These 10 Bluetooth Speakers Are Ruling On E-commerce Stores Now

Enjoy amazing and detailed sound, great audio, and extra battery life without struggling with all those wires.

6 years ago
These 10 Bluetooth Speakers Are Ruling On E-commerce Stores Now

There are a number of things to figure out before buying a portable speaker. Some of the devices are small enough to keep in a pocket while some are manufactured to keep it in a backpack. Portable Bluetooth speakers are tech-heavy and allow activating commands and have extended battery life. So, if you are searching for the best and long lasting portable speakers, here we have compiled speakers that are ruling on e-commerce stores.

1. JBL Flip 4

Source = Jbl

Unlike many Bluetooth speakers which are not waterproof, this famous JBL series has IPX7 rating i.e. it is completely waterproof. It can be submerged upto 1m for half an hour. The speakers show a versatile balance between high and low sound range. Moreover, the speaker features 6 bold colors and expected the time of 12 hours of playback in a single battery power. You can buy JBL Flip 4 from here.

2. UE Wonderboom

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UE wonderboom Bluetooth speaker is no exception. It features ‘minus and plus’ button for volume and track controls. The 360-degree speaker obviously builds excellent, compact and powerful sound quality. Besides this, it’s quality to run under the depth of 1m is the reason why it is ruling in the ecommerce store. The battery life of the same is 10 hours and yes this speaker lacks an aux port. You can catch exciting colors of UE wonderboom here. (15.1)

3. Libratone One Style

Source = Libratone

Undoubtedly, Libratone has a long list of followers. It flaunts the muted colors, soft-to-touch speaker, and multifunctional touchscreen. What’s more interesting is that you can link two speakers using this Bluetooth speaker over a Wi-Fi. The speaker is simply tapped to pause and spun round to increase or decrease the volume. It’s a pleasure to use Libratone One Style as the sound is quite impressive and can easily be used for garden parties. If you like the product you can buy it from here.

4. Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speaker

Source = Amazon

So far, Amazon Basics Bluetooth speaker is the demanded yet cheapest speaker in the list. If you are looking for something small, portable and satisfactory voice speaker, then you can go for this one. This Bluetooth speaker is feasible for a picnic, for areas with less distortion and survives best in a shower. The portable speaker will give you more than 10 hours battery life. Buy it from here:

5. JBL Charge 3

Source = Amazon

JBL Charge 3 offers a powerful package of strong bass response, impeccable battery life, lightweight and distortion free voice. The speaker also features USB charging, Aux-in cables and wireless range with more than 30+feet. Besides this, the speaker is waterproof and survives a dive into the pool. The last button on the speakers allows connecting multiple speakers for great sound. Buy JBL Charge 3 speakers from here -

6. Fugoo Style

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And nothing can match the design and impeccability of the Fugoo style Bluetooth speakers. This smart design speaker is ruling on e-commerce stores with its incredible features of lightweight, USB charging, 30+feet wireless charging and amazing battery life. Just play the songs in a loop and enjoy your playlist up to 40 hours. Click the link for more details: (15.2)

7. Creative Muvo 2

Source = Amazon

Amazing sound quality with the low price tag. Muvo 2 easily gets paired with computer and phone. It is one of the best speakers ever experienced in the low price range. The size and shape of the speaker make you easy carrying it in a bag. It also has a loop to hang it when you want. The only downside of buying Muvo 2 is - it doesn’t have USB charging and Aux-in.

You can buy Muvo 2 from here:

8. Sony SRS-XB 10

Source = Independent

Sony SRS is quite handy to keep in a bag. The speaker is quite small and wouldn’t be suitable for the party of 20 or more. But if you buy a pack of two speakers, it can link up to great sound. The speaker comes with IPX5 rating is waterproof and survives water from any direction.

Buy Sony SRS-XB 10 from here:

9. Bose SoundLink Revolve

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The speakers look great with 360 degree sound and shares music around the room without distortion. It features wireless range up to 30 ft, weighs 680g and amazing sound quality. Unlike any other Bluetooth speakers, which are waterproof, Bose SoundLink Revolve is not completely dust and waterproof. So better think twice before you buy this portable speaker. If you like the product, catch more details here:

10. Braven BRV-XXL

Source = Amazon

Braven BRV-XXL is built for any weather condition. It is resistant to dust and water. The speaker features an awesome connectivity and portable charging with the tablet, USB enabled devices and smartphone. It also carries the strap with bottle opener and ensures to deliver high sound with 1 sub-woofer. Catch more details about the product here -


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