17 Facts About Pizza That Would Make You Love This Dish Even More

Whether you like thin crust or pan crust, pizza is loved by all. It is a yummy food that is mostly consumed in the United States. Know lesser-known facts about pizza here.

4 years ago
17 Facts About Pizza That Would Make You Love This Dish Even More

What would you say if someone asks you what is your favorite food? Pizza? Of course, it is delicious, and surprisingly the most consumed food in the United States. Today, you could find Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza outlet in almost all countries. 

While some entrepreneurs serve this Italian dish simple, others customize it according to the customers’ taste. But do you know this dish was born in Italy and is mostly eaten by people of 6-20 years old? 

Know amazing facts about pizza and fuel your cravings more.

1. Over 300 Pizza Slices are Eaten Each Second in the United States

Source = Washingtonpost

It is one of the most popular food choices in America. You won’t believe it, but it is observed that in America, around 300-350 slices are eaten every second. This means, over 20,000 slices are eaten in a minute. 

2. America’s First Pizza Centre is Still Operating Today

Source = Seriouseats

If you live in America and haven’t visited the Pizza parlor in Lombardi’s in New York City, then you haven’t tasted the best pizza in the world. Also, it is America’s first pizza parlor that started selling pizza in 1905. 

Do you know that initially, this Pizza parlor was the grocery store? Later, it was converted into a pizza center. 

3. Dogs Also Love Pizza

Source = Hearstapps

This might amaze you, but yes, humans are not alone who could do anything for Pizza. While there are Chicken Alfredo, Cheese, Crispy Sage, and other pizza flavors for humans, there is also mini pizza for dogs called Heaven Scent Pizza. It is prepared from carrots, parmesan cheese, celery, and carrots.  

4. The Word ‘Pizza’ Appeared in 977 AD

Source = D1ralsognjng37

Do you know- where this word has come from? The word ‘Pizza’ was first recorded in English in the 1800s. The English lexicographer John Florio added the word pizza for a small cake or wafer in his Italian English- dictionary. Pizza is borrowed from Italy, but more details about its history are unknown. 

The word ‘Pizza’ first appeared in Latin text from the Italian town of Gaeta in 997 AD. The Pizza 500 years ago was called focaccia. It is a round crust of thin, savory, crispy cooked dough, which is loaded with honey and raisins. 

5. The Most Expensive Pizza Costs $12000

Source = The Rich Times

This might shock you, but ordering Pizza Louis XIII from chef Renato Viola could burn a hole in your pocket. The preparation of this pizza takes place at your home. This all includes the chef viola himself, a sous chef, and a wine waiter. 

Three types of toppings are added on the pizza, which includes, red prawn, Mediterranean, sea cicada. If you want to eat this pizza, then make sure that you have $12,000 in your pocket. 

6. You Could Also Deliver a Pizza from Space

Source = Independent

Can you believe this? PizzaHut is the first restaurant that delivered a pizza to space. The Pizza Hut delivered the pizza to an astronaut Yuri Usachov at the International Space Station. It was topped with different spices and Salami. Again in 2001, Pizza Hut delivered a six-inch salami pizza to the International Space Station. 

Do not worry if you ever reach space and would like to have pizza. PizzaHut could deliver pizza wherever you want!

7. People Eat Pizzas Mostly on Saturdays

Source = Popmenu

Do you think there could be any particular day to eat Pizza? But according to studies, people usually order pizza on Saturdays. Also, people prefer to eat thin crust pizza more than other types of pizzas. 

Well, I can eat Pizza any day and anytime. Did you know this amazing fact about Pizza?

8. The World’s Largest Pizza is 131 Feet in Diameter

Source = Vox

The largest pizza was made in Italy. The founder of the pizza chain, Dovilio Nardi, led the team of chefs who made the pie. This 51,257-pound pie contained over 19000 pounds of flour, around 8000 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 10,000 pounds of sauce, 550 pounds of rock salt, and over 50 pounds of vinegar. 

The five chefs spent nearly 48 hours to bake the dough in 5000 batches. This record was made in 1990 in South Africa. Can you break this record? 

9. There are Over 18,000 Pizza Huts Around the World

Source = Dynl

PizzaHut is the most popular pizza chain in the world. It was founded in 1958 by Frank Carney and Dan. 

They borrowed $600 to start their business. It was known for Italian dishes, including pizzas and pasta. As of 2018, there were over 18000 Pizza Hut centers worldwide, making it the biggest pizza chain in the world. 

The Pizzahut is divided into different formats, including storefront delivery, family-style-in locations, and other dine-in options. Some PizzaHut locations offer breadsticks, salad, desserts, and pasta bars. Other than PizzaHut, these famous fast chains also have unique startup stories.

10. About 13% of Americans Eat Pizza Any Day at Anytime

Source = Fh

According to the United States Pizza Department of Agriculture, nearly 13% of Americans eat Pizza daily. 

Furthermore, it is also recorded that males of the age 2-40 could eat Pizza anytime (in breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Pizza is the common choice of males and consumed majorly by males who are 6-20 years old.

11. Deep-Fried Pizza is the Common Choice in Scotland

Source = Wikimedia

Have you ever heard of Deep-fried pizza? It offers different nutritional value and flavor. This type of pizza is popular in Italy and Scotland. 

Also, there is a huge difference between Italian and Scottish variants. It is a frozen ready pizza that is topped with different vegetables. It is then fried until crisp. 

Another variation of deep-fried pizza is known as Pizza Crunch, which consists of pizza served with chips and vinegar. 

12. Over $35 Billion Worth Pizza is Sold in the United States

Source = Thrillist

No doubt, America is the biggest consumer of Pizza and has grown the pizzeria industry. Every day, one out of 5 people in America eat Pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is observed that over 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US alone every year. 

Also, over $35 billion worth pizzas are sold in the country. Around 70,000 pizzerias are opened in the United States. 

13. There is an Official Month Declared for Pizza in the United States

Source = D1ralsognjng37

Can you imagine there could be an official month for Pizza? National Pizza Month began in October 1984 and was created by the publisher of Pizza Today magazine, Gerry Durnell. During the month, people consume several types of pizzas by going to various pizzerias. 

You would be amazed to know that during Pizza Month, pizzerias offer promotions and sometimes give away free pizzas. While there is a National pizza month celebrated in the United States, there are bizarre national holidays celebrated around the world.

14. Pizza-Ology is the Degree Owned by One of the Founders of Domino’s

Source = Brightspotcdn

Domino’s restaurant chain founder, Tom Monaghan, is one of the three people in the world who owned a degree in Pizza-ology from Domino’s college of Pizza-ology. He wrote an autobiography named Pizza Tiger. 

In the autobiography, he detailed his struggle and how he opened one store and grew to thousands of franchise stores. Monaghan wrote that 20 individuals in the company own a master’s degree from the college. 

15. The First Online Pizza Order Was Done in 1974

Source = Recipes.timesofindia

Today, when you could order pizza online anytime, the first online pizza order was made in 1974. The Artificial Language Laboratory at Michigan wanted to test its speaking computer, so they used it to order mushroom, pepperoni from a local pizza joint. 

16. Pizza Was an Egyptian Food Which Got Evolved by Italians in the 18th Century

Source = Popmenu

Pizza is ancient Egyptian food, where a flatbread was topped with spices and olive oil. Later, in the 18th century, Italians evolved the dish by adding tomatoes on it. 

Today, you could have onion, cheese, jalapeno, and other toppings on it. At first, pizzas were sold by pie. But Lancieri of Patsy’s in 1933, started selling it by the slice. Here are other ancient foods that are still served across the globe

17. Eating Pizza Reduces the Risk of Oesophageal Cancer

Source = Grottopizza

You might think that Pizza is junk food, but it also offers nutritional value. According to an Italian study, eating Pizza at least once in a week reduces the chances of developing Oesophageal cancer by 60%. Garden fresh pizza from Papa John's is a low-calorie food item that you could eat on your cheat day.

Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of mouth and colon cancer. It is assumed that this happens due to the tomato sauce’s high lycopene content. Tomato sauce helps boost your immunity, fights inflammation, and depression

Final Words

Pizza is an Italian dish and initially was prepared square-shaped. It was known as Sicilian or Grandma style pizza. 

Do you know other yummy facts about Pizza? If yes, then don’t forget to share them with us! 


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