This Commercial Prosthetic Hand by BeBionic is a Boon for Amputees

BeBionic is a commercial prosthetic hand that enables amputees to carry out daily activities. Manufactured by RSL Steeper, it launched at the 2010 World Congress and Orthopädie & Reha-Technik Trade Show, Leipzig, Germany.

3 years ago
This Commercial Prosthetic Hand by BeBionic is a Boon for Amputees

Technology has made everyone’s lives easier. With inventions like prosthetics, tech facilitated the differently-abled people and helped in improving their lifestyle & day-to-day activities. The BeBionic is a commercial prosthetic hand that utilizes leading-edge technology, ergonomics, and has unique features that offer exceptional functionality, versatility, and performance.

Manufactured by RSL Steeper and designed in the UK (United Kingdom), it is available around the globe. Ottobock has owned BeBionic since 2 Feb 2017. In May 2010, its first version got launched at the World Congress and Orthopädie & Reha-Technik Trade Show, Leipzig, Germany. 

Let us know the technical specs & brilliant features of the BeBionic prosthetic hand.

Technical Specs 

Bebionic3 has two formats: Large and Medium. It allows the user to perform various tasks by having up to 14 different grips. They have a thumb that can take two positions as per needs: opposite (for pinching) & non-opposite (for pointing the finger).     

On the back of the hand, a button allows the user to choose the desired grip. It lets him/her choose between two programs: primary and secondary. Both programs have two sockets each. As there are two thumb positions (tripod and pinch), 8 takes are there. 

Tripod is when the thumb is in the opposite position. The index and middle fingers are in contact with the thumb. The other two fingers remain close until they reach the palm and thus feel a resistance. It is a common grip as it lets the user hold everyday objects like pen, fork, and spoon. 

Pinch is also when the thumb is in the opposite position, but the thumb must be manually positioned by a technician so that only the index finger meets the thumb when the hand is closed. The thumb has an adjustment device that allows it to be repositioned as per the desired grips. The pivot has a screw, when slightly unscrewed, allows thumb’s small movement. Smaller objects like a coin can be handled.  

The sensors in the BeBionic hand send instructions, and they detect the muscle movement in the individual’s arm. These instructions then get processed and directed to 337 mechanical parts. 

In 2011, the 2nd gen prosthetic hand by BeBionic got updated with speed, grip, accuracy, and durability. For increased usage time, it was equipped with a higher capacity of 2200mAh split-cell internal batteries.  

It can be managed, monitored & configured wirelessly using smart electronics. It also used easy-to-use, flexible programming software, BeBalance.  

Amazing Features of BeBionic Prosthetic Hand

  • Individual motors in every finger allow you to move the hand and grip in a coordinated or natural way. The motors are placed to optimize weight allotment – making the hand feel lighter and more relaxed.​
  • Soft finger pads and a broad thumb profile maximize the outside area and increase grip.
  • 14 selectable grip patterns and hand positions allow you to carry out different daily activities with ease.
  • Powerful microprocessors constantly monitor the position of every finger that gives you reliable and precise control over hand movements.
  • Proportional speed control provides you with accuracy control over sensitive functions so that you can lift an egg or hold a cup of polystyrene as simply as crushing an empty can.
  • Foldaway fingers give natural-looking movements and bend when you meet recognizable persons or bump into objects.
  • Durable construction and advanced materials used are strong enough to handle up to 45 kg, and so you can carry heavy objects.
  • Auto grip means no more accidents, as it automatically senses when a gripped thing slips and fixes the grip to protect it.

Concluding Thoughts

In the sci-fi world, the BeBionic prosthetic hand is compared to the artificial hands of fictional characters like The Terminator and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. 

One of the most advanced myoelectric prosthetic hands, it was also awarded as the New Mechanical Product of the Year 2015. Surely, this comfortable, precise & intuitive prosthetic hand has transformed the lives of amputees across the world. 


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