of the patents. The company files around 3000 patents every year and holds over 10,000 patents. Its patents are related to software and also hold patents for Xbox 360 games that let players watch games remotely. 

6. Microsoft Once Helped Apple to Avoid Bankruptcy

Source = Networkencyclopedia

I bet you don’t know about this Microsoft fact. Apple and Microsoft are competitors of each other. Even the founders of the worked together for several years. Unfortunately, once Apple ran into financial trouble, and was almost declared bankrupt. The company needed a huge amount to continue its working. 

At that time, Microsoft became a savior and invested over $100 million to save the company. He even addressed this help in his speech when he appeared as the CEO of Apple. It was the investment by Microsoft that later raised the company and made it successful. He proved his humbleness by helping Steve Jobs in need. 

7. The First Hardware Produced by Microsoft was Mouse in 1983

Microsoft is known worldwide for producing quality hardware. It was not the hardware company until they came up with the original Xbox. Before the company started releasing video game consoles, its first production was mouse and keyboards. The first hardware that Microsoft produced was a mouse called Microsoft Mouse. 

8. MS Excel was the first app produced by the company

Source = Wikimedia

Microsoft worked very hard and released several operating systems. But it was not until 1985 the company could release a useful app. In 1985, the company released Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh and was successful. The release of Microsoft Office Suite in 1989 uplifted Microsoft’s name as the king of computer software. 

9. Not Windows, It was Called Interface Manager

Source = Thefactsite

You can’t beat this genius mind when it comes to developing software. Initially, Bill Gates wanted to call OS- Interface Manager. But then, people from the team suggested changing its name to Windows. Bill Gates agreed that it sounds quite better than Interface Manager and would attract more people. 

10. A $1000 Investment in Microsoft Share in 1986 Would be Over $1 Million today

Source = Ycharts

If you would have invested nearly $1000 in Microsoft share back in the 1990s, then you would be a millionaire today. People who would have invested in the shares during that time took a huge risk, as the company was new at that time.

Now, imagine how much a company has gained in value in the last 25-30 years. Did you invest any amount in Microsoft’s share? 

11. Microsoft Employees are Called Softies

Anyone who becomes an employee of Microsoft is given the nickname Softie. The company has more than 80,000 employees in different departments. It has over 50000 employees in the US alone. 

The workplace has more ratio of males than females. However, the company now focuses on female employees. Microsoft knows what makes employees more productive. For instance, Microsoft Japan tried a 4-day workweek to enhance employee productivity. 

12. The First SmartWatch Was Designed by Microsoft

Source = Ibtimes

Microsoft is the leading company in many fields. The company had planned several products that consumers would need in the coming years. Besides tablet PCs, the company also launched a smartwatch in 1994. The watch was co-produced with Timex and was launched as Data Link 150. 

The watch featured a small LCD and also connected Windows PCs to download several data. It was also water-resistant up to 100 meters. Smartwatch was different from the tab and was not majorly sold. 

13. Bill Gates Became a Billionaire When He Was 31

Source = Deadline

You won’t believe it, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, became a Billionaire when he turned 31. Also, he was the youngest person to join the three comma club. When he earned billions, he was the youngest billionaire at that time. Gates is also known for his charitable work. 

Along with his wife Melinda, he launched the William H. Gates foundation to fund global health programs. Though he is a Billionaire, he is a simple man and also has a simple business card to show to his clients. 

14. First Operating System Developed by Microsoft was Xenix

Microsoft doesn’t start its journey with MS-DOS OS. There was another OS, named Xenix, developed by the company before MS-DOS. 

This OS was the advanced version of the UNIX operating system in the 1970s. The company licensed UNIX from AT & T, created XENIX, and then the operating system to different vendors. 

15. You Can’t Create a Folder With Name CON in Windows

Source = Ytimg

Windows Operating System has a lot of twists that are not known to its users. One of the amazing facts about Windows is you can’t create a folder with the name CON. Try it and see the results. It is impossible to create a folder with this name. Other names that can’t be used for the folder are NUL, PRN, and more. Are you wondering what it shows, then? It says- the device name is invalid, try again!

Final Words 

Indeed! Microsoft is a big name in the IT industry. Still, MS office is the best app-suite for millions and paves the way for gaming. As a fact, there is no one using computers that doesn’t know about Microsoft applications and services. Did any of these Microsoft facts surprise you? 

Which of Microsoft’s apps and services are you currently using? Do you know other Microsoft facts and its services that are used worldwide? If so, then share them below.


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