Ericsson To Introduce 5G Networks With Airtel In India By 2020

The next generation of networks is at the doorstep and is just waiting to erupt in the market, telcoms have started making their bids for the emerging prospects.

6 years ago
Ericsson To Introduce 5G Networks With Airtel In India By 2020

As another year’s end approaches the telcom giants seem to be stirring the industry with the news of the network of the future that will arm our AI and Self driving cars. The 5G network infrastructure is next in the line of generations of the networks to facilitate almost everything today because our lives have been virtually transferred on the smartphones and computers.

There is a tight competition amongst Telecommunication companies to apply for the patent of the technology infrastructure. Any company who is in control of the whole 5G spectrum is winning the big leagues here, so from DT to Huawei everyone is rushing to improve their inventions in order to land some deals in their influenced markets.

Qualcomm plans to make its early 5G products available to the public as soon as the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

What Is 5G ?

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Cellular technology transmits data over radio waves, which depending on the type of electromagnetic signal is measured as a different frequency. The higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength, so millimeter wave technology refers to signals with a wavelength that’s measured in millimeters, and is generally defined as between 30 GHz and 300 GHz.

Ericsson Has Already Signed A 5-year Deal With Deutsche Telekom To Provide 5G

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On Dec. 11, Ericsson won a contract with U.S. operator Verizon to provide core, RAN, transport and services for a 2018 commercial 5G fixed wireless access launch. On the heels of that win, Ericsson announced on Dec. 14, it was selected by Deutsche Telekom to provide a “5G-ready” RAN as part of a five-year deal.

And Is Further Spreading Their Reach In The Emerging Market Of India

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Ericsson’s Senior Vice President revealed that they have tied a deal with Bharti Airtel to provide 5G infrastructure in the Indian subcontinent, Ericsson will work with Bharti Airtel on creating a strategic roadmap for evolution of the network to the next-gen 5G technology, Mirtillo said.

Ericsson is already a vendor to Bharti Airtel in areas like managed services and 4G.

Ericsson 5G Demo In Europe Was Able To Transmit Upto 23.4 Gb/s

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The Ericsson 5G demo, conducted on 28 GHz band on millimeter waves, resulted in a download speed of 23.4 Gbps, the fastest connection to date using this technology in an urban context. The demo also illustrated virtual reality in action – with an immersive visit of Piazza Carlo Alberto from the Polytechnic University.

As For Indian Demo The Network Was Able To Achieve Speeds As High As 5.7 Gb/s

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The demo is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to build a robust 5G ecosystem in the country. The demonstration using Ericsson’s 5G test bed and 5G New Radio (NR) delivered a throughput of 5.7 Gbps and ultra-low latency of 3 millisecond.

The Technology Is Said To Power The Next Gen VIrtual Reality, AI & Self-Driving Cars

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This 5G will enable self-driving cars to communicate with connected infrastructure. That infrastructure will help the cars process sensor, safety, and other information for the car and return the results quickly to the cars. AI and Virtual Reality will be integrated in Smart Homes providing allround autonomous functionalities.


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