6 Lesser Known Benefits Of Using Infrared Grill

Just the seasoning speaks or really there are some added benefits to the technology? Know what exactly infrared grill is.

6 years ago
6 Lesser Known Benefits Of Using Infrared Grill

Sometimes the meals what you have in a restaurant seems difficult to cook at home. Although covering a piece of meat with some flavorings and heating it on both sides seems like an easy composition, but consumer grills lacked one important feature i.e. infrared grill. There three ways how your food is cooked. Either the food is cooked via convection, radiation or through conduction. (15.1)

An infrared cooking is capable of releasing heat so intense that it finishes the cooking process in very less time. But don’t you think this high tech cost you high bucks? The infrared grills cost a few thousand dollars per unit till 2000. That’s when the cooking worked on the positive side of backyard grillers.

A gas grill heats the grilling gates and then cooks the meat, while an infrared grill transfers the heat directly to the meat eliminating the middle source i.e. grates. Let’s know the advantages of using an infrared grill.

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Benefits of Using Infrared Grill

1) It Uses Electromagnetic Energy

Similar to a microwave, infrared cooking uses EM or electromagnetic energy to cook or heat your food. It is a form of light energy and not the part of a visible spectrum. High energy forms of radiation such as x-rays or EM radiation causes a cancer risk but infrared grills, microwaves or boilers don’t have enough power to damage DNA.

2) Infrared Grill Needs Less Cooking Time

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It heats up fast and can reach 1000 degrees in less time and requires only a few minutes to preheat the device. That means infrared grilling can be used as the last minute option when needed. Plus you have to spend less time standing near your grill. (7.2)

3) Evenly Heat Distribution

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Infrared grill cooks food equally from every side and eliminates hot or cold spots. Heat is evenly distributed and cooks meat in a consistent manner. On the other hand, conventional technologies cause inconsistencies.

4) Give Delicious Food

In an infrared grill, the heat cooks food directly. It penetrates moisture barrier and let the fluids and nutrients to be retained in the dish as it is. It means your food retains up to 35-40% of its natural juices which ultimately produces yummy results.

5) Minimal Keep up

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Infrared grills are easy to clean. It turns the temperature to high when it’s done with the cooking. The high temperature turns the left particles and residue into ash making it easy to clean up. Most people prefer infrared grill because it easy to clean up the infrared device. The channels get cleaned up easily with the regular grill brush.

6) Quality Searing

The even temperatures of infrared grill give more efficient searing. The high temperature produces tempting and quality food. The infrared grills are not high heat grills anymore, new devices allow you to cook food at low and moderate temperatures.


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